Meditation Is Crucial To Manifestation…No Really…It Is…

Manifestation has always been a bit hard for me to understand 🤭 . I will often hear stories of people “manifesting” things off of their vision board, or they will make a list of the apartment or job or partner they wanted and this thing will show up 100% accurate to their wishes.

I, on the other hand, have yet to fully manifest these big ticket items, however; I am not too shabby at bringing in specific pieces of clothing and even high-end food items (<– what I spend most of my money on 😉 ) for free or as unexpected gifts and I find it always happens when I get serious about meditation.

Just so you know, I credit my fast manifesting ability to this specific form of meditation! Do it 20 minutes a day and you will notice a lot of crazy things will start to happen in your life.

The story of my first manifestation:

About 6 months ago, I manifested a lavender shirt which I had been wanting for a long time and I actually ended up getting something “better” than I imagined.

I don’t really know why I was so adamant on this, but I really wanted a lavender shirt for some reason. So I found what I wanted online, but after I clicked on it, it said that it was “out of stock” (and moments before it was “in stock”…which was kind of weird)…after a few days it was back in stock so I bought it, but when it arrived, I don’t know…it wasn’t really good quality and the material was kind of scratchy, although it seemed ok enough.

Then, maybe 5 days later I receive a package of clothes I ordered from an online consignment store and the “pink” shirt I ordered was actually lavender (the lighting in the picture affected how the colour was shown) and the material was silky and soft and it had an off-the-shoulder neckline which is what I actually realized I preferred (Ella Enchanted vibez 😉 ).

I also wanted these pink sneakers and my cousin gave me a brand new pair, exactly what I wanted at a family gathering.

So clothing…is actually really easy for me to “manifest” but I have been trying to figure out why I’m not able to manifest the “big stuff” and realized that I have been missing a crucial step. The one that actually starts “moving” things around you and brings in the physical items, environment, people you’ve been wishing for.

What this experience made me realize was that “controlling” the world around you isn’t going to bring your manifestations in. You have to decide what you want and then as the gurus say “make it so” <—- this, for me, is the most difficult part.

So…how do you actually “trust the universe” in order to bring in manifestations?

Answer: it’s meditation. It’s always been meditation 💚.

I have heard manifestation gurus say things like “let it go and then make it so”. No big deal, right? Just like “make it so”, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you realize that all you need to do is “make it so” and it will come?!

The thing is…my mind is way too active and honestly…too smart to just blindly “let go” of wanting something.

My instincts will always eventually kick in and almost against my will, start to come up with all these “tactics” or things I can do to make what I want “happen”. If you want something…naturally it will be hard to “stop wanting it”. It’s just how things are and how our brains naturally function.


Meditation (for me) has been a way to heed off this obsessive thinking that I feel could block manifestations from coming.

I find that after I “decide” what I want either just mentally or written out, things won’t start “moving” until I get into a zen state (and am able to hold it for awhile).

It’s kind of weird, whenever I dip into zen, things around me start to “shift”…I will see double numbers (11, 22, 33 etc…) and little seeds of my bigger manifestation wishes begin to sprout.

The trick, I feel, is to “dip” into this state for as long as possible (and often as possible) throughout the day, even when faced with challenging situations. After awhile, it will become your “go-to” state, but it takes some practice before getting there.

One of my favourite meditation teachers is this guy. He explains the meditative or “zen” state (whatever you want to call it) in such a simple way, it almost makes me feel like I’m being trolled.

Like…how did I not realize this before 😅 . He’s not using any…white lights or golden lights or chanting, it’s simply a new way to look at the world and more specifically, your place in it.

Choosing your meditation method

Not everyone will resonate with the same method and that’s totally fine! There are many ways to meditate, but one thing I’ve learned is that it’s not really about “clearing” your mind, so much as learning to focus your mind on one thing for long periods.

This is why I find that heart-focused meditation works so well. My heart becomes the thing I’m focusing on, alternatively, it could be a flower you are focusing on…or a mantra you say in your head, or the tree swaying outside your window.

You’re basically focusing on that thing until you feel like your whole body is “in-sync” with it’s never-ending flow.

Click here for my meditation techniques mega post where I explain my full meditation routine.

If you are focusing on your heart beat (you are holding that focus until your spirit body/soul has matched up with that “flow”). This is why you see pictures of monks staring at flowers all the time. What are they looking at exactly? They’re syncing themselves with the life flow” of the flower. Kind of a beautiful thing!

Practicing meditation a few times everyday will help you to naturally “let go” and “trust the universe” without using your thoughts to “convince yourself” to do it.

Building your meditation practice

I am still learning the best ways to practice the zen state but have found that practicing meditation for about 20 minutes in the morning as well as 5-10 minutes before bed works pretty well.

Also, when I don’t do that, I find little moments during the day to practice it. If I take public transit, I’ll just take five minutes or so and do a quick body scan meditation or if I’m walking, I make sure to take my headphones out and instead practice a bit of zen.

For more detailed instructions on the body work meditation I do, click here.

Final thoughts

“Letting go” is not easy! But I find that the more you engage in the zen state, the more you will naturally start to let go (without even doing anything).

Your body starts to automatically release tension, things don’t bother you as much as they used to and you aren’t as “worried” that your manifestations won’t come through. You have this level of detachment that you keep hearing about from the spiritual gurus 😉.

With this change, things around you will start to rearrange in order to bring in what you’ve been wishing for. The question is…will you stay in that “trust” during this period of rearrangement? Can you focus on the flower for 20 minutes straight? I’m still figuring that out 🙏

To get started on a meditation practice that you will ACTUALLY stick to and cause your surrounding reality to change (get your manifestations moving), check out my book “Heart-Focused Meditation“!

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