Grey moonstone

Grey Moonstone Will Make You Proud To Cry

Another day, another post about crystals!

So recently I’ve been experimenting with grey moonstone. I have ALWAYS been drawn to moonstone and things having to do with the moon, I just think it’s “cool” but another part of me thinks it’s kind of frivolous, maybe because it’s so trendy right now I automatically reject it πŸ€”.

I knew though that I wanted to try moonstone, so I bought a grey moonstone pendant and have been wearing it for the past 2 weeks or so.

The experience was very….nice ☺️ the energy was very “supportive” and “comforting”, it almost felt like I had an arm around my shoulder, like the arm of a friend saying, “hey, I’m here for you”.


  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Supportive
  • Feminine
  • Therapist
  • Sadness
  • Tears
  • Darkness
  • Friend-to-friend love

Energy profile:

Like I said in the intro, the energy I felt from grey moonstone was comparable to the supportive love of a friend. I kept thinking of that song from Toy Story, “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” and that scene where Andy is playing with Woody and the sun is streaming into his room.

They are there for each other and I kind of felt that moonstone was “there” for me, in an unconditional…metaphysical way.

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The energy of this crystal is not forward moving or pushy, but instead more like a “be where you are” type of thing.

It’s watery, flowy, feminine and soft. The energy feels slightly heavy but not in a downward, grounding way, more like a comforting, blanket-wrapped-around-you way.

Things that might happen while working with grey moonstone:

You’ll express your emotions more freely

Honestly, this crystal kind of turned me into a weepy baby 😒 ! I found myself putting more importance on my emotions and because of that expressed them more openly. I wasn’t as afraid of crying as I normally would be and started to see crying as a good thing.

You’ll be more confident in telling people how you truly feel

Since grey moonstone forced me to focus more on my emotions, I started to make them apart of my identity…which made me feel almost “proud” of them.

I found myself being way more honest than I usually would be about my feelings and when someone would ask me how I was and I would respond with “actually, I’m really upset”, I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about it like I normally would, I was like “It’s my party, I can cry if I want to!”

You’ll feel really cozy

I keep saying that grey moonstone gives off a comforting energy and it’s true! It’s the kind of presence you would get from a therapist.

This crystal is not going to turn your life upside down in a magical way, but it will definitely give you the unconditional support to accept and live through any dark feelings you might be experiencing.

You’ll have dreams where you’ll get validated for your feelings

This is kind of funny, but I would have dreams where I would be crying in front of people and they would be so nice about it.

I had one dream where I was supposed to write an episode of “The Simpsons” but wasn’t given enough time and when I handed it into the executives I was a mess, crying like crazy, getting all upset and they were all just like “hey, it’s ok, everything’s alright”.

Probably not what Hollywood types would do in real life, but this, I think…was the grey moonstone at work.

I also had a dream that my mom was about to die and I was getting super upset (obviously) and even though she was the one in the bad situation, she was comforting me, the same way the executives were, accepting my tears with open arms.

Who should try grey moonstone?

Even though I’m someone who is already very weepy and in touch with her emotions, I still benefited from grey moonstone.

It helped me to sort of “own” my emotions, stand by them, not apologize for them and just let them be.

If you are going through something difficult in secret where you want to cry but don’t feel like it would be appropriate to, or you feel like no one would understand why you are so upset, grey moonstone can help give you courage in expressing your emotions either to yourself or to someone you’re close to.

It’s the therapist you never knew you needed!

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