Spirit Guides Ebook

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

This is the process I used to open my clairaudient abilities and communicate with my spirit guides.

I was not born with these abilities, but learned to “unlock” them later on in life (about 4 years ago).

It really just came down to 3 steps for me: body-based meditation, intentional connection and active listening.

. In this ebook, I will let you know how to master these 3 steps (and a bonus fourth step which has to do with clarifying and integrating messages) in painstaking detail so whenever you need advice or some wisdom from above, you can just tune in, close your eyes and receive it!

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What’s in the book?

  • Instructions on how to master the 3 key steps that will connect you to your spirit guides.
  • The meditation I use that makes messages come through almost instantly.
  • Which crystals to use to “enhance” the connection.
  • The difference between information from your guides and “other spirits”.
  • How to clarify and integrate your messages.
  • And more…