Yaaaaaay! Welcome to Spirit Surfers! I’m Jenn, and this blog is all about the “weird” side of spirituality. You won’t be finding advice like “How To Love Yourself” or “How To Get Into The Flow” here (like WTH is flow anyway?). I also won’t be posting pictures of women standing knee-deep in the ocean holding onto expensive straw hats and I definitely won’t be talking about the “Benefits of Yoga”! Not that I have anything against yoga…or loving yourself…or straw hats, I’m just WAY more interested in the “weirder” side of spirituality like…crystal grids, inter-dimensional travel, lucid dreaming…machine elves. You know the drill.

The plan for this blog is to post about cool, spiritual stuff around once a week. I’ll be posting things like crystal experiments, spirituality-themed movie reviews and field reports from the inter-dimensional trenches. Think of it as…a hub for spiritual exploration. Hmm…I like that…

As an HSP (highly-sensitive person) with clairaudient abilities, the veil between me and the spirit realm (or whatever you like to call it) is relatively thin, therefore; I’ve seen some pretty strange but beautiful things over the course of my spiritual life and I thought it would be really cool to create a blog and post about it! I also hope to feature many different spirit surfers in the pages to come who have a unique perspective on this amazing universe we are in 😉

That’s all for today.

Hang zen dudez.