Garnet Will Wrap You In Deep Love and Protection

I bought my first garnet crystal after getting a reading from a fellow spirit surfer and I must say when I first read up on the benefits and healing powers of garnet, I was disappointed!

Honestly, it sounded boring. According to what I read, Garnet was suppose to keep me safe, protected and grounded. Yawn fest. But after wearing a garnet gem for a few weeks, I grew to love and cherish the fiery, powerful, warrior-like energy it brought me.


  • Vitality
  • Protective
  • Warming
  • Security
  • Deep Fire
  • Passionate
  • Independence

Energy profile:

Garnet crystal calls you to rest in a secure and safe place and grounds you in a warm and inviting way. I think of that scene from Little Women, when the girls wake up on Christmas morning and instead of opening up presents, they give their breakfast to another starving family.

Their father comes home and they remain cozy and warm in their house, fireplace ablaze, enjoying each other’s company with snow falling outside the window.

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That’s the energy of Garnet, it encourages that feeling of being safe, secured and loved with that passionate, loving connection.

Garnet, like other red crystals causes fiery vibrations in the body and can also help with blood circulation and clearing stagnant energy.

Things that may happen while working with Garnet:

You might experience an increased sense of independence

Garnet is a highly protective stone and encourages security in one’s life. I found that after wearing Garnet on a regular basis, I started to lay more foundations in my life and started to seek things that made me feel comfortable and secure as opposed to sacrificing my well-being for impulsive and frivolous wants.

Garnet crystals ultimately gets you to stand on your own two feet and makes you understand that no one can throw you off your centre.

You might start beautifying your surroundings

Garnet will accentuate the importance of your environment and will make you ask the question: “do I feel comfortable in my surroundings?”.

Garnet will encourage you to upkeep your house and make sure that it’s the haven you deserve. Expect to have a sudden urge to buy the fluffiest blankets and a lot more candles, for sure. You might even be inspired to get a pet!

While other stones encourage you to heal by “thinking through things” or “feeling your emotions”, garnet uses the physical world to bring you comfort, security and healing.

You will find yourself thinking: “hm, what can I eat to make myself feel good?”, “what can I wear to make myself comfortable?”.

You’ll be more confident in dating and relationships

Garnet possesses a deep, fiery energy, like the dark red embers under the kindling of a camp fire. As a stone of passion, it increases vitality and sensuality in the wearer and is useful when attracting a lover.

It can be used to encourage healthy sexual energy, harnessing deities like Venus and Aphrodite. And for those unsure about dating, it can help bring grounded and safe sexual encounters. It encourages authentic and grounded connections between people, loving, warm and true.

You may become more aware of global issues

This was an unexpected effect of Garnet. But while wearing it for a few weeks, I had maybe 5-6 dreams about animal cruelty.

In meditations I kept getting images of animals trapped in zoos, being hunted and getting tested on. Garnet encourages you to help others and extend your passions to help others in need.

I always had an affinity for helping animals and Garnet just brought it out in my dreams and in meditation.

It will bring out your inner warrior

People are usually called to wear garnet when they’ve been through something difficult. If you are having a hard time and have been shaken by some kind of traumatic event.

Garnet can help centre and guide you to get the help you need. Garnet encourages the inner warrior. It will help you feel more secure, so you can stand on solid ground without worrying about toppling over.

Who should try Garnet crystals?

If you’ve been through a shaky event and need some grounding energy that encourages loving, passionate connections or if you have unsureness around connecting to others whether it’s friendship or dating, Garnet might be exactly what you need.

Garnet helps to protect your path and bring out your inner warrior so can feel more secure, stable and comfortable in your own skin. Garnet can also help someone who is seeking authentic and grounded love connections that are in their comfort zone.

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