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How To Grow Your Hair Long and Strong (Hair Care Tips Channeled From Spirit)

I decided to channel some hair care tips from my spirit guides 💫. This is going to be an interesting post…

I have been struggling with my hair health lately. I think it’s a combination of the sun/water here in Mexico (for the past couple of months I’ve been exclusively washing my hair with bottled water and it’s actually been helping but it’s still damaged).

I also caught covid in December and from what I hear, a lot of people have been experiencing hair loss from it. So I think this post is definitely coming at the right time…

My little sister has lost almost half of her hair and I also went through a long period of hair shedding.

So between having covid and the harsh elements here in Mexico, my hair is definitely suffering 😢.

You can see that it has thinned out and has gotten more dry and frizzy (I think from the sun and also the tap water).

hair care tips

I’ve been wearing it in a low braid or bun almost 100% of the time which isn’t so bad, but I wanted to find out what spirit had to say about hair growth and hair care tips in general. So here we go! But first…

The advice I reveal in this post is absolutely not meant to be a cure for anything! It’s all very basic, safe, food-based advice anyway, nothing extreme, but nevertheless, it is not meant to be a cure for serious medical conditions.

Hair Care Tips Channeled From Spirit:

So here are the results of the channeling I did, the guides relayed some pretty interesting hair care tips…and keep in mind these are technically directed towards me. My hair type is sort of naturally thick and curly (though not really anymore since I’ve lost so much), but these hair care tips are general enough to apply to basically anyone.

Here is what I learned:

1. Hair grows in cycles

One of the first things my spirit guides said when I asked for hair care tips was “sync“…“cycle”

I think they were trying to remind me that some hair shedding is normal and that maybe my hair growth cycle is a little out of sync due to things like Covid and the new environment I am in.

It led me to looking up how the hair growth cycle works and made me less stressed about having SO MUCH hair falling out. It’s something that hair is naturally supposed to do. So it calmed me down a bit lol.

I also was led to the moon cycle and how cutting your hair during the waxing stage of the moon (the two weeks leading up to the full moon) will result in healthier hair, but I don’t know how big of an effect this will have really…

The farmer’s Almanac website shows a list of ideal dates to book your hair cut in order to encourage healthy, strong, shiny hair (honestly, the farmer’s almanac is my go-to for this sort of info). Apparently farmers used the moon cycle to plant their crops and sheer their wool to encourage faster growth, so why wouldn’t it work for hair? Interesting thought…

Regardless, our hair is attached to some sort of cycle whether it be our internal hair growth cycle or the cycle of the moon. Something to consider when you’re stressing about hair loss.

2. We need to eat lots of protein and veggies for healthy hair

I asked my guides for more hair care tips and specifically what kind of food we should be ingesting to have the healthiest, shiniest, best hair on the block.

They said “eggs“…”lettuce“…”broccoli“…”celery“. I also saw an image of a goat which meant “goat milk” to me (I have been recommended “goat milk” and “goat cheese” by spirit before so this is how I knew what they were implying).

I also saw an image of a honeycomb from a bee hive. This pointed to “bee pollen” which they have already told me about for hair growth (I talk about bee pollen for hair growth more in depth in this other health advice post!).

These food-related hair care tips DID NOT surprise me as I’m constantly getting told to eat more green vegetables (specifically raw vegetables like spinach, salads and lettuce) and I am also constantly being told to eat “meat“…”hamburger“…”hot dinners“…”protein” lol.

To read my very first health advice channeling post where I talk about the importance of hydration and greens, click here.

I do think a part of my hair shedding and thinning is related to malnourishment. I tend to prefer to just drink a smoothie for breakfast or have a bowl of cereal (not with goat milk, but almond milk…) but apparently that’s not enough to support hair health.

Hair seems to need lots of protein to grow long and strong (hair is made out of protein so it makes sense).

They also suggested “iron” which I already take, but I could probably take more since I am anemic and have very low stores.

When we look at green veggies, they are high in minerals which hair also needs to grow! Ok then…! I will eat my veggies, I swear I will 😅.

3. It’s all about the scalp

So…I continued to ask for more hair care tips, they said “subcutaneous“. This, for me, pointed to the scalp, specifically the subcutaneous layer of skin just under the scalp (sorry I know that’s not a very nice word lol, but that’s what they said).

The health of that layer of skin could be directly related to the quality of your hair…hmm.

They immediately mentioned “celery“, so celery could be connected to healthy hair, specifically scalp health.

I tend to get very light psoriasis on my scalp, elbows and knees, so maybe celery would help calm down those breakouts, improve the health of the scalp (or the layer of skin under the scalp 😛) and thus…the health of the hair. Hmm…

Or maybe it’s the high silica content which I know is in a lot of hair growth supplements. Regardless, like the foods I mentioned in the previous section, celery is apparently generally good for the hair and scalp.

I KNOW that my psoriasis gets worse when I eat too much sugar…bread…rice and corn. So if I focus more on protein and vegetables, I know that will improve my scalp as well.

When I asked what exactly we can do to improve scalp health, I was told:

poppy“…”nourishing“…”moisture“…”cold“. This could point to poppy seed oil, which when I looked up on Google, saw that it’s known as a hair/scalp oil to encourage hair growth.

Apparently the romans used ground poppy seeds and milk as a type of healing lotion for the skin…

I also found a hair care company that sells poppy seed oil specifically for hair growth. So there must be something to poppy seed oil and hair…🤔

I also was told “rose mosqueta” which means “rose hip seed”. So, rose hip seed oil could also be really good for the scalp.

When I looked it up, it says rose hip seed oil has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and is said to help heal scarring. So since I have a bit of psoriasis, it could maybe help improve the quality of the skin on my scalp (since it’s kinda been through a lot with the inflammation) and therefore the quality of hair.

I’m definitely going to try both of these oils, and see how they change my hair 🙌.

4. Little health-related things that have an affect on your hair health

I asked them…”hey, what ELSE?!”. Any other hair care tips? What are some things that can negatively affect our hair health?

  • Stress

I heard things like “unhappy“…”always thinking“…this could mean stress, periods of high adrenaline or periods of negative emotions can cause hair loss.

I also heard “tower” and whenever I hear that word I know it’s pointing to the tower card in the tarot. This is what the card means:

Any big change in your life that causes stress can sort of…mess up your hair growth cycle and cause hair shedding. What can I say, tower moments are rough 🙃.

  • Hydration levels

I heard “water“…”drink“. I hear this all the time, especially when I’m sick, tired or generally dehydrated.

Your hydration level has a direct effect on your health. Which is connected to the quality of your hair and scalp.

Drink more water than you think you need and drink high quality water. I will spend money on coconut water…green juice…fancy imported spring waters (I love Fiuggi 😆) because I understand how important quality water is. These types of waters have not been stripped of their minerals and hydrate you on a deep level and to me, that’s worth the money.

  • How you breathe

I heard “how you breathe” as an extra tip for healthy hair. Matias DeStefano has a good video on how to breathe like a normal earth human lol and it’s basically just breathing deeply, in and out through the nose, not the mouth. The way we breathe affects our entire system so our hair health will be affected!

5. Just…clean it

I asked for shampoo/conditioner recommendations but it doesn’t seem to be important in terms of hair care tips. They said “I don’t know” and to “clean it“.

I would think a shampoo that nourishes the scalp and lowers inflammation would be best…I think for conditioner it’s just whatever you want 👍.

6. Take something called…Fortamin?!

Ok…seriously, this is kind of crazy…?? This is one of the weirdest hair care tips I’ve ever heard of…

I asked the guides for any final words or things they suggest for my hair care tips list. They said “fortamin” and when I looked it up on Google I laughed so hard.

If you read my previous health advice post, you know that I have this feeling that one of my spirit guides is an old British doctor from the medieval period 😅. I am told to eat “mutton”…”goat milk“…have some “mirth” which is an old english term for happy and joyous 🤷.

And before you get as freaked out as I did about this, there might be a way we can hack around it.

Fortamin is a molasses-based mineral supplement for…wait for it…SHEEP.

It’s supposed to help their wool grow faster and stronger and meant specifically for sheep grazing on mineral deficient grass.

Ok…so…don’t buy a huge block of fortamin 😂.

But take a look at the mineral profile and maybe there’s a mineral supplement out there (for humans) that is similar:

Also…Fortamin is mostly made of blackstrap molasses which contains a whole host of trace minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium, selenium…

Here’s what the farmer’s almanac says about it:

So…do as the sheep do and take your molasses! I also might scope out a natural mineral supplement with a similar profile to Fortamin that will give me those trace minerals that seem to be crucial for hair health.

In conclusion…

I loved writing these channeled hair care tips! I think I will do more of these targeted health and beauty channelings in the future. Definitely let me know what you would be interested in knowing more about by emailing me or sending me a DM/comment on Instagram.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with your own spirit guides as well as earthbound spirits (ancestors/family members who have passed on), ETs and other inter-dimensional beings, check out my ebook!

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