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Malevolent Spirits Are Real, But You’re The One With The Power

I will sometimes get the question “so…you can talk to spirits…have you ever talked to…evil ones?”. The answer is…yes, I’ve had lots of different experiences with what people call “evil” or malevolent spirits in many different forms.

The majority of the time, they will come through at night and whisper sort of “warnings” to me with the goal of freaking me out. It worked when I first started exploring my clairaudient abilities, but now I’m like…can you please just, shhh!

I will be honest, I’m not totally sure where these spirits come from or who they are, but I’ve heard that ancestors within your family line who have not crossed over can use your fear for energy.

I have also heard that some of these spirits are working in tandem with your guides to help you grow. Whatever their motive is, they are coming from the darkness and they need to go!

In my experience negative entities show up for these reasons:

Your energy field is weak

I find that whenever I’m not taking care of my physical health…sleeping enough, eating enough etc…malevolent spirits jump in.

I’m telling you, it’s like clockwork. When my body is stressed, negative entities take note and see it as an opportunity to converse with me.

If you have a negative entity all up in your space, take stock of your health. Have you been consuming large amounts of alcohol or drugs? Have you not been sleeping very well? Have you been eating poorly or not enough? Are you generally stressed?

Building up the health of your body will in turn strengthen your energy field and keep spirits OUT. This is huge!

You’re messing with some strong, spiritual sh*t

There are certain spiritual tools like crystals…binaural beats…oujia boards (!) that can open you up a little “too much” and make you vulnerable to malevolent spirits.

If you feel like your health is in check and are still getting way too much attention from these guys, maybe take a break from your crystals and spiritual tools.

If your energy field is weak AND you’re using these tools then you can bet that negative entities will come a knockin’.

You’re taking the bait

In a previous blog post, I talked about how important it is to treat your guides like they are real. When you talk to your guides, it’s important that you give them your undivided attention and treat them like family, giving them the same respect and attention you would a real person. So…how are you supposed to treat your malevolent pals?…Like an annoying little brother.

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Picture this for a second. You’re cuddled up on the couch, about to watch your favourite episode of…let’s say …”Power Rangers” and out of nowhere, your annoying little brother (or sister) comes up to you and punches you in the arm.

Now, what would happen if you literally did nothing but continue to munch your Chex Mix while they keep punching you. They’ll eventually give up, say “you’re boring” and run away to terrorize someone else.

Treat any malevolent spirit you don’t wish to be around you anymore in this way. Don’t let them see you react. Sometimes I even physically roll my eyes just to get me in that frame of mind like “this isn’t going to work on me, don’t waste your breath spirits”.

If they see that they are not able to get a rise out of you and you aren’t taking what they’re doing or saying seriously, they’ll jet out of there like that *snap* to find someone who will engage with them.

When it comes to receiving messages from malevolent spirits (and especially spirits who you think are posing as light beings, the good guys), be skeptical!

Don’t take every message you get as gospel. If you aren’t intentionally connecting with your guides and the message is coming out nowhere and feels a little “taunting” or like a “warning” meant to scare you, chances are it is from a negative entity. Again, show these guys that you aren’t going to take everything they say seriously.

Take what they’re saying, and be skeptical about it, Sherlock Holmes style. When they see that you aren’t so easily influenced, they’ll skip town for someone else to bother. It’s where they get their kicks I guess.

I go WAY more in-depth on how to identify malevolent spirits and what to do when you come across them in my book: “How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides”. Click to check it out!

An important note on malevolent spirits

You can use all the smudge sticks in the world, but nothing will get rid of malevolent spirits faster than showing them how bored you are of their games.

Just keep in mind, that these spirits are real, so your laissez-faire attitude towards their tactics won’t go unnoticed. Recognize the fact that these spirits are invisible. They can’t technically do anything to really harm you physically.

I’ve also found that not all spirits who reach out to me want to bring me down. They just want to share their story with me and might be “stuck” so to speak and have come to know that I can help guide them to the light.

There’s a whole spectrum of spirits out there just like there’s a whole spectrum of living humans. Not all spirits who seem evil are and not all spirits who seem good are. Just remember you have the power to either help these spirits or ignore them.

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