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Larimar Puts You In The Flow Of Life

I used to have a huge collection of crystals, I’m talking 30-40 pieces. One day, I randomly decided to give them away, so I put them in a ziplock bag and left them in one of those little libraries for some lucky person to pick up. I’m not sure why I gave them away, I just felt like I had way too many!

I think that maybe my energies were getting overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, I needed some space.

So I gave most of the crystals away but I kept 5-6, the ones that really resonated with me. Among those were Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rhodonite, Tree agate, Moonstone and Larimar. Besides the fact that my Larimar was $20 for a small piece, I felt like I should keep it because of its powerful energy.

Larimar is only found in one place in the world: a crystal cave deposit in the Caribbean AND was known to be used as a healing stone in the times of Atlantis. You can totally feel the spiritual energy coming off this thing and after having it on me for a couple of months, I can tell you, it is a trip! 

In addition to being extremely powerful, Larimar is a very soothing stone for emotions that may be stagnant, sharp, or turbulent.

Larimar reminds you that emotions behave like waves and there’s no point in fighting them, better to ride them out. I found that the wave-like energy helped me get through some emotional turbulence and out of my funk.

Energy profile:

Even though the harmonious blue waves and markings on a Larimar crystal can make you think that it’s a water element crystal, it actually has both fire and water element energies.

It was alchemized with fire so it’s also able to balance and polarize water and fire energies. This is why I think it has such a powerful energy.

This stone is serene, yes, but as opposed to waves lapping on the shore, picture waves flecked with gold being summoned magically from an oceanic being.

There’s just something else to this stone that I can’t describe, and that can only be experienced by the person holding the crystal. 

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  • Powerful
  • Playful
  • Flowing
  • Alchemy
  • Energizing
  • Waves
  • Balancing
  • Fun

What to expect when working with Larimar Crystals:

Expect some unpredictable life changes

When I was wearing a Larimar crystal, I was suddenly inspired to contact my high school prom date and apologize for leaving him on the dance floor (which happened due to my own high-school nervousness and you know, teens do that :P).

I explained that I’ve always felt bad about it and he seemed not to care at all and was glad I got in touch. I didn’t realize that I was holding on to this all these years and it really felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders!

Larimar crystals work on the throat chakra, so expect some life changing words being said to past or current people in your life. 

You’ll feel like you’re in the flow of life

Larimar also has this “pulling” energy, almost like you’re being pulled by a wave. Of course, like any wave, you can opt to let it go under you and wait for the next one. But it’s best not to fight this harmonious energy and just go with it! 

Manifestations will be accelerated

The “pulling” energy of Larimar, let’s just say, moves things along in a playful, light-hearted way as opposed to being pushy or trauma-focused.

With Larimar, you discover how powerful your emotions really are, and it connects you to that alchemist energy and your inner creator.

Larimar can be straight up magical, if you believe in it. Try wishing for something, then blow on the Larimar. The waves of Larimar pull you in the direction of your wish and summon the energy required for it to come true. It’s crazy but it just might work! 

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You’ll be more interested in sea creatures

This kind of a funny one, but Larimar crystals are “of the sea” so naturally you will be more drawn to connect with sea creatures.

While wearing Larimar, I became entranced with starfish and could watch them for hours :D. But really, sea creatures have that “go with the flow” energy that you will definitely feel with the Larimar.

Try listening to whale sounds or dolphin sounds while holding it. The dolphin is also closely linked to Larimar and possesses those same magical sea-like abilities.

You’ll become clearer about what you actually want

If you’re the type of person to be wishy washy with what you really want in life, Larimar crystals will inspire you to ride your emotional waves and become clear in what you truly desire.

Imagine a golden sea chariot with an ocean god/goddess riding it, rising above a turbulent sea on a powerful, free flowing wave.

That’s you, becoming clear on what you want on your terms and what your inner emotions are telling you to do!

You might sing more

Larimar activates the throat chakra, and I honestly didn’t believe this when I first got it, but as a singer, I really felt a clearer energy coming through my singing!

Not only did I feel a clearer sound, but because Larimar works with emotions, I felt as if I was interpreting the songs with more freedom. Cool right?

You might have cool meditation experiences

In mediation, you are encouraged to go with the flow and Larimar can bring about some pretty cool meditation experiences. When I was meditating with Larimar, a dragon made of fire appeared to me and circled around me, surrounding me with a ring of flames. It was pretty cool!

I found that Larimar gave me more visualizations and connected me to higher realms. Everything seemed clearer and more directly communicated to me too. 

Click here to read my meditation MEGA POST where I break down my full meditation process.

What type of person would benefit from Larimar?

If you want to “up” your spiritual game and move forward with wishes and goals in a fun and exciting way, Larimar might be exactly what you need!

It also might be good for someone who has trouble talking about their feelings out loud. Larimar will make you more apt to communicate how you’re “really” feeling and you’ll be excited about it, not embarrassed at all.

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