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Lemurian Jade Will Set You On The Healing Path

I’ve taken a bit of a break from posting, mainly because I’ve been in the process of temporarily re-locating to Mexico. So far the plan is to stay for a couple months, but we will see 🙂 !

The story of how I came across Lemurian Jade is kind of interesting. My twin sister, who also is able to channel information through clairaudience got the message that I would benefit from it.

Neither of us had heard of it and when I looked it up online, it’s pretty dang rare! I eventually found a piece in this Etsy shop and have been carrying it around with me for a pretty long time, a whole month!

I don’t usually use crystals for that long, but for some reason felt like I needed to carry it for an extended period. I actually still feel like I’m supposed to have it with me. It’s a “healing stone”, so the process is relative 😉.


  • Innocent
  • Feminine
  • Wonder
  • Spiritual growth
  • Clearing blocks
  • Old wisdom
  • Grace
  • Humble
  • Truth

Energy profile:

I will say…Lemurian Jade has a very specific feminine energy to it. It’s not airy, but more “wise” and “humble”, like how you would picture a wise woman who lives in a remote shack to be. This is the image I kept thinking of:

Photo by Disney via Wikipedia

Remember this woman from the Pirates of the Carribbean movies? This is what the energy of Lemurian Jade is to me. She’s there to gently guide you with old wisdom/secrets and pushes you to be honest with yourself: “what do you really want out of life?”…”what is important to you…really?!”. It’s no-nonsense (but not mean lol).

Things that might happen while working with Lemurian Jade:

You might have dreams where you are working through past traumas with grace

One of the most telling ways to define the traits of a crystal (IMO) is to analyze the types of dreams you have while wearing it. Lemurian Jade brought on a lot of dreams where I was put in sticky situations and had to find my way out of them, but was able to do so from a higher, more “wise” place. It’s almost as if it was giving me a chance to relive these memories and just glide through them instead of getting defeated.

I had one dream where I was back in my highschool art class where I got a C on one of my paintings (that was a tragedy to me at the time 😅 ) but in this instance, told the teacher that it’s ok she gave me a C. I saw it from a higher perspective and understood that it doesn’t define me (like really…it doesn’t 🙃 )!

A stone like malachite will also bring up past traumas in dreams for you to process but it will be a lot more direct and harsh. There’s a reason why people call it the “bully stone”. WIth Lemurian Jade, I felt more empowered to navigate the difficult situations that came up and bring them to a graceful close.

You might be drawn to spiritual information and tools (specifically as it relates to clearing your emotional blocks)

For some reason, I was super drawn to spiritual tools (which I am not super into, except crystals of course). I bought a journal that tracks the phases of the moon…I came across information on how to release stuck trauma in the body…I was given a free psychic reading…I was contacted by a non-physical being who told me all of this information on the state of the world 🤯… So basically, expect yourself to suddenly be into tuning forks 😅 .

You might be drawn to Atlantis/Ancient Egypt/other civilizations

Remember what I said about “old wisdom”? This is kind of weird, but during the first week of using Lemurian Jade I had a super vivid lucid dream where I was a mermaid on a planet made completely of water.

I was swimming around on the surface with the other sea creatures then dove down and swam through these underwater “ruins” and there were two square columns that had hieroglyphs all over them. In the other part of the dream I was a “healer” who was leading two women through a street in Egypt, possibly to my healing clinic.

What’s strange is that, a few days later I was watching a show called Initiation on Gaia that has a season on Atlantis (which I’ve never seen before) and they said that originally Atlantis had big, square columns and when the temples were rebuilt, they used Greek/Roman-style columns that were more round.

Weird? Did I see a glimpse of the old Atlantis in my dream? Eh, who knows…

You might be forced to face your truth

I found myself thinking…”what do I really want out of life?”…”what is my heart truly desiring?”. It’s almost as if I was being pushed into my next phase with all of these questions coming up.

It makes sense that this was recommended to me while I was getting ready to live in another country. It helped me stay true to what I felt was right and hold onto that truth.

You might be able to connect more easily to your heart space

Part of the information that came through for me, in regards to using this stone, was to keep it close to you. Wear it as a pendant directly on your skin (not just in your pocket).

I am figuring that since it is a heart-healing stone it’s meant to be placed in that area. If you are planning on working with Lemurian Jade, I would definitely consider getting it as a pendant or to wrap your stone with wire and make one yourself!

Who should try Lemurian Jade?

Anyone who feels like they’re just on the cusp of reaching a new stage on their spiritual journey and don’t want to be pushed too hard should try working with this stone.

Also, if you have an aversion to spiritual tools (like I do), Lemurian Jade will show you the ones that would benefit you most and it won’t feel so forced (I get it…not everyone is into sound baths and incense!). It’s just really good for clearing blocks (especially in the heart area) and to help you get to the next level of your spiritual journey 🌈.

If you are in the midst of your own spiritual journey, you might be interested in my Spiritual Journey Book Bundle. It includes 3 books: “Heart-Focused Meditation”, “The Feminine Energy Keys” and “How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides”. I believe that with the right information and instructions, you can heal yourself, no need to drop $2000 on a spiritual coach. Check out the bundle here.

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    1. Does this crystal look pleasant to your eye ? Did you get a certain feeling from it when you first looked it up ? Why was it that your sister got the message, but you didn’t ? just a few questions that came to mind.

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