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Navigating The Lower Astral Realm + 3 Ways To Induce Astral Travel

I wanted to do a lil’ post on what astral travel is and two ways to induce it.

I am not one of those people who purposely astral travels every night. I’m sure if I put my mind to it and used the right tools, I could do it literally every night, but if I did that, I would be even more tired than I already am 😥.

For now, I just do it at random, kinda whenever I feel like it.

So first….what is astral travel and is it similar to lucid dreaming?

What’s the difference between astral travel and lucid dreaming?

So there’s lucid dreaming…and then there’s astral travel…and then there’s astral projection.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is where you “wake up” in the middle of a dream, realize you’re dreaming and start doing whatever you want.

You might choose to fly…become a figure skater, meet a celebrity, eat a ton of junk food with no consequences.

One of my favourite things to do when I lucid dream is to go to McDonalds and eat whatever I want 😛, especially ice cream sundaes!!

Lucid dreams will still have that kinda blurry, wavy quality to them, similar to a regular dream. The only difference is that you are suddenly in control of it.

Lucid dreams might also be clear in picture and sound quality if you are using certain energetic tools like crystals (blue calcite can cause dreams to become more clear and because of this will snap you into the lucid state more easily).

I have a free guidebook on tools to induce lucid dreams and astral travel. Click here to download it.

There are less boundaries to lucid dreams than astral travel. You can DO whatever you want. You could draw a door, walk through it and decide to be in a new place.

You can make certain foods appear in your hands like magic. YOU are in control of what happens in a lucid dream.

When you come across characters in lucid dreams, they will feel like they’re coming from your mind.

They might relay a message to you that’s clearly from your subconscious. You’ll also feel more connected to the people you meet because they are apart of your psyche.

What is astral travel?

Astral travel, on the other hand, is like a step above lucid dreaming. When you astral travel, you are truly entering another realm.

The people you meet feel like they are separate from you. Similar to passing someone on the street in your current life. You can “feel” that their energy is separate from yours.

The realms you enter during astral travel also have their own limits and boundaries. You can’t just snap your fingers and be somewhere else.

If you want to go somewhere else, your spirit body will naturally get pulled towards a “portal”, which could be in the sky, underwater, through a specific door.

It feels more like a “traveling” experience as opposed to you “creating” the world around you.

One time I was in the lower astrals and decided I wanted to get out of there, and I was basically being pulled towards a portal in the ocean. I went through it and arrived in a realm with a lighter energy.

Astral travel also feels VERY real. It’s like a dream that feels just as real as the 3D plane. Look around right now, and this is the type of picture and sound quality you can expect during astral travel.

If you know, you know…

Also, if you are astral traveling, chances are you will be in one of your “alternate” forms. In a recent astral travel, I was actually a translucent spirit that only certain people could see.

I also looked behind me and could see a silver cord attached to me which other people have reported while astral projecting and astral travelling.

One time, I was a water being (mermaid?) on a planet that was 100% ocean. This also felt like a lower realm, around 4D.

And in my experience, your form is fixed until you move to a different realm through whichever portal you’re dragged to.

One thing I notice that happens during astral travel is that you really need to be careful of what you say to people.

In the lower astrals, I will ask people their names and some of them whisper back to me as if they aren’t allowed to be talking to me, others will completely ignore me but I can tell that they heard me.

Other times I will test things and yell out “hey everyone, this isn’t real, it’s all a dream!” and security guards will always come up to me, arrest me then I’ll instantly wake up.

Kinda like the agents in the Matrix:

Photo from

Other people have also reported getting dragged away by these “police” figures during astral travel.

All I can suggest is don’t make a big scene or draw too much attention to yourself. Not everyone can see you and the ones who can may only be able to talk to you in secret.

This is only in the lower astrals (which I believe is 4D).

In the higher planes, I don’t really have that issue. Almost everyone can see me and everyone can talk to me even if I’m in a translucent spirit form.

What is astral projection?

I will be honest…I’ve never fully astral projected! I’ve been pulled from my body in a traumatic way during sleep, but will just go right back in because I’m too scared!

When I experience it for real and in a calm way I will report on what it felt like. But astral projection seems to be a very physical sensation, where you’re literally exiting the body for a short time. It’s like a step “above” astral travel.

How to astral travel

So this is great, but how do you actually astral travel!?

How to astral travel from “awake”

So…my sister will actually go into meditation and start traveling from there.

When shamans perform “soul retrieval” they will go into a trance state and start exploring other realms looking for the other piece of your soul.

Click to listen to our Spirit Direct episode on Shamanism! There’s a story about soul retrieval in it.

The way she does it is she lays down, relaxes her body and imagines herself in a place in nature. Like on a dock or a beach.

And she stays in that scene and focuses on it for as long as possible (this is where training your focus through meditation comes in handy).

And then the scene slowly transforms and she drops down into a trance and then, the adventure begins!

How to astral travel from “asleep”

I, on the other hand, have only ever astral traveled from the “sleep state”. Here’s how it usually happens:

  • Wake up at 3am then go back to sleep

So it usually happens when I accidentally wake up at 3 or 4am, stay up for an hour or so and then go back to sleep. All by accident.

When I go back to sleep I usually launch into an astral travel experience.

I read somewhere that people in ancient villages would wake up in the middle of the night, stay up for an hour, drink tea, then go back to sleep. Maybe because they’re intending to astral travel?

Because it works pretty much every time, especially if I meditate during that hour I’m awake.

So…this is something you could try.

Set your alarm for 3am, stay up for an hour or 2 and then drift back to sleep and during those couple of hours, meditate.

Don’t get out of bed, go to the bathroom etc…lay there, still and meditate. This is important, you don’t wanna wake yourself up too much. Just keep yourself awake with your mind.

  • Hold clear quartz or blue calcite against your forehead

Another thing that works for me is holding a clear quartz crystal on my forehead for a couple minutes before bed.

Photo from

I know it sounds crazy simple but…it really does work. Just make sure to pair this with meditation, because it’s basically causing your third eye to open and if it’s open while your mind is chaotic, your astral travel will not be very pleasant.

You could also try blue calcite. I find it works in the same way. You could sleep with blue calcite or clear quartz under your pillow and see what happens! But only do it when you’re in a calm and grounded state to begin with.

This is the meditation I do everyday to stay in a calm, grounded, heart-centered state.

  • Activate womb energy

I friggin’ swear, all the “hype” around how powerful the womb is, really is true.

To me, the effects of womb energy is the equivalent to plant medicine or breathwork. It’s psychedelic!

When I focus on my womb for about 10 mins before bed (or honestly any time during the day), that night I will more than likely astral travel.

Read my blog post on the womb space for instructions on how to activate the energy. It’s basically just “meditating” in the space, just like you would do in your heart space.

A note on the lower astrals

Something to keep in mind about the lower astrals (if you ever go there) is that the beings there are going to be a little…”off”.

The place I often go to in the lower astrals is a slum neighbourhood, kind of reminds me of Detroit or a place like that. There’s graffiti everywhere, there’s a lot of homeless people dressed in ragged clothing.

There are also a lot of robots. It kinda reminds me of the island of misfit toys.

If you have ever watched any of Gigi Young’s content, she talks about fallen beings being trapped in the lower astrals and this very much aligns with what I’ve seen here.

Think about these possibilities: some beings out there in the universe would have had to alter their DNA to survive environmental changes on their planet.

Some have had to merge with machines to survive, but by doing this they are altering the DNA of their soul and straying from their “whole” form, so they aren’t able to rise to the higher realms after death, so now they’re stuck in 4D.

I know…it sounds like sci-fi, but in the lower realms I have seen robot beings, a lot of homeless people, drunk people, however; I think there are also people there who are not “distorted” in their soul but just addicted to certain substances and that’s what’s keeping them in this slum neighborhood.

I’m just telling you what I saw…

So….knowing that you might land in one of these places in 4D. Don’t be afraid, but also don’t assume that people can see and hear you.

If you want to interact with them, just ask them their name. Do what you would do if you passed an actual stranger on the street and wanted to talk to them.

Don’t ask them a million personal questions. Be polite, and they’ll be more likely to answer you. And be kinda secretive when you talk to them.

I still don’t know why they aren’t allowed to talk to us, but will look into it and report back 👊.

In conclusion…

You can see that this is one of my favorite topics to write about! I find astral travel to be so interesting and when I’m travelling, I like to ask people questions just to see how they respond.

To read about one of my most interesting travels to the lower astrals, click here.

Let me know your experience in the lower astrals (and beyond!) by sending me a DM, commenting below or leaving a comment on my Instagram page!

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