As always, very excited to post a new channeled health & beauty guide πŸ˜€.

I recently got the idea to do a guide specifically for wintertime. I have been noticing that my hair and skin is getting drier from the indoor heating (I live in Canada btw).

And the lack of sunlight is just βœ–οΈ…no good.

I thought…why not find out how to stay healthy and beautiful in the wintertime!?

And in this guide I’m gonna go into hair care…skin care…energetic medicine to help us thrive…food. All that stuff β›„.

But first…this…The advice I reveal in this post is absolutely not meant to be a cure for anything! It’s all very basic, safe, food-based advice anyway, nothing extreme, but nevertheless, it is not meant to be a cure for serious medical conditions.

So…let’s get into the guide!

1. Seal your hair with butter

One of my biggest issues in the winter is that my hair basically turns to straw πŸ˜₯.

I already have very thick and curly hair, but it’s also pretty course. Like the individual strands are thick themselves, if that makes sense.

And when the indoor heat gets turned on it’s like…twice as course and frizzy and because of this it breaks more easily.

So…I really wanted to find a way to have softer, stronger hair in the winter.

I got a bunch of information for this.

I got the word “seal“, which to me meant “sealing up” your hair to protect it.

I got the word “butter“. And when I looked it up, found that “hair butter” is a thing!

They have pre-made hair butter formulations like this one:

But some websites also recommend using pure butters like: shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter.

I kinda like the idea of mango butter in my hair!

I think the idea is…is that by putting something like this in your hair, you’re sealing it up and protecting it from getting dried out by the indoor heating. So…seems like it would really work…

If your hair is thinner, I would think using a leave-in cream with some kinda shea butter in it would be good!

Some other interesting hair tips for winter:

It was also suggested to keep your hair in “braids” if you find your hair is breaking more easily than usual.

I was also show the image of a prune, which made me realize that your hair dries out in the heat just like plums do

The water gets evaporated, so of course you’re left with dry, straw-like hair.

So, soaking your hair in water could introduce more moisture and then seal it all in with butter or something like that πŸ™‚.

I find when I put my head underwater in the bath tub, my hair is a lot more soft when it dries. Water=life!

Also…”oats” and “milk” were recommended.

Oats are apparently good for dry hair!

And milk has that combo of fat and protein that makes your hair shiny and strong.

Here’s a good video for making your own oatmeal hair mask, just replace the hot water with hot milk!

2. Use comfrey on your lips

Someone on Twitter was asking for advice on how to heal super chapped lips so figured I would channel some info on it.

The only time in my life I’ve had extremely chapped lips was when I was on Accutane for 6 months (I know…never again), so I understand the struggle of chronically dry lips 🀭.

I got some interesting tips when I asked about what we can do to heal super chapped lips:

I got the word “comfrey“, which…I’ve never heard of before.

When I looked it up, I found out it’s a herb that’s SUPER powerful when it comes to healing skin. I also found out that it can knit bones back together?!

So if you’re struggling with dry lips, try a lip balm with comfrey!

This is what comfrey looks like!

Let’s see, what else…I got the word “seal” again. So similar to the hair advice. Keep your lips sealed with some kind of thick balm.

Also got the words “sand” and “stone“. You could use sand (or something softer like sugar) to exfoliate your lips before applying the comfrey balm.

Also…”scarf“. Wear a scarf so your lips aren’t exposed to the elements! This is kinda obvious but if you have chronically chapped lips, might wanna be more strict with it.

3. Protect your face with a plant gel

I asked what we should put on our faces to protect it from getting dried out from the indoor heat and winter wind, it was recommended to use a “gel” and that it comes from “leaves“.

I immediately thought of aloe. But they also said “vinosource“, which…when I looked it up, is a line of products from Caudalie that uses gel from grape leaves.

Image from

So…whether you use a fancy grape leaves cream, or $5 aloe gel. The main function of using a “gel cream” is to seal your skin in and protect it from the dryness around you!

I’m going to do a WHOLE channeling for dry skin on the face in the future. This was just for dry skin in the winter specifically. I know there are multiple causes to dry skin on the face (not just indoor heat).

So make sure to subscribe by email to get updated when I post that channeling!

4. Put moisture into the air

I asked about “body care” specifically so…how do we take care of the skin on our body during the winter and I got the word “rain“.

Which made me think…in damp places, you don’t have to worry about getting dried out. So…bring some humidity into your environment with a humidifier!

Image from

I also got the recommendation to “steam” when you feel a cold coming on. So holding your head over a steaming bowl of water.

I also got the words: “coat” and “sleeve“. Which…yes. You need to cover up!

Also “oats” were recommended to moisturize the skin on your body. Taking an oatmeal bath during the winter months could definitely be beneficial!

5. Foods to eat:

We all know we’re supposed to eat hot foods during the winter, but the recommendations I got were not just hot, but stimulating foods that get your blood pumping.

I saw an image of a box of chocolates like this:

I also heard the words “rum“…”scotch“…!

Rum specifically was apparently used as a medicine in Europe in the 1200s:

Notice how the dosage is a half spoonful! So…obviously take in moderation!

Rum was also popular as a winter drink in America in the 1700s:

I also got “coffee“, which is a stimulant, but when used medicinally, it could help keep you warm and your blood pumping!

Was also told “snacking” is important. This is not the time to go hungry.

Annnnd….I heard “Tom Yum soup“. If you look at the recipe, there’s a lot of chili in it.

Image from

So adding lots of spices to your food might help keep you warm as well.

But of course, these stimulating foods should all be taken in small amounts (except maybe the chocolate 🀫).

6. Energetic medicine

This is always my favourite part! I asked if there are any energetic tools we can use during the wintertime to keep us happy.

  • Listen to harps

I heard the word “sound” and saw an image of a harp. Listening to this kind of music can be healing for us in the winter. Music made from “natural” instruments, not technology I believe is VERY good for our fields πŸ™‚.

And you can listen to this through Spotify or better yet…go to the orchestra!

  • Bring colour into your life

I also saw the image of a rainbow that looked like this:

To me, this meant “bring colour into your life”. Could be through wearing colourful clothes, putting some colourful lights in your house, buying a bouquet of flowers.

Winter is usually very dull and grey…we need to bring some colour into it!

Also heard “create art“. Painting with lots of different colours could also be a good thing to lift your energy this winter!

  • Channel swans in the winter

Sometimes I will be given an animal as “medicine”.

In this case, I got a swan! And did you know that swans will stay outside all winter? As long as they can swim in a pond, they will keep warm.

Farmers who keep their swans in barns during the winter have found that in the spring they will get sick because they didn’t get enough sunlight. They also got depressed because they didn’t have any freedom.

We need sunlight and freedom to be happy!

Having fun in the snow!

So take guidance from the “swan” and get outside during the winter. Move around, stay active and when it’s sunny, go outside!

  • Burn candles

I also heard “burn” and “fire“, this to me pointed to bonfires, but also burning candles!

There’s a certain coziness that comes from a flickering candle in the wintertime. So…stock up and burn them whenever you want to feel more cozy.


Very interesting tips right?!

I think I am most excited about putting mango butter in my hair 😝, also going outside and acting like a swan 🦒!

Which of these tips are you most excited to try this winter?

And…if you want a personal health & beauty reading, click here.

To read my previous channelings, click here.

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