How To Get Glowy, Smooth, Younger Looking Skin (Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips Channeled From Spirit)

I LOVE doing these health channelings! I have always been interested in hair care, skin care and alternative health stuff so I thought it would be cool to do health-specific channelings every now and then.

If you haven’t already read my hair growth channeling guide from spirit, click here to check it out.

I feel like the information I got in that channeling had a medieval twist to it. Read the hair care guide and you will see what I mean. I am also always recommended to eat “mutton” which…lol.

This time around, I swear I was being guided by a Chinese royal concubine or something. The advice kinda revolved around asian ingredients (and some I had never even heard of), so it was really interesting.

This guide is going to be all about skin care, but more specifically “anti-aging” skin care tips.

So the question was “how do we get glowy, smooth, younger-looking skin?”. In the future I’ll do a guide on acne or dry skin specifically, but for this one, it’s gonna be “anti-aging”.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips Channeled from Spirit:

I’m 32 right now and am at the age where I’m starting to take skin care more seriously. This is the first time I’ve actually reached out to spirit to ask, so without further ado, this is what I got:

1. Eat snails

When I asked “what should we be eating to have younger skin”, the first thing I got was “snails“…and then I got the word “gum“. When I looked up “snail gum” on Google, it led me to “snail slime” as in, the mucus that snails emit (I realize how gross this is, but I’m just being honest with what I got).

Apparently snails emit a type of slime that is sticky like glue:

Really gross 😝, but snail slime is also found in A LOT of skin care products:

Also seems to be popular in Korean skin care products specifically:

Korean brand serum w/ snail mucin from

Just so you know, a lot of the advice I got from the channeling was Korean specifically. They seem to have their skin care ingredients on lock…that, or I just so happened to be getting my information from an ancient Korean concubine 🤔. Kinda interesting.

The advice was to actually eat the snails, but I’m sure you could use a snail-based skin care product topically and it will have a smoothing effect.

So…I think either eat escargots (which you can even find in the grocery store nowadays) or…try putting a snail-based skin care product right on your face. I dunno guys, see what happens.

Some other foods I got were “carrots“…”bananas“…”yogurt“…and “nuts“. When I asked what type of nuts, they said all kinds. So…focus on these foods for smoother, younger-looking skin 🤷‍♀️.

2. Water is crucial

When I asked what else we should be consuming for younger skin, I kept getting “water“…”water“.

I also heard the word “Trevi Fountain“. When I looked into the symbolism of the Trevi Fountain, there was a lot having to do with “water” and “abundance of water” being important for health. Here is an explanation of the water symbolism at the Trevi Fountain:

Statues of women representing “abundance of water” from

There’s also a famous scene at the fountain depicting dehydrated troops coming home from battle and being fed water by a young girl:

Aqua Virgo depiction from

So…the Trevi Fountain symbolizes drinking a junk ton of water for your health!

But what kind of water? Preferably fresh, living water in the form of juice…fancy mineral waters…coconut water etc… I like to add these mineral drops to my water to make it more hydrating.

So…drink up for smooth, glowy skin 👍.

3. Herbs to try

I asked for some herbs or supplements we can try for younger skin. I got “feverfew“…”red tea” and “lemon essence“.

  • Honeybush tea

When I asked for clarification I got “bush”, this translated to “honeybush tea” for me, which is red.

I looked up the general benefits of honeybush tea, and this is what came up on WebMD:

It would be really interesting to try a toner of super concentrated red tea? See what happens 👀.

  • Lemon Essence

I also got the word “lemon” and when I asked for clarification, I got “essence” so the “essence” of the lemon. Not sure exactly what that could mean…maybe lemon oil?

I used to put whole lemon slices in my smoothie (with the rind). So…they could be pointing to the zesty spray you get from the lemon rind OR lemon essential oil (which, be careful ingesting this).

I think I would stick to juicing or blending whole lemon slices OR putting some whole lemon slices in hot water and drinking that.

You could also add some lemon essential oil to your existing face oil and see if it smooths things out more…

When I look up the health benefits of lemon peel, I see a lot about “anti-cancer”, “high in vitamin C”. So, there must be something in the lemon “essence” that is good for our skin!

  • Feverfew

This is what I found on feverfew:

It looks like feverfew was mostly used for fertility and to reduce fever, but maybe there are skin care benefits that just haven’t been researched yet?

4. Use “rice cream” on your face

I asked what we should be putting ON our skin to make it smoother and younger looking. I heard “cream“, which is obvious, but when I asked “what kind” I got “rice“.

So cream with rice in it…

This led me to using rice water as a treatment on the face, which again…is VERY popular in Korea and other asian cultures?!

Here is a video I found on how to use rice water on your face to get “glass-like” skin.

Kikimancy also has really great instructions on how to make your own at home. I have heard of rice water before for hair growth but not as a toner on the face. I would think that it could cause facial hair to grow?? So maybe watch out for that if you are of Italian descent 🙃.

I also found some rice-based creams which claim to be rich in ceramides. Here’s one that looks pretty good (it’s also from Korea).

I was also told that “pumpkin” is good to use on your face. We’ve all seen pumpkin masks. I would think raw pumpkin would be really good as a gentle exfoliant, remember…we’re looking for smooth, glowy skin:

5. Energetic changes we can make for smoother, younger skin

I got some really interesting images/words for this part.

First of all, I got “smile“, which yes…of course! The happier you are, the better your skin will be.

I also got the word “rest“…so that could point to staying low stress and getting enough sleep.

I also saw the image of someone laughing and eating a burger and fries. This could point to the importance of staying happy, smiling, laughing etc…

Eating super healthy food and being miserable could actually be worse than eating junk food and being happy & stress-free.

They’re so happy! Photo from:

Eating healthy food AND being happy is probably the best case scenario 👍.

I was also told: “dragon ring“, which pointed to this symbol for me:

“Ourobouros” from

Here’s what Wikipedia said about this symbol:

I’m still not totally sure why I was shown this…will have to get back to you on that…it’s related to ancient Asian cultures, isn’t it?!

And it’s funny because like I said before, my hair care post had an Olde English twist, like comparing our hair growth to sheep’s wool and stuff and this feels like a totally different perspective. Super weird??

The final energetic tip I received was…”eve“. At first I thought they were talking about nighttime, like do some sort of ritual at night, but then I saw a flash of an image of Tyra Banks from the movie “Life-Size“. Do you remember that movie?

Photo from

I have only seen it once and didn’t even know what the character’s name was, but it’s “Eve” and it could be…that channeling Eve’s energy from this movie will put you in a more “youthful” state which will have an effect on your skin health.

OR…watching the movie will bring about some sort of “revelation” related to “anti-aging” and appearance, I dunno. Maybe watch it and see how you feel?

6. Try alligator oil

Ok, this might be even more terrifying than the snail mucus but…I kept hearing the word “alligator“, like over and over.

I was like…is this symbolic? Or an actual ingredient you are suggesting?

Then, I googled “alligator skin care” and came across: alligator oil 😳.

This is a real thing…

I even came across a company called “CROCO” which is the first crocodile-based skin care brand in Canada.

Never even considered crocodile oil as an option, but…there might be something to it?

Here’s another company based in Australia (which seems to be where most crocodile oil is sourced from).

Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about the history of crocodile oil:

Again…used in traditional Chinese medicine, Southeast Asia…the theme for this channeling is definitely Asia! So cool…

In conclusion…

This was so fun! I love channeling this info and then cross-referencing and actually finding some pretty interesting connections. Again, if you want to read my hair care channeling, click here.

I think out of everything I heard, I’m most excited to try the rice water toner and cream…what about you?

Let me know your thoughts/comments by either posting them below or commenting on the post on Instagram.

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