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People will often ask me: “Jenn, how did you open your psychic abilities”? And my answer always is: “it’s complicated!”.

I wasn’t born with psychic abilities (my strongest abilities by the way are clairvoyance and clairaudience)

If you want to read my blog post on how I specifically see/hear through clairvoyance and clairaudience, click here.

I actually only started to develop my clairaudience when I was 26/27 which was about 6 years ago. So if you think that just because you weren’t born being able to see auras and talk to ghosts, that you will never be able to, you are wrong (at least mostly wrong…)

It was a combination of physical factors and mental factors that helped me to develop clairaudience (which was the first psychic ability that got strong for me, clairvoyance came a bit later and I’m even starting to feel my claircognizance kick in a bit now 🤔).

I’m going to tell you exactly how it happened and what someone should do if they want to develop clairaudience, voyance or any kind of “clair-ability”, but first I want to address another question I get a lot:

Does everyone have hidden psychic abilities?

Imma say this…yes, but unlocking them will be easier for some and harder for others.

I have this theory that people who have already experienced (without really trying) “spirit world” type phenomena like sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, astral projection, seeing ghosts already have a little piece of themselves in the spirit world, therefore it’s easier for them to access it.

These people were born with sensitive nerves and will have an easier time in activating their clairaudience, I believe.

For everyone else, there are ways to peel away the layers, so to speak, and get closer to the spirit world and it lies in doing things to allow yourself to see beyond the veil.

Consider this…some people will say that a near death experience (where they leave their body and enter a higher plane, meet interdimensional beings etc…) will cause their psychic abilities to unlock because a part of their soul or spirit kind of “stays” in the higher realms. So now…they can contact and connect to it whenever they want.

But like, don’t go trying to have a near death experience…try these methods instead:

Physical factors that help develop clairaudience

The same sort of phenomenon (of leaving a piece of yourself behind in the spirit world) has been reported by people who have done extensive breathwork, plant medicine (like Ayahuasca), juice/water fasting, dark room retreats and kundalini activation…it’s like giving yourself a tiny taste of death.

It’s crazy, but some people end up establishing a permanent connection to the spirit world after only a couple sessions of these energy healing methods.

For people who are already pretty open and have experienced psychic phenomenon, something like a short juice cleanse or working with specific crystals can help you experience heightened clairaudience or other psychic abilities pretty quickly.

For me, it was fasting accidentally 🤭. I had an acute illness that lasted about 2 months and seriously restricted my eating during that time. Looking back it was almost like orthorexia and was not necessarily a “healthy thing” to be doing.

However…it DID end up getting me closer to the spirit realm, I think because I wasn’t eating any heavy foods (only pure fruits and vegetables), I was low key ungrounding myself to the point of being closer to the spirit world than the 3D world.

***If you are going to embark on a juice fast or fruit fast or something along those lines, please please please do it safely and under the supervision of a professional. Everyone’s body is different and some people can handle longer cleanses whereas others need the protein/fat to balance their blood sugar. I did it (not on purpose) for two months, but really didn’t need to. I would think 3-4 days would be enough and make sure you are still consuming enough calories each day either in juice or produce 👍🏻.

Nowadays, I will do a 1-day juice fast, but more to just reset my digestion, not for spiritual purposes, although I do feel the spiritual effects when I do it!

So there was the fasting (by accident) and then…there was the crystals

During those two months, I got obsessed with crystals.

I would sleep with an amethyst under my pillow while I was going through this change in my eating, I also was gifted a huge citrine which I kept on my bedside table for a couple weeks. Other crystals I slept with during this time: lepidolite…blue calcite…clear quartz…rose quartz…etc…

Some of the crystals I was working with made the visual quality of my dreams more clear and I believe caused me to develop clairaudience by changing my vibration to match that of the beings who were trying to talk to me.

For recommendations on specific crystals that will help you communicate with interdimensional beings/spirit guides/earthbound spirits, check out my ebook by clicking this link.

I have to mention…activating the higher chakras either with crystals or fasting can be super ungrounded. It can make you anxious, overly sensitive, you might even feel feverish.

For a gradual way to clear blocks from your chakras, I believe that meditation is the BEST way. You will open up your psychic abilities at exactly the right time because you are “gradually” clearing away gunk from your heart and other chakras.

My book “Heart-Focused Meditation” shares the meditation techniques I recommend for healing the heart and balancing the energy in the body in a gentle, gradual way, not to mention, you will experience faster manifestation and more synchronicities in your surrounding reality. It’s cool how it works.

So those are the physical ways that I believe can help people develop clairaudience/voyance (and please don’t go try to have a near death experience, that will prob not turn out well…haha 😅?)

Mental factors that help develop clairaudience

So…you might not even HAVE to do any of the physical factors that I listed above, not even crystals! Although…why wouldn’t you? They’re so pretty 💖.

For those people who already mess with the spirit world, I will say this to you…you truly DO already have the ability to connect with beings in these other realms and receive clairaudient messages, you just aren’t hip to it yet 😎.

It’s one of those things where…”once they know you know about them”, they’re like “ok let’s do this!“.

I know this sounds crazy, but after I watch documentaries about certain wars or tragic events (especially events that have happened in recent history), I will sometimes hear from those spirits later that night kind of explaining what happened to them and how they died and what should be done to bring the perpetrators to justice.

I watched an interview on someone who survived living in North Korea and that night I heard from people who died in the internment camps there.

I won’t say exactly what they told me because it’s very depressing, but I just wanted to show you that “they know you know about them” and once you start putting the message out that you’re game to hear messages and you won’t get scared, they will be more likely to come through.

Sometimes while I’m going to sleep I will hear a voice from a spirit, interdimensional being, guide go “say something“…”can you hear me“…”are you there?“…and when I say “yeah I’m here! I can hear you!” they will start to talk but will keep reminding me to “listen” as they do because when I’m not listening, they aren’t able to get through.

It’s a certain state you kind of have to learn to switch on and it’s honestly the hardest part about channeling through clairaudience (for me).

Another important thing to master if you want to develop clairaudience is meditation. Specifically the type of meditation that calms your body down on a deep, cellular level.

Click here for my mediation mega post where I explain the meditation techniques I use in intense detail.

When you calm your body down, your mind will get quiet all on its own and it will be easier to get into that listening state.

In my ebook, I show you the complete process I took to develop clairaudience (and voyance) and the meditation I use to help me connect to guides/spirits/interdimensional beings, it’s easy once you “get it” 😉.

So in general, what caused my clairaudience to open?

When people ask (besides “it’s complicated”), I will usually say, I spent a good couple of months working with crystals and also accidentally had an eating disorder which caused me to open my upper chakras too quickly and connect closer to the spirit world 🤫 (closer than I already was).

I also started to meditate (using this method) and then actively listen to the spirits who were willing to talk to me (this exact process can also be found in my ebook).

Nowadays…I still use crystals to get closer to the spirit world though I definitely don’t need them to hear messages.

My ET contact experience famously came through after sleeping with an alabaster statue beside my bed.

Everyone has their preferred tools to connect…some people will literally do breathwork everyday to get in that state. I use crystals cause I just like them and have always felt drawn to them.

I have learned that everyone has their own capacity as to how connected to the spirit world they are. You could literally measure it on a % scale and this percentage can be moved depending on the physical and mental factors you put into play.

So…to conclude…don’t have a near death experience, but maybe try some breathwork…sleep with a giant crystal beside your pillow…meditate deeply and for long periods…do things to get closer to the spirit world, and see what happens!

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