Meditation Techniques To Speed Up Manifestation (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Lately I’ve been referring people who ask about my meditation methods to the “meditation” category on the side bar of my blog, but I recently got the idea to make a “mega post” that really breaks down each type of meditation I do and also explains how they can be used together in one single process. 

And before I start, I already know what you’re thinking…not another blog post telling me “the benefits of meditation” or “how to take a deep breath”. We already know all that stuff ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

This is more of an energetic approach…you could say, and since I’ve started doing these “meditative practices” that I’m about to explain, the reality around me shifts. It’s weird man. Your energy field has the ability to either attract or de-tract (word?) things to you. It really does feel like magic sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚.

The way I see it…daily meditation is simply the act of aligning yourself back on your true path (energetically ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and there are many ways to get to that heart-centred, truly aligned state…transcendental meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness meditation and other practices from ancient spiritual traditions are all great, but how does the energy shift actually work?

I haven’t come across a lot of explanations on what that state actually IS and how to get there, like “technically”, know what I mean?

The techniques I’m going to talk about in this post don’t require any sort of guidance and are totally in your control. Honestly, I kinda like it that way, because you don’t need to break out your phone every time you want to meditate. 

I titled this blog post as “techniques to speed up manifestation” because I knew it would get you to click, but that’s not the only benefit of meditation. Mastering these techniques can help you feel more connected to others, line up synchronicities in your life and increase your ability to channel information from your guides.

The techniques that follow can be used individually or as a whole process, starting with #1, then #2, then #3 etc…I usually use a combination of different meditation techniques in the same sitting, but it really depends on what I feel I need in the moment!

Ok…here are the meditation techniques I use:

Before continuing, I wanted to mention…during this entire meditation practice or “process” (for this step and the ones that follow), I like to either listen to binaural beats or a sound bath on Youtube.

Step 1: Training your focus

This should be the first thing you master before moving onto the other techniques.

Start by finding an object in your environment with a smooth, never-ending flow to it. It could be your ceiling fan or waves lapping at a shore (if you’re lucky enough to be on vacation ๐Ÿ˜‰), the steady stream of smoke coming from your incense stick…a leaf bobbing outside your window. Anything with a smooth, even flow that is never ending. This is the zen flow you want to enter.

I know that people say to “focus on your breath” but my breathing is so easily affected by my thoughts and emotions, I can’t depend on it to stay consistent and have an even flow to it, so I focus on an object outside of me instead. You can also focus on a flowy sound like…sound bowls…the air conditioner, the hum of the fridge.

Now…zone in on this object…become interested in it, keep your eyes (or ears) trained on it and do everything you can to not look away. This object is your sole focus. This is essentially training yourself to focus on one thing for long periods. Because meditation is not about forcibly clearing the mind…it’s more about focusing on a single point for long periods (WITHOUT A BREAK).

Take a page out of Neo’s book (photo from

You will notice that your mind clears automatically, without having to monitor it!

If you find your mind or eyes wandering, just bring your focus back to the object and witness the fluctuations of the movement. This object is the only thing in the world that matters right now!

Step 2: Body-scan

Continue to train your focus on the object as you move into a body scan.

You will essentially just start to “feel” your body while continuing to stare at the object. Let your body sync up with that never ending flow!

The reason why I prefer body-scans as opposed to mindfulness-based meditation (which is more about monitoring your thoughts), is because I am able to calm my mind really quickly (and it happens almost automatically). When your body realizes it’s safe, your cycling thoughts just kinda…disappear on their own. 

It’s ideal for people who feel like they’re always “a little bit” under threat and find it hard to focus for long periods. With phones and social media, who doesn’t these days? 

The goal with this step is to feel safe in the body. I learned this technique through the book Healing Trauma by Peter Levine. It’s the practice of realizing the boundaries of your body, syncing into that container so to speak and letting your body release pent up nervous energy.

So, how do you do it?

Try to “rest” IN the container of your body while focusing on your flowy object. Can you do it?

You will find that when you do this, your muscles might twitch, there might be a wash of sadness or anger that comes over you. Energy is releasing from your body! Just let it happen.

I often find myself on the verge of tears or like I wanna punch the wall. Just stay in your “container” and the emotion or energy will dissipate. 

While you do this, feel free to start looking at other objects in the room (while keeping your focus on the confines of your body) and realize how safe you are, even as things are happening around you. Actually “feel” yourself as a spirit, chilling inside your physical body. Hm, cozy. 

Click here to get instructions on the body scan techniques that I use quite often.ย 

Note: if you are truly under immense stress and just can’t calm down, doing some EMDR can help your brain to neutralize stressful thoughts so you’ll be more able to focus on your session. 

Step 3: Connect to your center

Alright, now we’re getting into the energy shifting stuff, wooooo.

So you’re feeling your spirit body. It feels good and safe and secure ๐Ÿ‘. Now we’re going to go FURTHER inward ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Is this even possible?

Our goal for this technique is to get to that space deep in the middle of our heart chakra (or, if you’re not super into chakras, the center point of your body). 

Click here to download my book on “Heart-Focused Meditation” to learn how to connect deeply to your center.

In the book, I go into immense detail on how to connect deeply to your heart center which in my opinion, is crucial for anyone on a spiritual journey.

It’s kinda like the foundation of living a spiritual life and if you’ve ever seen gurus and spiritual people touching their heart and sighing, there’s a reason for it!

Humans are heart-focused beings and when we connect with our heart chakras, we become our true, authetnic selves, we align to our highest path and everything on our manifestation list starts popping up in our reality.

We start living the life we were always meant to live. NOT to mention…our channeling abilities will get clearer and we will more easily filter out the malevolent spirits who drain our energy.

In this blog post I go over the concept of connecting to the center point of your body.

If you want to learn more about connecting with your heart and all of the symptoms and things that can come up while meditating in that space, grab my “Heart-Based Meditation” guidebook!

Step 4: Sync into feminine or masculine energy

This one is optional, but it just helps to further ground in your body and identity. Like an extra ‘lil shift. Click here to access my Feminine Energy Keys Guidebook. In the book I share 3 exercises that will naturally cultivate feminine energy within you body (be prepared to attract in more dating opportunities and feel safe in the presence of masculine energy).

So…what are the real world effects of meditation?

By practicing these forms of meditation on a regular basis you will find that the world around you starts to shift. Here are a few things to expect:

You will experience faster manifestation: Because you are staying centered and have neutralized the energy around you by bringing the fear into your core (or center point…chakra), you no longer “want or need anything”, you’re good as you are. You will find that being in this “place” will bring in manifestations more quickly. You’ll see, they will start showing up and you’ll be like…whoa, ok I finally get this manifestation stuff.

You might go through sudden life changes: Alternatively, you might also see things falling away around you. Sudden changes in your living situation, work situation or relationships will start happening, but because you are regularly keeping your energy in check with your daily practice of meditation, you are able to handle the rollercoaster and come out the other end relatively unscathed, and in a better place.

You will notice synchronicities happening all around you: You might also find that you see a lot of repeating numbers (1111, 2222, 3333). I remember hearing on this podcast that when you live through your center, you become immovable by outer entities or guides, so they send you messages instead to show you when you’re on the right track. Kind of interesting! Other synchronicities also might show up. You’ll see the same word over and over or maybe you’ll get different people talking about the same thing over and over again to you.

You will receive clearer/more frequent channeled messages: If you are learning to channel or want to receive channeled messages more clearly, practicing these meditative techniques can allow for a stronger connection. I have an ebook about how to communicate with your spirit guides. If you are interested in that kind of thing, click here to check it out! You might also trigger lucid dreams and astral travel experiences after a solid session.ย 

You’ll be in the right place at the right time: You’ll run into people who say the perfect thing at the perfect time. You’ll meet someone who gives you a piece of information that you’ve been looking for. You also might receive a lot of free items. It’s all a result of living through your center!

You will find yourself being drawn to your highest path: Maybe you work as an accountant but really want to be an actor. You will find yourself gravitating towards things having to do with acting and you’ll be excited about it. You’ll also start getting ideas on how to set yourself on this new path in an authentic way. 

Your intuition will be clearer: When you aren’t distracted by your cycling thoughts and fears, it will be easier and more obvious to say yes or no to a person, thing, or event. When you’re deciding what to do, it will be obvious whether it’s “in alignment” or not. 

How long and how often should I meditate?

I’m not going to say how many minutes of meditation you should do because I mean…you could potentially have a meditation session that lasts 8 hours…or 20 minutes. But you should be fully engaged in “zen” for at least 20 minutes for the energy to shift (and stick).

Sometimes I will practice meditation for 2 hours and only get 20 minutes of actual focused meditation in because my mind is extra distracted that day. So…in this case, it’s quality over quantity (as always ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).ย 

I will say, it’s pretty important that you STAY on your center for as long as possible because there is a point where the energy “sticks”. Anyone can “find” their center, but how long can you stay there?ย For me it REALLY starts to stick after 20 minutes. If you take away anything from this article, it’s “length of time spent meditating” that’s more important than anything. You need to give the energy time to actually “stir up”.

What position should I meditate in?

Any position that’s comfortable for you. I actually prefer to meditate in a slightly upright position because I find it easier to get to my center that way. I’ve been lying in hammocks lately…would recommend. No need to sit cross-legged though, that can be painful! 

How do I maintain this state throughout the day?

Because you just spent the last 20 minutes (or so) training your body to stay centered, you actually don’t have to try that hard to maintain it. 

A certain muscle memory will kick in, but if you’re in a chaotic situation and are feeling threatened, take note of the energy leaking out of your core and just bring it back. 

It also helps to withdraw the fear from whatever it’s attached to. If you’re just feeling overwhelmed by a crowd of people, then “withdraw” your fear from the field around you and don’t let anyone “know” about it or feel it. Be kind of like an “energy Nazi”…”no fear for you!”.

In these situations, being a little more greedy with your energy field is a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a blog post where I explain in more detail how to bring your energy back in when you start to get overwhelmed.

Outside factors that can cause your energy to leak out:

You won’t be able to enter and rest in a centered state unless you’ve removed any outside factors that could keep your body from fully relaxing. Here are the top factors that (I find) can get in the way:

You haven’t slept for several days: It only takes one night of not sleeping for me and the next few days I feel totally wired. Not sleeping causes your body to release adrenaline, which puts your brain (and body) on high alert even though there’s no actual threat present. The only answer to this is to sleep enough every night and if you do have a sleepless night, don’t put pressure on yourself to meditate. Just rest ๐Ÿ™.

You haven’t eaten for several days: Go ahead and fast for a day if you wanna do it for spiritual purposes, but anything beyond that and you might stress your body out too much. Same idea as above. Not eating releases adrenaline and puts your body in a permanent fight or flight state which is why you might find it hard to focus during your session. Get your calorie count back up and then get back to meditating!

You are consuming too much sugar or alcohol: For those of us with sugar sensitivities, eating too much sugar or alcohol can cause your body to what?! Release too much adrenaline! I find the times my body is most calm is when I’m eating low sugar. The guides suggest this as well

You are “doom scrolling”: Any sort of addiction whether that be to doom scrolling or something else, is going to ignite an adrenaline circuit in the body. I read that it’s not actually the scrolling that you’re addicted to but the type of adrenaline that’s released every time you do it. Plus, I find scrolling on the phone too much teaches us to only focus on something for a few seconds, whereas meditation is teaching us to focus on one thing for several minutes or hours at a time. 

Final Thoughts

Once you start meditating in a way that really works for you, it actually becomes fun, especially when you start to see things shift around you.

This is where the manifestation part comes in. By living in a centered state, you don’t “want” anything, you feel neutral and content, therefore attracting things, people and opportunities to match this feeling.

You will also find that it will generally enhance your spiritual connection. You’ll get more messages from your higher guidance whether that’s in numbers, things people say or signs and you might even notice that your psychic abilities are getting stronger.

To download my book “Heart-Focused Meditation”, click here!

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