Here’s another roundup of health advice that I’ve received from my spirit guides!

But first…this…The advice I reveal in this post is absolutely not meant to be a cure for anything! It’s all very basic, safe, food-based advice anyway, nothing extreme, but nevertheless, it is not meant to be a cure for serious medical conditions.

Ok, now onto the advice!

1. Take Apple Cider Vinegar

I was getting this recurrent infection (it was a UTI actually) and asked the guides for advice on how to get rid of it. I heard: “vinegar”“medicine”. And when I asked for more clarity on what it does, I got: “body”“equilibrium”.

This makes me think that vinegar can help to “balance the body” and more specifically, “balance the bacteria in the body”. Also…this might not be surprising to a lot of you, but most of the time, when I do a health-related reading for someone I will get the message that the issue started in the “stomach”. All of these alternative doctors are saying that health “starts in the gut”, so maybe they really know what they’re talking about?

I took one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every morning for a week and my infection completely went away 😮. I think it’s a good idea to do this intermittently because I’ve heard that drinking too much vinegar can leach minerals from your bones over time 🤭. So, I only use it when I really need it.

Something else I learned about vinegar: In the medieval times, people walked around with vinegar-soaked cloths in their mouths to avoid catching the plague! Also during the Black Plague years, shopkeepers would make customers drop their coins in a bucket of vinegar to make sure they are clean.

So…it seems that vinegar has always been used for anti-bacterial purposes…it was the hand sanitizer of the Black Plague era.

2. Avoid plastics

I kinda know my hormones have never been quite right, so I wanted to know what I could do to get them at the right levels and I basically got the answer that it’s a multi-pronged approach. There are many things that can affect how hormones are released in the body, from diet…to stress, even how you breathe!

When I asked what I should do they said: “plastics”“protein”“meat”“hamburger”“there are many things”“pick yourself up”“do things”. Ok! Ok! I get it! I need to get off the couch 😑.

Based on this response, there isn’t just one thing that’s affecting my hormones, but multiple things. I have even heard that perfumes can trigger the over-production of estrogen in the body.

I honestly feel like I would be so healthy and balanced if I lived in the forest with no electronics, nothing synthetic, just pure nature. I also know that light can have an affect on our hormones which is why people who do dark room retreats report changes in their hormone production.

For me, it looks like I am overly exposed to plastics and don’t eat enough protein and meat (I always get the recommendation to eat “goat milk” and “mutton” <– another sign that one of my guides is a doctor from the medieval period lol?)

3. Eat raw onion

I had…you know…the thing (COVID) and asked what I should take to lessen it and I got…“onion”! I know a lot of people eat raw garlic to curb a cold or flu, but maybe onion targets the symptoms of Covid specifically? I think it worked because I was coughing the least out of everyone in my family who caught it.

I just snacked on raw onion slices all day, it was actually not that bad. I would recommend eating it on a piece of bread or drizzled with honey because eating too much for too long can actually burn your mouth 😛.

4. Get off the dang phone

I recently got the message to “cut the phone” and intuitively know it’s a good idea. I have also gotten these words: “emotion”“Instagram”“focus” which might be pointing to how these social media apps can negatively affect your mental health, whether that be emotions or focus.

I definitely feel like I get restless and unfocused when I am checking my social media too much. I recently bought a year subscription for this app called Freedom and do one 24-hour session per day, as in…each day I will post or check my social media apps and then turn on my 24-hour session and then when it ends 1 day later, I’ll respond to comments, post what I wanna post and then turn it off for another 24 hours…and so on and so forth.

My guides are very adamant on this actually, I did a whole post on it several months ago and they’re still making sure I don’t go overboard with my phone use.

5. Try a little…mirth

Ok this is pretty funny…after getting Covid I was insanely tired, napping for several hours everyday and just feeling bad in general. The advice I got was: “stand up”“exercise”…and “mirth…you should try it”. This was late at night when I received these messages so didn’t have a computer or phone close by. I assumed that mirth was a herb, but when I looked in up on Google the next morning I saw that it’s an old English term for “amusement and laughter” 😅. I am telling you…this guide must be from the medieval times…

I’m just thinking now…it would make sense to have someone guiding me who has already been through a plague. Between vinegar and mirth, I think I’m good 😉.

If you haven’t already, check out my first health advice post for more tips!

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    2 thoughts on “Health Advice From My Spirit Guides #2

    1. Love these tips. My mom made lemon, honey, onion tea for us when we got C so I’m happy to read her holistic treatments confirmed by your guide!

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