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How To Connect To and Live Through Your Heart Space (Step-By-Step Instructions)

I am SO excited to write this post, I’ve seriously been anticipating it for a week! My heart is just buzzing πŸ’š.

So, let’s get into this…how to have an open heart and live through your heart center πŸ€”. I will often come across people talking about “how to open your heart” in Youtube videos or will read random posts about it on Instagram…”how to connect to your heart”, “how to have an open heart chakra” etc…and the instructions will usually be to just “feel” your heart.

I have learned though that there’s a bit more to the process if you really want to like “live” in that state for most of the day and it’s more than just “feeling” it.

It’s funny, every time I see a psychic or have some kind of energy healing they always comment on how blocked my heart is πŸ™ƒ, so it’s definitely “a thing” for me and something my guides always seem to focus on with me.

I think this is why I’m so excited to write this. Because it’s kind of my “thing”, like if I was a character in a movie script, “always trying to open her heart chakra” would be in the description πŸ˜….

My guides recommend a lot of green crystals for me (most recently they have recommended Aquamarine which is supposed to clear the pathway between the throat and the heart).

Previously they have recommended Lemurian Jade and Peridot. I find I do best with heart-focused crystals, I think because my heart chakra is so blocked, when I use them I feel this sense of balance, like my spirit has been needing it for a while. There is a reason I’m so obsessed with Rose Quartz πŸ’“!

In this post I’m going to go over how to have an open heart chakra in general and the things I’ve done (and tools I’ve used) to open my own heart (these are not things I’ve read about or seen other people talk about, this is just based on my own experience).

First…I’m going to talk about how to connect and live through your heart, then…how to OPEN it. It’s two different things…but also…the same. You’ll see 😊

First…how to connect and live through your heart

This section has been

Before you even try to “feel your heart”, you need to clear the gunk from your energy field. You know, all the fear energy that’s pulling you off your center all day long (forward, backward, side to side, it’s relentless!), if you aren’t aware of it, you are going to be living from every place around your body EXCEPT your heart so…let’s start with that:

1. Clear your energy field

By clearing your field, you are taking away the distracting energy that’s keeping you from staying in your heart center. It’s like cleaning your floor before laying out your yoga mat. It just…helps…and makes room for you to relax.

To clear your energy field, follow the steps in this post.

Or…follow these shorter instructions here:

To find the fear in your energy field, close your eyes for a second and take stock of what your energy is doing right now. Are you kind of nervous about something? Are you anticipating someone calling you back maybe? Is the fear pushing your energy forward in front of you, like an anxious, dog paddling-type energy? Or is it behind you, closing you off from something? Are you excited for something to happen in the future (excitement/anticipation is technically a form of fear, not knowing if or when something will happen)? Is this energy connected to a person? An event? A stranger you’re passing on the street?

If you’re having trouble pinpointing where your energy is, this post will help explain.

So now…imagine this energy and pull it into your center. I imagine it as snakes that I’m kind of reigning in and then I imagine trapping them in a cage-like contraption inside my body. They will struggle a bit while you keep them in there, but try holding them in there for 5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes…and you will find that your fear has settled down in relation to that person, place or thing (gotta love nouns…so triggering).

If you’re having trouble, literally take your hand and push in the energy around you. Guide it in physically with your hands. This can help you visualize it going inside your body and staying there. DO NOT let it escape!

Once you’ve been holding the energy in for awhile and it has “settled down”, make it smaller and smaller and then fold it all up into your heart chakra. Let it do its thing until it kind of…dissolves and stops acting INSANE.

2. Rest on your heart center

Now that your fear has been trapped within your body, calmed down and eradicated, you need to find your heart chakra and rest on it.

Your heart chakra is right in the middle of your chest where, well…your heart is. It might feel a little heavy or blocked, but still…get in there!

I will talk later about how to have an open heart chakra, but just connecting with and resting in your heart is a big step forward in opening it…you’ll see πŸ™.

I like to imagine my spirit body just kind of sitting back a bit and “resting” on my heart chakra, like it’s a comfy chair. Just try to relax onto it like a cat resting on a pillow in the summer sun. So relaxing…🐱.

These guys understand:

If you don’t totally get it and need more in-depth instructions on connecting to your center, read this post.

If you feel like you can’t quite rest…take note of your fear again, make sure it’s still confined in the center of your heart chakra and not causing any trouble πŸ˜›.

If you feel like you can’t settle down onto it, try “balancing” on it.

I compare this sensation to a tightrope walker balancing on a tightrope or a sea lion balancing on one of those big balls.

It does feel like a balancing act for maybe 5-10 minutes and then it gets easier to just β€œrest” there without having to try. Like a cat resting on a pillow, totally calm and at ease.

When I do this, I like to listen to sound bowls. It adds an extra layer of relaxation and since it has an even flow to it, it gives me something to focus on. I know that as long as the sound bowls are playing, I’m focusing on my heart-centering meditation.

So you’re there…resting on your heart chakra…so now. Stay there. HAHA you’re trapped!

It should feel really good though. Just stay resting there as long as you can. If your mind starts to wander, engage with the sound bowls or a flowing object outside of you (a fan, a leaf in the wind etc…) and sync up with it and bring that never-ending flow into your body and heart.

The question is…can you rest, neutrally on your heart for a long period (at least 20 minutes)? The longer you hold it, the easier and more natural it will feel. I literally sometimes pretend my heart chakra is this super comfy chair that I can safely relax and rest on.

What does it feel like to rest on it, and STAY resting on it for a prolonged period? Probably really good…you might feel a deep calmness wash over you after just a few minutes of resting on your heart/chair πŸ˜›.

And one more thing…I say “rest” because I find it to be a better description than “feel”. A lot of spiritual people will tell you to feel your heart, but for some reasons that seems too “active” and kind of vague. Resting gives you permission to really let go and just “be” with your heart.

3. Staying on your heart center “on-the-go”

As you walk around and go about your day, you can continue this practice by noticing when your fear sneaks out and then bringing it back into your secured container.

You can even say to yourself “no one gets to feel my fear but me” or “no one gets to know my fear but me” etc…

If you are with someone and you are noticing you’re directing your fear towards them, pull it back into your center and don’t let ’em get a single whiff of it! It’s yours to feel and handle, not theirs.

It’s totally possible to stay rested on your heart center as you interact with people and walk around. You will find that by doing this, you will attract all kinds of situations, people, things that align with your highest path. You’ll see angel numbers everywhere and you aren’t even doing anything, you’re just being content and living through your heart space! Good deal πŸ‘.

As you are resting on your center…some things might happen…you might start to feel really neutral about life in general and be totally happy with who you are and where you are right NOW. Synchronicities and manifestations can happen quickly, so don’t be surprised when they show up.

Now…how to open your heart chakra

I have done a few interesting things when I was learning how to have an open heart chakra. Some of them I did on purpose, some on accident. Some have caused permanent changes and some just had temporary effects.

1. Heart-Focused Meditation

The most IMPORTANT spiritual practice you will do in this life is connecting to your heart center. It’s the reason why you’re here. Learning to connect and meditate deeply in your heart space puts a certain filter on your life.

You will start living from a more authentic place. You will notice that all the manifestations on your vision board or list will start flooding into your 3D reality…you’ll attract in people, things, experiences to open and heal your heart further and your channeling/psychic abilities will become more clear.

What’s not to love?!

I see heart-focused meditation as a very natural way to navigate the spiritual journey. Yes…you can do a plant medicine retreat…or you can do breathwork and blast open your heart chakra, but meditating in the heart space will allow you to kinda…DIY and you will start lining up with exactly the right people and opportunities at exactly the right time.

I go in-depth on how to practice heart-focused meditation in this book!

I find a lot of spiritual gurus say to just “feel” your heart, but in my experience…I need it to be more exact so I can stay in that heart-centered state ALL day, long enough for my reality to actually start shifting.

2. Rose Quartz

So…I LOVE rose quartz and find that when I wear it, I do feel more open in my heart area. I feel more willing to talk to people and also have more empathy towards others.

Where I would usually judge someone, I’m more likely to go “aw…poor guy”. Rose quartz didn’t create a permanent change for me, but I think it’s a good thing to experiment with and show yourself what a slightly more open heart might feel like.

I have also used green crystals like peridot and lemurian jade but I found those were more about removing blocks around my heart gradually, not instantly opening it up.

3. Find a soulmate to open it for you

You aren’t going to like this lol, but I met someone who was connected to me in a past life and he ended up opening my heart chakra in a permanent way.

We spent only two days together, but when we would lay next to each other or hug each other for a long time, I felt his energy move around inside my body and especially around the heart area. Ever since then, my heart has felt lighter and it’s been permanent.

And before you go “well that’s great…how am I supposed to just go and find a soulmate from a past life that’s connected to my heart chakra?!”, I sincerely believe that because I was regularly connecting to and living through my heart center by practicing heart-focused meditation, this experience of opening my heart was a vibrational match, so it came to me.

So…follow the steps in the book and stay resting on your heart and you will run into people or situations that will further open it.

4. Try different forms of trauma therapy (EMDR, SRT etc…)

I have experienced permanent changes in my heart from trauma therapies like EMDR and SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy).

I haven’t fully dove into things like breathwork and plant medicine, but maybe some day soon.

These therapies basically allow your body to release pent up trauma that’s keeping you from staying connected to your heart.

Like I was describing in the previous section, fear is constantly pulling you off your center. You can definitely tame it and clear a lot of it away by just being aware of it and consistently calming it down, but you might reach a point where you want to shake a bunch of if off and do one of these trauma therapies to remove it.

EMDR was very powerful because it felt like my body was actually shaking off the trauma and after doing only two sessions, I was never bothered by that particular traumatic memory again.

Click here to read about my experience with EMDR and how to do it on yourself at home.

I have just started exploring SRT which is basically working with your spirit guides to clear negative thoughts, traumas in the pain body and soul contracts (kind of like energetic surgery) that are keeping you down not just in this dimension but the 4th, 5th, 6th etc…I felt different after the SRT session and still feel lighter in my body 2 weeks later and this includes my heart center.

Here is the woman I worked with for my SRT session, she’s super legit!

Why Jenn, what’s the point of “living through your heart center”

So…why. Why! Why should you live through your heart center and learn how to have an open heart?

When you are heart-centered, you are living, making decisions, thinking and taking actions that are aligned with your true self and not according to how the media, society or your family programmed you to act (fear-based).

Living from your heart is one of those spiritual concepts that is kind of hard to explain in words, the same way people have trouble describing the feelings they get when they take things like DMT or have near-death experiences.

It’s just something you have to feel to get. It’s the state of basically no fear, not wanting anything from anyone, just being content. Whatever Eckhart Tolle is doing basically 🀭.

When you are living through your heart, you are your original self and you start acting from a more pure place. The things you say are more pure and your thoughts too. I don’t mean saintly…just, more…you.

When you rest in your heart, you will find that life gets easier, you will connect to others in a more authentic, seamless way. Your manifestations will actually start showing up because you are living in a place of contentment, therefore more things/people/situations (nouns πŸ‘) will come in to keep the contentment going.

To read about my post on the connection between manifestation and meditation, click here.

Do you feel like your heart chakra is blocked? If you have any questions, comment below or on my Instagram!

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