Some Health Advice From My Spirit Guides

Sometimes I will do health-readings either for myself or friends/family members.

I want to give a disclaimer though, before I delve into the messages, that the advice I reveal in this post is absolutely not meant to be a cure for anything! It’s all very basic, safe, food-based advice anyway, nothing extreme, but nevertheless, it is not meant to be a cure for serious medical conditions.

So there are two things that I hear over and over again when I ask my guides for health advice and that’s “water“…and “raw vegetables“, specifically leafy greens.

I know…not the most exciting stuff, but if there’s one thing to take from this post, it’s to drink more water and eat salad/green smoothies every day!

Keep in mind, that this advice was directed towards me as an individual, however; I remember hearing in an interview with Dolores Cannon, who has gathered a ton of information through past life regressions, that she also gets a similar, repetitive message from “spirit” about drinking more water so this advice might apply to everyone.

Ok…onto the random health advice!

1. Eat more raw vegetables

I mentioned in an earlier post that I ALWAYS get the message from my guides to eat more vegetables. In the past couple of weeks I have heard “salad“…”vegetables“…”spinach“…so I’ve made sure to incorporate more of these things, especially leafy greens into my meals. According to the spirits I talk to…vegetables are IT.

Especially raw vegetables. I would say that adding fresh spinach to your smoothie every morning or drinking a green juice would fill the raw veggie void quite nicely. They never suggest “cooked” vegetables, always raw. Here is my favourite green smoothie recipe that contains lots of spinach and other raw vegetables:

1 orange 🍊…1 handful of frozen pineapple 🍍…1/4 of an english cucumber 🥒…1 thumb of ginger root…1 thumb of turmeric root…1 wedge of lemon (including peel) 🍋…1 handful of spinach 🍃…coconut water to blend 🥥

I know, I know, vegetables aren’t the most groundbreaking thing, but the guides insist that I eat them, and that they are green…and raw.

When I look at all the “fad” diets out there…”raw vegan”, “keto”, “paleo”…the one thing that they all have in common is that you can eat all the green vegetables you want. So knowing all this, I make sure to eat at least 1-2 green veggies a day.

2. Drink more WATER

Another sort of obvious one, but hugely important! Whenever I am sick or not feeling well, I hear words like “drink“…”liquid“…”water“…I recently had an infection I was taking antibiotics for and would constantly hear “drink“…almost everyday!

I already feel like I drink a lot of water but it’s those times where I’m under the weather, stressed or tired that I start getting the message.

I think the people who lug around those trendy 1 gallon water bottles are onto something…

3. Easy on the sugar

This piece of advice is for me specifically, but is also one of those “universal things” you hear from health experts all the time.

I will sometimes get eczema on my elbows, as well as on my scalp and when I ask for help on what I should do about it, I always get “no sugar“.

Any sort of itchiness on my body always seems to be caused by too much sugar in the system and when I look at the times I ate too much sugar (I ate a whole box of oatmeal cookies the day lockdown was announced 🙃 ) I will get a flare-up of eczema, it’s like clockwork.

So when I ask what kind of diet I should be following, I will get the word “mediterranean“, which focuses on vegetables, meat, whole grains and very little sugar.

4. Bee pollen for hair shedding

Last month, I started to notice that my hair was falling out. This usually happens when I’m going through a period of immense stress and since my nervous system is very sensitive, it affects my health almost instantly.

I remember when the pandemic first started, I wasn’t sleeping very well and I would find that my hair would come out in clumps when I brushed it. I was kind of disheartened about it especially since it took me so long to grow it out for summer 😒.

I asked the guides what they thought of it and they said “bee pollen“, which when I looked it up, apparently contains an amino acid that is supposed to make your hair thicker(?).

I’ve been adding 1 tablespoon of ground bee pollen to whatever I’m eating for breakfast (even just sprinkling it on cold cereal) and I’ve been noticing that my hair feels stronger!

Kind of interesting…they also said a reason for the hair loss is that I’m “always thinking” and yes, I know I was stressed out, so maybe I needed to do things to get back into a zen state.

So this is my latest health advice! It’s definitely stuff you would have heard before, but maybe it will just be a nice reminder to eat your greens 🥒 !

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