Hybrid alien contact

Getting Contacted By A Hybrid Being (Alien Contact Experience)

I will be honest…I’m kind of apprehensive to post about this because of how crazy it sounds, but…I started this blog to report on spiritual happenings in my life and I love hearing about the wild encounters other people have in the spirit world, so…I’m doing it.

You may have read my previous post on seeing the eye of Ra during meditation and this one is kind of similar in that I saw (or in this case, heard) through the veil for a minute or so.

I will start by saying that this interaction happened after sleeping next to my alabaster statue for about a week.

Over the course of those 7 days, I found that my clairaudience abilities upgraded a couple levels and messages were coming in more frequently and clearly. I have since stopped using it as I find I am only able to handle these types of crystals for short periods of time, but I definitely feel like it had a role in ushering in this connection.

So…what happened?

So, about a week ago I woke up from a very clear, vivid lucid dream, everything had a very slight indigo blue glow to it, sort of like a wash of colour over the room, then I heard crystal clear in my mind: “You have been contacted“.

So…I have interactions with spirits who have passed as well as spirit guides (to read more about how I do that…click here), especially as I’m falling asleep so this isn’t abnormal to me, however; whoever was talking to me sounded somewhat emotionless and much more serious than my spirit guides. The voice didn’t necessarily sound “unfriendly”, just…direct and emotionless and very loud. It was honestly kinda like a computer. I compare it to what Kanye West sounds like when he sings into that voice box thingy. Anyways…

After I heard that, more sentences came through but it was hard to hear because it sounded like there were several people talking at once.

I cut them off and said “hey hey hey, it’s late, I need to go to sleep, I don’t want to talk right now“. To which they replied “ok then“. There was an awkward silence (lol) and then they said “So…should I?“, and I replied…”Ok well…who are you are where are you from?” to which they said “are you aware?“…I said: “aware of…?“. Then the conversation ended.

The next day I tried to gather some information from my spirit guides on who had “contacted” me. I heard the following:



went home

had to go

Not really sure what this meant, but maybe it was pointing to how I am connected to this being?

Then I asked: “What type of being was this?”. I heard:

a girl


you know” <— I hear this answer a lot! Another reason to always trust your intuition above all else.


Then I asked: “Different, how?”



To me, this meant that the being could be part human and part AI. The grey aliens are believed to have artificial bodies. This might be where the “robotic” and “small” come in.

I waited for more general information to come through. I heard:


it’s on Netflix


I used to watch a Youtuber named Bridget Nielsen who is apparently one of the only people who talks about alien contact from Grey Hybrid Beings (so greys who have human DNA in them). This put me on the track that maybe this was the type of being that was talking to me?

Photo by Vashta Marada via vashta.com

Guys…I don’t write the news, I just deliver it 😛.

As for the Netflix thing…there is a TV show on Netflix called Sweet Tooth about a child who is a human/animal hybrid. Thought that was maybe what they were pointing to with that?

Arcana” still has me kind of stumped. At first I thought it was the name of a planet or a star system, but when I looked up the definition, I got:

So…might just be saying “it’s a secret, we can’t really tell you right now…classified knowledge 🤔”. Also interesting how it’s a term used in tarot to classify the two types of cards used…

What do I make of this whole “alien contact experience”?

Honestly…this was one of the strangest things that have ever happened to me. The quality of the voice was just undeniable. This was not a human. Definitely not. It was also a lot louder than the voices of earthbound spirits and spirit guides I talk to. It was also incredibly clear. I could hear every word perfectly.

The day after this happened I went on a spree, researching everything about hybrid beings. I still don’t know what species the being actually was, it sounded robotic though and there was a brief moment between us where they were like…”do you…want me to talk, or…”.

I think they kind of knew I was curious, but I had said in my mind that I just wanted to sleep and was not down to be contacted at 3am completely out of nowhere?! So, they backed off.

I’m not going to do anything to reach out again, because I don’t really know yet what the point of this alien contact was. Maybe I need to do some more research…

EDIT: While watching Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia, I heard an expert on the greys say that their voice can sound “metallic” and that’s exactly what the voice in my contact experience sounded like. Metallic and robotic.

EDIT: I have learned that the whole goal of the greys is to integrate back into human society. They are “us” from the future from a timeline where we merged with machines and took things too far. Their DNA has now been permanently altered and because of that they cannot enter the afterlife. Crazy, right?

So that is why they are so obsessed with abducting us and taking our DNA. They want to be more human again so they can reincarnate, otherwise their soul is not going to be able to go on.

Gigi Young is a really good resource for this topic of inter-dimensionals and future versions of humans.

If anyone is able to further decode this alien contact or have experienced something similar, please let me know! Post in the comments down below or on my Instagram page!

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    2 thoughts on “Getting Contacted By A Hybrid Being (Alien Contact Experience)

    1. In a series of books called the “Ringing Ceders” the author, Vladimir Megre, meets a girl called Anastasia who proceeds to teach him about life, spirituality, nature etc.

      The reason I bring this up is because, in one of the earlier books Anastasia does a “joint meditation” thingy and they astral travel to a planet with humanoid aliens that have no emotions.

      Just thought it sounded a bit similar to your experience, might be worth a read.

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