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How To Get Rid Of Facial Puffiness (Channeled From Spirit)

Ok…I don’t know what possessed me to pick such a random health topic to channel about, but I was laying in bed tossing around a few ideas and thought…it’s annoying how our faces get puffy in the morning, isn’t it?

AAnnnd, I find some people struggle with facial puffiness and some people just don’t have it all. I’m one of those people that get it, and sometimes…it REALLY annoys me!

So I started to wonder, why do I get it and other people don’t?

I almost feel like my face is slightly puffed up half the time.

It’s kind of like an unspoken thing that we all just deal with.

Well…I found out that there are some things we can do about. And stop our facing from puffing up!

Although I do find the whole concept of “puffing up” kinda funny. Like our faces getting puffed up like a balloon or blow fish.

So…here’s what I got!

But first…

I want to give a disclaimer though, before I delve into the messages, that the advice I reveal in this post is absolutely not meant to be a cure for anything! It’s all very basic, safe, food-based advice anyway, nothing extreme, but nevertheless, it is not meant to be a cure for serious medical conditions and is for entertainment purposes only.

Ok let’s get into it…

1. Causes

So…I asked “what causes facial puffiness”? Because some days my face is puffy, some it’s not, there’s gotta be a reason, right?

The first thing that came up was:

  • Inflammation

I got the word “heat” and saw a flickering flame. To me this pointed to inflammation in the body.

  • Stress

I also got the word “thoughts“. And this translated to stress. Stress releases cortisol and adrenaline. This could cause further inflammation in your body.

  • Dehydration

Also got the word “dry“. Dehydration could be a contributing factor. This is why I’m always going on about drinking high-quality water and other liquids (have recently been getting into maple sap!).

  • Too much sugar

I asked if there are any foods that can make facial puffiness worse.

I heard: “bananas“, “bread“, “rice“, “candy” and “alcohol“.

I can definitely attest to alcohol causing facial puffiness. And I know this sounds crazy, but I find that when I eat fruit with something heavy like meat, I feel dry and dehydrated.

And I’ve realized that it could be because the fruit sugar stagnates and turns into alcohol!

There’s a reason why some people are so serious about food combining…

2. Aloe + snow mask

This is pretty…cool.

I asked what we can do to get the puffiness down quickly.

I heard “protect“, “leaves“, “gel“. To me this pointed to aloe gel.

I also saw an image of a pile of snow like this:

and heard “snow“.

So this could be a very cooling…de-puffing mask you could try. First putting aloe gel on your face to protect it from the cold and then rub snow or ice on!

I can really see this working! I know that you can buy ice rollers like this one. But…why spend money on a fancy roller when you can easily just use ice/snow and aloe?

Love this idea! Very cool…πŸ₯Ά

3. Foods to focus on

So we know what NOT to eat, but what foods should we focus on to make sure we don’t get puffed up?

I got the word “lamb“, “cheese” and saw an image of a bubbling soup/stew type thing with meat in it.

Photo from delish.com

Getting more of your calories from protein/fat as opposed to sugar and white carbs could be a good idea…

The stew made me think of bone broth and how hydrating and full of minerals it is, which would also be good if you’re dehydrated.

It was interesting because I also kept getting words like: “jam“, “sour“, “relish“, “tart“, “vinegar“.

It could be that fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles would be good to add to your diet. This makes a lot of sense to me as vinegar is known to balance the bacteria in the gut, which as I previously mentioned could be causing the sugar/starches you are eating to not digest properly.

Actually, did you know that during the black plague, people would walk around with vinegar-soaked cloths in their mouths to kill the virus?

The bad bugs hate vinegar!

I also saw an image of green cabbage which could be a reference to sauerkraut.

Photo from nourishedkitchen.com

Also got “celery” which I get in a lot of these readings. Celery seems to be good in general for calming inflammation.

Another food I got was “watermelon“. Watermelon is very hydrating, so I would think that would be a great thing to eat if your puffiness is primarily caused by dehydration.

I like eating watermelon first thing in the morning. If I eat it later on, I get a negative reaction from the sugar. It’s definitely a digestion thing, could be related to low stomach acid TBH.

4. Herbs/supplements to try

I got a few recommendations for supplements & herbs that can help facial puffiness…

The first was:

  • Rosemary tea

I heard the word “tea“, then “rosemary“.

Photo from acouplecooks.com

When I look up the health benefits of rosemary tea, I found out that it can be used to relieve water retention:

It’s funny, when my twin and I first started to get into herbs as teens, one of the first things we tried was tea made from fresh rosemary leaves and we would drink it as if it was a magic potion LOL πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ.

  • High quality water

A lot of the time I will ask for supplements and the guides will say “sun” and “water“. Those are the best supplements a person could get!!

In this case I saw water running through rocks like this:

Just emphasizing how important drinking real, natural water is. I love drinking mineral water, coconut water (like I said, getting into maple sap). These types of liquids are very hydrating IMO.

5. Energetic medicine:

I got A LOT of stuff for energetic medicine! Most of it had to do with entering the flow of life…having more fun and moving freely.

So first thing’s first…

  • Get moving!

I got a lot of words related to movement and play.

I got the phrase “all work and no play” and “swim“…

Exercise would definitely be beneficial for reducing puffiness, but I think there’s a difference between lifting weights and playing. Both are exercise. One is more regimented and feels like work and the other feels more like play and is more quick and active.

I would incorporate some of the fun, playful styles of exercise like dance and swimming. Something that makes you feel free! You’ll also breathe more freely which I think would make a difference.

Next, I saw an image of clouds and heard “fly“.

So “moving” could also mean travelling! With these tips, I don’t only mean moving your physical body, but moving your spirit as well! So go explore, have fun. Get off the couch and go do some stuff! (any Canadian 90s kids get this reference?)…

Move your body in some way everyday and have fun with it.

  • Orgone energy

I heard the word “orgone” and “stone“.

And I know there’s a whole movement behind orgone energy and orgonite pyramids, but I have never tried them or really looked into them.

So, “orgone energy” is a special type of energy that can help heal you by counteracting bad frequencies like radiation and EMFs.

Here’s an explanation of an interesting study that was done on orgone energy and cancer cells:

You may have seen “orgonite” pyramids that give off orgone energy. From what I’ve read these are pyramids filled with a combo of metals (like copper and steel) and crystals. The combo of the two elements is supposed to create a powerful energy…

And another name for “orgone energy” would just be “chi” or “life force energy”.

I have not tried an orgone pyramid device yet but I’m interested! I want to see if it’s safe for psychics to use, because I get blown to the sky if I use crystals that open the third eye and crown.

As for how this relates to facial puffiness specifically…seeing how inflammation is a major cause, healing the body at an energetic level would definitely make the puffiness reduce I would think, as well as other issues caused by inflammation πŸ€”.

  • Feather of a dove

So, sometimes…I am recommended feathers as energetic tools. The same way crystals give off a certain energy, feathers do too!

In this case, a feather of a dove was recommended!

Photo from www.atshq.org

Doves have always been associated with angels, protection, peace, kindness, freedom, gentleness…

Apparently Native American tribes would wear dove feathers during battle to protect themselves:

So that’s kinda cool…

I will be honest, I’ve never used dove feathers in an energetic way because I just don’t know where to get them?! Unless I happen to find one on the ground.

And I don’t know what kind of energy dove feathers give off because I’ve never touched one.

But…if you ever find a dove feather on the ground, keep it. Just like crystals and flower essences, it could have an affect on your energy field and steer you in a new direction.

  • The colour pink

Funny because I kept hearing the word “pink” like…a lot πŸ’—πŸ’—.

And when I looked up the spiritual symbolism behind pink, it’s gentleness, kindness and love, similar to the energy of the dove!

So I think in general…bring a sense of gentleness and softness into your energy. Remember what I said above? “All work and no play” (makes Jack a dull boy).

You want to get out of that stagnant, stuck routine and start to play, move your body and maybe pay more attention to what your flowy, feminine energy is pulling you towards.

***I did a channeled reading on how to activate feminine energy. Click here to read it!

So try incorporating pink into your life. Use it as your phone background, picture a pink glow around you, wear pink. Get inspired by the colour pink!

  • Laugh!

Literally every reading I get says something about smiling more, laughing, just being joyful in general.

Sometimes, they will even say “smile” in french just to shake it up, because they say it so much LOL.

Obviously smiling and laughing is a great thing to do.

So…prioritize joy in your life and don’t be afraid to laugh when the occasion calls for it πŸ˜€. This could help diminish stress, therefore inflammation.


So in general, you can see that the energetic advice is to “let go“, “be free” and “move“. The imagery of the clouds, the dove, really makes me think of lightness and freedom especially. It’s important to create that sense of movement in your body, whatever that means to you.

So which of these tips are you interested in trying? I think I’m going to look more into orgone pyramids and any excuse to eat more watermelon is fine by me πŸ˜‰.

Let me know your thoughts by either commenting below or leaving a comment on my Instagram page.

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