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Feeling Safe Is The First Step In Learning How To Channel

I’ve come to discover that feeling 100% safe in your space is key to channeling messages from “beyond”.

When I first started receiving messages from my guides, I approached it from a purely mental perspective. It was a process of clearing space in my mind, imagining my guides as real people and getting into that active state of listening.

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I find there are long stretches of time where I’m just not feeling very connected to the guides and that usually corresponds with how “in my head” I am that week and how distracted I am by the threats around me, as minor as they may seem.

So…what’s a channeller to do? I’ve discovered that a crucial first step in channeling is to get into a state of total safety and protection which means you’ve completely turned off your “fight or flight” mechanism and are able to melt into total and utter security (sigh, now that’s my idea of a stay-cation ☀️ ).

There are many ways to do this (one of my friends has reported that her ability to channel always gets really strong when she’s had a few glasses of wine) but you don’t necessarily have to ingest anything to cultivate this feeling in you.

Here is how I make myself feel safe in order to open myself up to channeling:

Visualize a shield around you

Chances are you’ve done the “picture a protective shield of energy around you” during guided meditations, but there’s another layer to this that really helps.

Lay down on your bed and picture a circle or bubble around you, it could be made of fire…or ice…or shatter-proof glass or even some sort of nondescript flaming energy ⚡.

Choose something that you believe would protect you and as you imagine this circle around you, picture all of the things that are threatening you at the time, so that could be the people in your life…your boss…the construction outside…if you can’t think of anything, make some stuff up…monsters…giants…and picture them bouncing off your protective field.

If you pictured a glass bubble, you will see them running towards it and then bouncing off. Repeat this in your mind until you have trust in your protective shield and allow your body to fully relax in that security.

Now…”hang out” in your energy

When was the last time you chilled with yourself? So, after I’ve established this field, I will further sink into my body (I outline how to connect with your spirit body in this post!) and just hang out there for a while.

Get cozy and feel the outline of your body as another protective barrier. You will notice that your mind will start to clear and you will enter a natural, “blank” meditative state. Yay! You’ve turned off your spiralling thoughts just by deeply relaxing your body .

And so, now that you are here, you can ask your question and then listen for the answerOR just stay open and see what kind of interesting messages come through!

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