Alabaster Stone Will Bring Out Your Inner God/Goddess

Alabaster is VERY special to me. When I first started unlocking my clairaudience, I would always hear the word “alabaster” and “alabaster stone” from my spirit guides.

It was coming up so often that I figured it would help me hear them better or something. So, you know what I did? I bought a ridiculously expensive alabaster cat from this Egyptian artifacts store on Etsy and it’s become one of my most prized possessions.

Look at it! Isn’t it beautiful!? And there are even little tiny sparkles in it from the natural stone, so when you put it in the sun, it literally glimmers. Whenever I look at it I get all happy inside and YES sometimes I do talk to it (anyone still talk to their stuffed animals?…only me?…ok).

For this past week I’ve been actively “working” with this alabaster and find that I need to hold it or have it really close to my body in order to feel the vibration fully. I have actually just been keeping it on my lap throughout the week while I work from home and then place it right beside me on my night table when I sleep. So I really had a chance to “fully engage” with this powerful stone.


  • Stability
  • Confidence
  • Pride
  • Inner power
  • Deep peace
  • Regal
  • Status
  • Sureness
  • Motivating
  • Spiritual growth

Energy profile:

To me, alabaster is all about POWER. I just kept thinking “power…power…power” when I held it. It made me feel kind of “regal” and like, I don’t know…a popular kid? I don’t know how else to describe it.

The physical sensation of the energy is a “pulling inward” with an “encouraging push forward”. I felt sure of who I was and deserving of the space I took up.

Picture a queen storming through a crowd going “out of my way!”, her head held high, shoulders back, sure of where she’s going. It’s that kind of energy. It’s very…”proud” and like a “nothing can touch me” kind of feeling. Love it. This image of Beyonce at the 2017 Grammys kind of perfectly demonstrates the way alabaster makes you feel:

Photo by Kevork Djansezian via

Yup, “nothing can touch me”. I am a powerful being and I know who I am! This is the energy of alabaster! Is it any wonder that ancient Egyptians were buried with a piece of alabaster to help guide them to the afterlife? The inner walls of the Giza pyramids were also lined with white alabaster stone.

It bolsters your spirit and makes you feel like a god (or a popular kid, whatever works).

Things that might happen to you while working with Alabaster stone:

If you are psychic, communication with your guides will become clearer and more frequent

I have this theory…that my guides were telling me to get alabaster because it brings my “frequency level” closer to theirs and would therefore make it easier for messages to come through.

Definitely explains why the pyramids are lined with the stuff AND…why I had my first ET contact experience a week after I started using it.

It’s a way to connect with “the gods” whether that be in another realm or inside YOU. Aw! When I ask a question to my guides, I will usually get 1 or 2 words in a row and then nothing for a couple minutes while I readjust my “listening state”. With the alabaster, I would get 3…4…5 words/sentences in a row and found I could hold onto the frequency they needed for a lot longer. The messages were also clearer, sound-wise.

EDIT: Like I said, I had my first ET contact experience through telepathy while using alabaster for the first time. It sounds crazy but…here’s the article where I explain the experience in full detail. Alabaster and Lapis Lazuli connect me to galactic beings it seems…

You will feel like a popular kid

I wasn’t popular in high school, so alabaster was really useful to me 🙃 . I found myself more engaged with “my own business” on the day-to-day as opposed to thinking about what people thought of me or how I can make other people happy. Beyonce definitely doesn’t do that.

You will be more sure of your own opinions

During my alabaster experiment, I found I wasn’t as “unsure” about things as I normally would be. I am usually one to say things like “um…maybe…I don’t know” when I’m trying to communicate my opinion on something, but the alabaster was not having it!

I was more likely to be confident in my opinion and truly believe in what I was saying. There is POWER in words.

You will feel deeply peaceful in your body

Unlike other crystals, I didn’t find alabaster to be overly “activating” and found I was able to sleep with it near me without throwing it onto the floor halfway through the night (which I do often during these experiments 😛 ).

Holding alabaster fills me with a deep, peaceful feeling. It’s actually very nice. I would think having an alabaster statue near the bathtub or on your bedside table would add to the “zen vibez”, but like I said in the intro, I find that actually holding the stone is essential to getting the full benefits.

You’ll experience a lot of spiritual growth

A side effect of noticing your inner power is that you will start to realize where you’re staying small in your life. You’re just as good as any royal. You can do anything! Why not? There’s really no reason, according to alabaster.

This is where the spiritual growth comes in. You’ll feel more worthy of doing certain things and will feel yourself evolving because of it.

A lot of interesting things happened during my experiment that propelled me forward and they’re still happening! I took on a part-time writing job that I later realized I wasn’t able to handle with the classes I’m taking.

It just so happened that the woman who hired me had to put the project on pause, so it ended up working out, but she ended up giving me this really motivating talk! She was asking me all these questions on what I really want to do with my life and wasn’t letting me give half-baked responses. She was helping me acknowledge my inner royal! I really felt it!

You will have dreams where you are friends with celebrities

Kind of a funny side effect of alabaster, but you will find that this stone will cause you to dream about being friends with celebrities.

One night I dreamed I was Jimmy Fallon‘s best friend, then I was Neil Patrick Harris‘ therapist, then I was hanging out with Whitney Cummings pitching jokes. In my opinion, these dreams are your brain’s way of processing the new energy, asking: “do you really believe you’re “cool enough to hang”. Do you feel worthy to be in the inner circle with these people?

I would think that in the past, these “celebrity figures” would be replaced with the gods and goddesses of the time (remember what I said about connecting to the gods?). These are just the people I look up to, so I guess my dream scape has arranged itself to make the biggest impact on my psyche. How clever!

Who should try Alabaster?

If you are constantly putting yourself down and feel inferior to others, alabaster can definitely help you.

It’s a great way to bring out your inner god or goddess and gives you the courage to take up more space in the world.

If you are thinking about “putting yourself out there” in either career or socially, wearing an alabaster pendant or petting an alabaster cat (LOL) will start to make you think “hey…I got this, cause underneath it all, I’m a powerful being! I’m basically a god, no big deal”.

There is no difference between you and a god and this theme will keep coming up as you use your alabaster crystal.

What has been your experience with alabaster? Are you interested in working with it? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram page!

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