Visiting The Lower Astral Realms + Interacting With “DCs” (Dream Characters in Lucid Dreams / Astral Travels)

I have no choice but to make an elaborate post on my insane astral travel last night. I haven’t astral travelled in maybe 7 months.

I used to do them all the time, but it has recently slowed down for whatever reason. Last night though, I had one of the most memorable and vivid trips, I don’t know…probably in my life? Definitely going to remember this one for a long time…

But first, real quick…

What is astral travel?

Astral travel experiences will be in “set” locations that need to be “travelled” through either by flying, floating, even driving!

In an astral travel experience you really ARE interacting with a different dimension (at least that’s what we hope…). Locations in a lucid dream are more malleable and comes from the subconscious mind of the dreamer.

Download my free lucid dreaming guidebook for more information on the difference between astral travel and lucid dreams.

Ok, continuing on…

How I induced it:

I will note that before I went to bed, I did a super relaxing body scan meditation as well as a guided breathing exercise to really calm myself down (which I don’t normally do).

I have heard other astral travellers say that holotropic breathwork is always the thing that ignites their trips and now I understand why.

I have had luck with crystals as well as specific body scan meditations, but this is the first time I did deliberate breathing in order to relax and empty the mind and I guess it really works to spur on astral travel experiences! I talk about this method in my free lucid dreaming guidebook btw!

The theme of this particular travel was interacting and dealing with dream characters (also known as “DCs” in the lucid dreaming community).

The thing that all lucid dreamers and astral travellers know about DCs is that you can’t tell them that you’re dreaming or this reality isn’t real, otherwise they’ll totally shut you down and give you the coldest shoulder in the history. I’m telling you it’s icy.

When I first started to lucid dream, I would always get super excited and start going up to DCs, telling them “Hey! Look, we’re all dreaming! This isn’t real!” and then would proceed to do a backflip.

I was always met with an eye roll or just general weirded out looks and if you think about it, if a random person came up to you on the street and said “Hey! Look, we’re all dreaming! This isn’t real!” and did a backflip, you would probably react the same way. Like…what a weirdo…🧐

So here’s what happened…

As I said earlier, my body was in a prime state for astral travel because of the breathwork and body scan meditation I did before falling asleep (I really feel like the breathwork was the reason why my dream was so vivid. I will experiment with this more and report back…).

The trip started out in a slum neighborhood (kinda reminded me of a sketchy area of New York or Chicago. Honestly…felt like Staten Island…)

I was buying meat at a butcher shop. There was an issue with a price, so one of the clerks went to go check on it and as the cashier was scanning the rest of my items, I just suddenly became lucid and realized I was in the astral realm (and because everything was so vivid and clear, it kind of shocked me into lucidity).

So anyways, the cashier started to say these philosophical things to me (it was VERY waking life). He said, kind of secretly: “You’re the type of person who ignores people” and I said “Uh…maybe, yeah”.

And he said “you wait for people to come to you, don’t you?” and I was like…”uh…yeah, I guess!?” kind of weirded out. He then said something like “there always needs to be a balance. Interaction is like a seesaw”. I was like…hmm, that’s kind of…interesting.

At that point the clerk came back and the cashier immediately got paranoid and embarrassed as if he was caught in the act (this is classic DC behaviour! Always acting kind of paranoid and shifty for talking to travellers).

So I left the shop and then on the street, came across a woman who looked of Mexican descent. I said “Hey! What is your name?” and she said Susan Hernandez and that she was a computer. She looked part robot. I thought…okay…am I in the matrix?!

I then went up to another girl who was taller than me and a bit younger than the other lady. I asked her what her name was and she instantly started to get “weirded out”, just like the cashier.

I asked her why she lived here, the neighbourhood had a darkness to it, it definitely felt like a “lower energy place”, sort of like a slum in a big city. She said it was because she drank too much coke (as she held a can of Pepsi). I could tell she was lying and wasn’t allowed to tell me the real reason or talk to me. Strange…

I also approached an old man who looked really preoccupied with his own thoughts. I asked him his name but he wouldn’t respond he just looked at me with disdain. So I moved on. I wanted to leave and found an exit point off a beachy area.

(EDIT: I recently told this dream to someone and she said it was definitely an astral travel experience as opposed to a lucid dream because I was using exits and entrances between realms, which makes sense to me because it definitely felt “more” than just a dream. Anyways…)

As I was leaving, a girl with red hair came after me and said “keep the stillness out and the crap in!”. She was yelling it, really making sure I understood (I didn’t). I was like “ok! I don’t think I get it?”. It actually really reminded me of the movie Waking Life, where the dream characters try to get this profound concept across but it’s not really translating.

Shouldn’t it be “keep the crap out and the stillness in”? Is someone trying to manipulate messages? Dang…

Image by Thousand Words from

I then started to float from this “lower realm” into one that’s a little more positive and lively. I travelled there through a warehouse covered in graffiti where people were lined up with suitcases, it looked like they were waiting to be processed to go live in the slum neighbourhood I was just in.

I flew up through the ceiling and landed in this place that kind of reminded me of Maine. There was an ocean and huge farmhouses. It was really nice. Everyone was having a great time, swimming and just enjoying themselves.

I was invited to stay with this one family in their big farmhouse. There were several children dressed sort of old-fashioned and three adults with grey hair and a little grey dog with dreadlocks.

When I got to the house, they were all super excited I was there. It felt like a big event. They said I can stay in one of their rooms for however long I wanted, and then I asked “For food, should I go buy my own? Or can I have some of yours?”.

At that moment they all started to get “weird”. They started to laugh and were like “you don’t have to eat food, you survive off of your own energy!”. Like a “duh moment”, as if I should have known this. I saw that they had food out on their counter, so it was only “me” who wasn’t supposed to eat.

I kind of brushed it off and then went to go ask the adults in the den. I introduced myself and then asked about the food situation again and they started arguing with each other, saying that I don’t eat food.

I started to tell them, “no no, you don’t understand, I’m actually a human like you, when I wake up in a couple minutes I will be in a human body, so I can eat food!”. They were like “huh?”. Thoroughly confused.

They didn’t get it. The one male adult said “Oh wait! I think I saw a show about beings in the Magistrate realm, I think they might sometimes eat!”. But everyone else was like “no, no this isn’t right”. And I was just standing there thinking “Magistrate realm? Huh?”.

At that point I woke up and it took me a couple seconds to remember that yes, I really am a human! 😅 Phew!

So, what did this experience teach me about how to talk to dream characters in lucid dreams and astral travel experiences?

DO NOT tell them that you are dreaming

When dealing with dream characters in lucid dreams or astral travels, the goal is to “blend in”. Don’t take off your shirt and run through the town square screaming “I’m dreaming! This is all an illusion! I’m king of the world!”.

That will not only deter the DCs from interacting with you, but will shut down your dream pretty quickly.

One of the most vivid travels I’ve ever had was 3 years ago where I started to tell everyone in a mall that I’m dreaming and two security guards with no faces came and tackled me, and then I woke up.

It doesn’t seem to be “allowed”. Wherever the dream realm is…only a select few will feel safe talking to you and that might be other dreamers, or dream characters who feel they can discreetly talk to you without getting into trouble (like the cashier who served me some philosophical advice while no one was looking).

Ask for their name

This is a non-threatening way to find out who wants to talk and who doesn’t. Based on my experience, there are some DCs who will want to risk talking to you and get some sort of “message” across and there are some who just won’t do it.

There is no harm in asking for a name, but avoid asking really personal questions like “why are you here?” or “do you know that this is a dream?”.

Could you imagine someone coming up to you on your way to work and asking “why are you here”, you’d be like “get the f*ck away!?” lol.

Remember that you are in an “astral body

With the family in the farmhouse, they seemed really excited to have me there, but as a “magistrate” (?) not a human. They probably saw me as more “energetic” in form, therefore couldn’t understand why I asked for food.

I don’t think everyone knows about dreamers who “astral” travel and are connected to a body still. I even overheard them arguing about it, saying that my “tail” meant that I was still attached to a body (but not everyone was on board ?).

So I think to keep your profile low, don’t act like you are “one of them” and don’t blow your cover trying to “relate” to the other humans you see. For all you know, you look like a ghost!

Final thoughts…

What this experience made me realize is that there are different “realms” you can visit in the astrals. Some are more aware of astral travellers or “lucid dreamers” than others.

The farmhouse realm seemed more “woke” to the concept, whereas the lower realm was not as willing to interact. Or if they did interact, they would get in trouble.

I know a lot of people astral travel is 100% a projection of the mind, and I agree to an extent, but based on my experience and how real it is, I can’t help but feel I am interacting with another consciousness.

The same way people who do DMT say that they “swear” they had real interactions with conscious beings. It just feels like another presence is there. Who knows though…

Let me know about your experiences with DCs in the comments or on my Instagram page!

And if you haven’t already downloaded my free lucid dreaming guidebook, here’s the link!

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