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An Exercise To Help You Gather Information About Your Past Lives

I have done many past life readings both for myself for friends and I always end up seeing (and hearing) some really interesting stuff! I will often hear names, sometimes dates, locations and will also see snapshot images or short “movie” clips of the life that is being revealed.

I’ve discovered a few things about my own past lives…it turns out, I was jailed in the medieval period by a family member (betrayal :o), I was a soldier in WW1…I was a guide to someone in a concentration camp during WW2! Yes that’s right, a spirit guide (and I have a feeling that most people were at some point). I was also a pioneer (like Laura Ingalls-style).

This explains why I was always interested in churning butter as kid…which, was probably strange for everyone involved…

It’s interesting because all of these past lives line up with a natural interest of mine. I was always fascinated by WW2 and what happened in the concentration camps and yes, it might be because I was born into a Jewish family, but my twin sister who was raised the same way never expressed an interest in WW2 or the camps.

I seem to be interested in the movies and books about that time in history and it looks like I was involved in a past life!?

A note on past lives:

I recently discovered in the book “Between Death and Life” by Dolores Cannon, that some of our past lives weren’t actually physically “lived” by us, but were “imprinted” in order to give us more knowledge and get us ready for what we are about to experience in our next life on Earth.

So if you are planning on being an author, you might choose to imprint the life of Roald Dahl to give you the best shot at succeeding. I found this so interesting, and explains why so many people believe they were the same famous figure in a past life. Makes total sense.

When I do a past life reading, I make sure to ask for lives that were actually “lived”, but I think the “imprinted” lives can also be helpful in showing you what you were hoping to achieve in this current lifetime.

Here is an exercise to help you discover your past lives:

There are lots of guided past life regression videos on Youtube, and honestly…they work! They really do, but I believe that a person’s unique interests and “affinities” will always point to their past lives. Here’s an exercise to help you figure them out:

1. What time periods do you have an affinity for?

What time periods are you obsessed with for no particular reason? For example, I’ve always felt a deep affinity for “old Broadway”, I’d say about 80% of my music library is full of musical theatre and I prefer the golden age-style stuff, like 1920s-1950s.

I was always interested in WW2, the Holocaust and war in general. I am also interested in Ancient Egypt! On the other hand, I find the middle ages and anything having to do with knights…jousting…haggis to be very off-putting. I actually despise it, and it could be because I had such a rough time in a life during that time.

2. Which famous figures from history do you feel drawn to?

This might give you a clue as to which “famous lives” you chose to sample before heading to earth. Based on my obsession with Broadway, particularly old Broadway, I have a feeling I either lived or have imprinted a life from a famous Broadway performer or writer.

I have always been interested in the life of Bob Fosse (a choreographer) as well as Howard Ashman (who is a Broadway lyricist). Ask yourself what biography would you buy at the bookstore? That might point to a famous life you lived or have absorbed the knowledge of.

3. Which locations have you always wanted to visit?

I have always dreamed of going to Ireland. I have no real reason for it, I just have always wanted to go! My twin on the other hand is obsessed with anything having to do with England, she even wants a Basset Hound so she can stand in the rain with it and pretend she’s on a street corner in London!

She’s also obsessed with Wallace and Gromit. I really don’t get the hype…and when she looks back on her lives in England, they were super fun. She was a pick pocket, Oliver Twist-style who was part of a whole gang of kids who committed petty crimes. She said it was a fun life and that she felt part of a cool community. She was also an upper class woman who met her soulmate in London and had a good time with him.

So this explains why she’s so obsessed with London and I couldn’t give rat’s biscuit over it 😛.

4. What are you drawn to in an aesthetic sense?

Look at what colours you prefer (dark, pastel, neon), what type of clothes you gravitate towards (masculine style, feminine style), how you decorate your house (cozy, spacious, dark, light).

What do you consider to be aesthetically beautiful? For example, I always seem to gravitate towards the colour white, even as a kid all of my stuffed animals were white.

I am also very attracted to “space” and the moon. My desktop background is a moon over a lake and if I have the choice of a pattern, I always choose something having to do with outer space or stars, I just like the look of it!. What does this mean? I don’t know…but it could definitely point to a certain location or time period I was involved in in a past life!

5. What do you feel is the biggest lesson you need to learn in this life?

Looking back on your life so far, what area just never seems to go “right”. What do you struggle with that comes easily to other people? Looking at the family you were born into, what lessons do you feel they’ve been trying to teach you?

I feel like one of my lessons is to trust the love that is shown to me. I sometimes get suspicious or doubt whether or not it’s really sincere. It could be that I haven’t been successful in overcoming this in past lives, so I’m giving it another shot in this one.

6. What are your rarest attributes?

What are some inherent attributes you have that not a lot of other people do? What makes you different? I have very sensitive nerves, to the point of being able to feel buzzing off of crystals, it could be that I needed to learn how to set boundaries in this life and so I was given very sensitive nerves so I knew the SECOND I wasn’t feeling good about something.

Maybe in my previous life I was unsuccessful in setting boundaries for whatever reason. Also, I hear that sometimes a soul will want to switch things up every now and then so they get the full spectrum of experience on earth. If I have really sensitive nerves in this life, I could have had nerves of steel in my previous one.

Now you try it!

Answer these questions:

1. What time periods do you have an affinity for?

2. Which famous figures from history do you have an affinity for?

3. Which locations have you always wanted to visit?

4. What are you drawn to in an aesthetic sense?

5. What do you feel is the biggest lesson you need to learn in this life?

6. What are your rarest attributes?

To get the print-out for this spiritual exercise and many more, click here!

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