I KNOW that spiritual coaches are everywhere these days, BUT…before you drop $1000+ dollars on a coaching session, consider these free resources that will clear and balance your energy in a BIG way.

Do we really need life coaching?

I actually came across this one person on Instagram who is charging $30,000 (USD) for 6 months worth of coaching sessions which totalled to only 12 hours (!).

And this is not a “celebrity” teacher or anything, it just…seems like a lot of money!

I mean…if you’ve already tried everything else and still don’t feel like your life or energy has shifted, maybe you do need coaching, I think there are a few people out there who would definitely benefit from some type of spiritual coaching BUT…

Why not try to heal YOURSELF first? Then…if you really feel like you need a coach…go for it!

To me…the ‘business” of coaching is based on healing people through the mind and in my experience, spiritual healing should be approached from a body perspective as well.

This is why my ebooks are all about body-based techniques as opposed to mind-based, because it’s so easy to get trapped in the endless cycle of the mind.

It’s what it’s designed for! Going around in circles!

And I hate to say this, but the “life coaching” industry is based off of this. It’s not in the best interest of a coach to constantly lose clients and I’ve seen ads all over Instagram on how to obtain and keep coaching clients.

It just doesn’t seem right…you want to heal people then have them move forward, not constantly be stuck in a cycle of the mind.


Before you drop thousands of dollars on a life coach, please try these FREE energy healing resources and put your spiritual development into your own hands!

Free spiritual knowledge

There are a lot of books and documentaries out there on spiritual topics that are completely free…


Tubi is a free streaming service that actually has a lot of really interesting, obscure documentaries on spiritual topics, ETs, ancient history and other esoteric things.

One of my favorite docs on Tubi is The Cosmic Secret which was produced by David Wilcock and a few other people.

There are some parts in the movie that I have issues with (like the stuff about aliens), but in general, it’s really good!

Libraries / Library Genesis

Remember public libraries? Did you know that these days you can borrow ebooks from your local library’s website?

If you want to actually download a book and own it, Library Genesis has almost every spiritual book imaginable, even the really obscure ones.

Some of the best spiritual books I’ve ever read for free are:

This is where I learned how to connect to the “womb space” energy which caused a lot of movement and shifting within my own energetic body.

I woke up one night and my hands were hot and I felt energy running through them! I also saw rock spirits when I opened my eyes. All because I read a book from the library. Dang! That’s crazy.

Click here to read my full experience with connecting to the womb space.

I had been wanting to get a human design reading for a while but was like…maybe I’ll just read a book and do my own!

I also borrowed a digital copy of this book from the library and I was given a pretty deep understanding of my human design chart!

I didn’t feel a big need to go deeper with a paid reading because it was THAT thorough! So if you are wanting to get an astrology or HD reading, try understanding your chart on your own first.

This is a very short but very powerful book written by a famous psychotherapist Peter Levine.

When you hear people talk about “embodiment practices”, they’re talking about the exercises in this book.

It has been one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read for spiritual development because it tells you exactly how to release trauma in the body and you don’t need anything but the book to do it!


Youtube is a freaking treasure trove of information and spiritual lessons. I will share some of my favourite channels here, the ones that have made a big impact on my spiritual development…

  • Gigi Young (for spiritual discernment while opening up psychically)

I watched a few of Gigi Young’s videos a while ago, when she first came onto Youtube (like 2015-ish?) but I’ve only recently revisited her channel because of the “alien” type interactions I’ve been having lately.

After getting contacted at night by an alien that felt VERY robotic, I was like “what the HECK is this?”, it didn’t feel “human”, not at all…and Gigi’s videos have helped me understand how there’s different layers to the astrals and not every being you come in contact with (or contacts you) is coming from a pure place.

She uses teachings from Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Cayce and other famous mystics and cross references them with her own channelings and experiences which I find really cool!

  • Laura Bird (for setting energetic boundaries and cord cutting)

I discovered Laura Bird when I was feeling like I had a “cord” still attached to me from someone else’s energy and it was just ON me constantly.

Laura has a deep understanding of how to cut cords with “karmic” connections and she has successfully walked away from many energy vampires.

When I watch her videos I’m like “hell yes! I AM powerful! I can do this!” and she really goes into detail (with charts she actually draws out) on how unhealthy energetic attachment happens in the first place.

  • JK Ultra (for fun spiritual topics like the Mandela Effect, past lives, fairies etc…)

I only recently discovered JK Ultra, but have found her stuff so fascinating!

She is a past life regressionist and has done a lot of research on what is actually “in” the astral realms, what people do in the after life, how all the dimensions interact with each other etc…

I LOVE this kinda stuff. She also shares personal stories from her own past lives and does breakdowns of findings from other psychics and past life regressionists.

It’s super interesting stuff and more for “fun” than for “spiritual healing”

Free energy healing

There are lots of things you can do to clear blocks in your body and HEAL…and they’re all free!


Do I EVEN need to say this 😅!? I am a huge proponent of meditation being the FIRST form of energy healing anyone does.

I know there’s benefit to things like “Kundalini Activation Process” and breathwork and plant medicine…but meditation is the most organic and natural way to slowly “open” your chakras, clear blocks and start moving your energy in a new direction especially if you are focusing on the right places in your body.

This isn’t exactly free, but my book “Heart-Based Meditation” takes you through the process of establishing a meditation routine that you will actually stick to AND, that will actually have a big effect on your energy field and thus your life.

Once you know how to meditate (not just to relax but to activate your energy field and change your outer reality), it’s a tool that will stay with you for life!

When I do this type of meditation, my manifestations start flooding in, I see synchronicities EVERYWHERE, my channeling gets clearer and I start shifting to my highest path.

So if you’re interested in learning it, CLICK HERE!

But there are a ton of different ways to learn meditation, there are even free Vipassana meditation retreats in most cities all over the world.

It’s the ultimate “free” spiritual healing tool that once you “get it”, you’ll have it for the rest of your life and to me…there’s nothing better because it heals you at JUST the right speed.

It’s also not gonna blast you open too quickly and cause anxiety or ungroundedness (which can be a risk when taking psychedelics).

EMDR at home

Most people associate EMDR with something you have to pay for and do with a professional therapist and I think…if you need to process something really heavy…then doing it with a therapist is helpful because they will be there to guide you in case you get scared or upset.

If you have something minor, like a memory that keeps popping up but isn’t causing you to absolutely break down every time you think of it, then I think doing EMDR on yourself is totally acceptable.

I do it on myself when there’s something I’m worried about that I can’t seem to calm down from.

My post on How To Do EMDR On Yourself, takes you through the at-home process in great detail.

And yes, you’re gonna shake (it’s the trauma leaving your body!) and you’re gonna cry and be really tired after, but that’s what makes EMDR so magical! It’s a really straight forward way to process trauma out of the body.

Somatic Experiencing

This is another form of trauma healing (that, similar to EMDR, shakes the trauma from the body). The book Healing Trauma by Peter Levine is a MUST-HAVE, for anyone looking to release physical traumas from the body.

The book is super short, but it takes you through specific exercises that release the trauma, it’s the kind of stuff a therapist would lead you through and like EMDR, it’s kinda magical how it works.

In this post, I write about my own experience with somatic experiencing.

It’s one of my favorite “spiritual healing” books of all time because it will literally remove pent up trauma from your body! What more do you want??

Let me know some free spiritual tools that have changed your life!

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