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How To Heal Dry, Flaky Scalp (Dry Scalp Remedies Channeled From Spirit)

Another beauty channeling! You already know, these are my favourite posts to write. I find it really fun to gather this information from spirit and create a sort of…how-to “guide” from it.

Someone asked me on social media recently if I had any recommendations for dry scalp and at the time, I hadn’t done a full channeling on it, so I decided to ask spirit about it and got some pretty cool information!

I have personally ALWAYS suffered with dry, flaky scalp. I actually don’t even remember a time where I didn’t have it. The main culprit, health-wise for dry scalp is stress in the body caused by malnutrition. Things like difficult life situations and hormonal changes can also cause general stress in the body. It’s all the same thing.

In my “hair growth” channeling, I had a section about scalp health and how the health of the scalp directly affects the quality of your hair. Click here to check out my hair growth channeling (especially the scalp care section!).

So here’s the channeling!

1. Groom like a horse

When I first asked the question of “how do we get rid of dry, flaky scalp”, I instantly saw an image of a horse. Sometimes I will be shown animals as “symbols” in readings, but in this case, it’s definitely meant to be more literal. because I heard the word “groom” as well.

So when I looked up “horse grooming” I saw a lot of pictures like this:

Photo from: eveningguide.com

And this:

Photo from: thespruce.com

Horses get their skin brushed wth a dry, bristly brush and I guess it “sweeps” away the dead skin and dirt?

I also heard the word “broom“, so the idea of “sweeping” away dead skin and debris is a big part of healing the scalp.

I also heard the word “minnows” and when I looked it up, I found that minnows eat the dead skin on people’s feet!? Blegh.

I guess this is a spa treatment or something. But again…emphasizing removing the dead skin.

Getting a scalp massager or just massaging your scalp by hand would probably be beneficial!

Photo from: amazon.com

2. Foods to eat:

I got some interesting advice for what foods to focus on. I got “garden“, which to me pointed to garden-fresh produce. So…organic, natural fruits and veggies.

I also saw an image of very dark grapes (they were almost black) and the word “peel“. So the skins of grapes could be beneficial for the scalp! It was the type of grapes that are used for wine making (I think they are called concord grapes), not the green and red grocery store grapes.

This is exactly what I saw!

The main nutrient in the skins and seeds of concord grapes is “resveratrol“. So this might be a good supplement to try if you are struggling with dry scalp.

So resveratrol is “anti-inflammatory” which could help calm down an inflamed scalp…🤔

I will also add in “celery” (which is from my hair growth channeling), which I believe is connected to calming inflammation as well. Drink celery juice or put raw celery in your smoothie.

It was also recommended to drink “cinnamon tea“! Which is supposedly anti-fungal and good for balancing gut health. Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

I also saw a type of white cheese and heard the word “cheese“. It looked like goat cheese or feta. It was pure white.

A soft cheese like mozzarella, goat cheese or feta could be good to incorporate. I also heard “pig“…”pork“. Which…I’m jewish, so I never eat it! But…that’s what they said, I can’t really fight it I guess.

So in general…fresh fruits and veg…and a good balance of animal protein + fats is the optimal diet to heal a dry, itchy scalp 🙂.

So far…this reading has a European/Greek feel to it…the grapes, white cheeses…hmm…🤔 I like it!

3. Swim like a mermaid

This kept coming up…think of the last time you actually dunked your head underwater for an extended period…

I heard the word “swim“…”underwater“…and then “mermaid“. I also heard the word “salt“.

So…basically…if you’re a mermaid, you would NEVER have to worry about a dry, inflamed scalp because your scalp is constantly being balanced by the ocean water!

Photo from goodbon.com

I talk about the energetic benefits of ocean water in this post btw if you want to read more about it!

But…I would think that letting your whole head soak in a sea salt bath would be very good for your scalp. And kinda massage it while it’s under there, get all that dead skin off (then shampoo and condition in the shower like normal).

I also heard “clean well“. So purifying and cleansing the scalp is CRUCIAL!

Going “underwater” to me felt like the MOST important part of healing dry scalp. So if you don’t do anything else…do this!

4. Topical recommendations:

I then asked “what kind of things can we put “on” the scalp to heal it?”

  • Clay

I heard the word “clay” and when I looked it up, found quite a bit of info on using clay to heal dry, flaky scalp. Here’s what Google gave me:

Here are some directions from byrdie.com on how to use clay on your scalp.

  • Cultured milk

I heard the word “milk” and then when I asked for clarity, got the word “cultured“. So…yogurt!

Here’s what I found when I Googled it:

Like clay, yogurt seems to have an anti-microbial effect on the scalp. Doing a yogurt mask before a shower or bath would be beneficial I would think!

  • Heat

It was recommended to apply “heat” to your scalp. Soaking in a hot bath could be good…also, making sure you wear a hat or head scarf in colder weather.

  • Avocado & Rose hip oil

When I asked for recommended moisturizers, I heard “avocado” which for me, pointed to avocado oil.

Here’s what I found from byrdie.com on avocado oil for the scalp:

You might remember me mentioning rose hip oil for the scalp in my hair growth channeling. I’m just gonna slide it into this channeling too because rose hip oil is known to have an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp:

This is the brand I use!

A combo of avocado oil and rose hip oil could be great for healing the scalp! I will usually apply oil to my scalp and then leave it either overnight or do it a few hours before I shower.

5. Don’t go hungry

I asked really quick “what’s the main cause of dry scalp” and I immediately got “don’t go hungry” and “starving“…so…it can be caused by stress in the body caused by malnutrition.

So the root cause is actually an internal thing. If you can support your body and skin with nutrient dense foods (fresh produce and animal protein mainly), then you should be golden.

Also just be weary of outside sources that are causing you stress. Anything that pumps adrenaline basically. Threatening situations…heartbreak…even addictions like gambling can cause your adrenaline to pump.

6. Incorporate the energy of “roses” into your life

I always ask for “energetic medicine” in these beauty channelings. Sometimes I’m given a movie you should watch…sometimes it’s a spirit animal you should learn from. In this case, I heard “flower” and “rose“. I also heard “sweet“…”taste it“…

Photo from proflowers.com

When I looked up the symbolism of roses, I found this:

Roses have always been associated with beauty. So bringing the energy of roses into your life…either by drinking rose petal tea (which seems to be what they mean by “taste it“)…rose water in your bath…a vase of roses on your bedside table or even using a picture of roses as your phone background will help you channel the energy!

BE the rose!

I also heard the word “smile“, but I get that word in almost every channeling I do, so just assume being happy is always good for your health and beauty 🙂 .


I did not expect to get so much information for such a specific issue, but when @anacoeurparis asked me about it, I was like…maybe I’ll go see what I can find 🧐.

I think the thing I’m most excited to try is soaking in a sea salt bath like a mermaid LOL (and maybe add some rosewater or dried rose petals 🌹🙂)…fun fact…I have a past life memory as a mermaid getting kicked off a dock, apparently humans did not treat them very well back then…😒

If you are interested in getting a personal health & beauty reading, click here!

What are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram page!

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