My Experience As A Clairvoyant/Clairaudient Reader + The Types Of Readings I Do

I realize that I haven’t really introduced myself and my “clair-life” lol. So here we go…I’ve been doing clairaudient (sometimes clairvoyant) readings for about 4 years now.

I first “unlocked” these abilities when I was chatting with my friend online who is VERY spiritual (he said that he’s able to turn his kettle on with his mind, which is like…😮 ).

We started talking about “communicating with a higher power” and he challenged me to do it right then and there. He told me to just close my eyes, ask a question and then wait, excited and grateful for the answer to come.

I think I asked the question “what’s holding me back?” (<— A really good one to ask) and I got the number “1992“. Which kind of made me jump! That experience led me to start connecting with my higher guidance more intentionally and I ended up discovering some really interesting things!

Little things I’ve discovered through my clairaudient/voyant abilities:

Famous people who are in my soul family (also famous people I’m related to genetically)

Specific crystals that will help balance my unique energy (my big one is peridot! 💚)

Snapshots from my past lives

Books/movies that will help move me out of a difficult situation

What foods I should avoid/eat more of (I shouldn’t be eating bananas)

and…more 😉

I should also mention I ALWAYS get random advice from my guides without asking, which is always along the lines of: “eat more vegetables“, “exercise” and “get off the computer“, you know…what my parents would tell me.

The Types of Readings I Do:

Past life reading

One of the most common requests I get from people is to find out some information on their past lives. I actually enjoy doing this type of reading because it’s always so unique.

I will usually get some images, paired with words/sentences about a single past life or several, depending on what is requested. It could be something like: “Which past life should this person know about right now?” or “Was I in a past life with my mother? And what was it?“. I did a past life reading once for someone and found out that she was a plant! Which I guarantee we all were at one point.

Crystal reading

One of the very first readings I ever did was a crystal reading! These are so fun because it gives you an excuse to buy a new crystal 🤭 .

What I find funny with these readings is that I am often given the “older” name for a crystal and sometimes I won’t get the name at all but something like “purple one“, “gray one“, “green one” and then I have to keep asking questions to clarify.

They seem to favour the more old fashioned, classic crystals like sapphire, garnet and emerald which I also find interesting.

I was given the recommendation of “black pearl” for a friend, which I had never heard of, but sounds so cool and magical!

I did a crystal reading for a close friend of mine and she ended up tying up the loose ends with her ex AND started a new relationship, all in one week!

I was also recommended to carry an alabaster stone to get clearer communication with my guides, so I went ahead and bought an authentic, alabaster cat from Egypt. About a week later I had my first ET contact experience, and I attribute it to the alabaster cat, and I know it sounds crazy!

Click here to read about my ET contact experience in detail.

General question reading

Aside from past lives and crystals, I am able to answer almost any question under the sun, however; there are some restrictions.

I will always encourage people to ask a question that will require a unique answer, so not “yes” or “no”, because, well…that’s not very exciting, is it?

I find it’s better to ask something like “What is the name of one of my soulmates?” instead of “Will I ever meet my soulmate?”. I will also do future-projection type questions like “Where will I be in 6 months” and I have been accurate with those, however; as we know…the future is constantly being changed by the present, so these future-projection predictions are dependent on whether or not your energy stays the same. It’s a whole thing.

Some other common questions I get are: “What should I do right now in terms of self care?“, “” (you might get recommendations like books, crystals, certain activities etc…), “How can I move forward out of this difficult situation?“, “How can I make more friends?“, “What will help me heal my body/mind?“…really, anything goes! You could also ask something very general like: “What do I need to know right now?” and get the most pertinent information for your current state.

Some funny things you should know about my abilities:

Sometimes I will ask a question and will get a straight up “can’t tell you that” and this usually comes up when the person is asking for very specific advice like “Am I meant to be with this specific person? And what should I do to get them to like me?”.

It reminds me of the part in Aladdin where the genie lets Aladdin have anything he wants, except love with Jasmine. However, he WILL give him cool clothes and royal status to give him the confidence to get it himself.

Photo by DIsney via

I’ve found there are certain experiences our soul WANTS to learn from and it would be cheating if you knew all the answers going in.

Also, over the past year or so, I have had spirits talk to me who have passed on, some of whom are related to people I know and want to pass them a message. However, some are total strangers. This ability is still new to me and I haven’t figured out what to do with these interactions yet!

In the first episode of Spirit Direct, I actually tell the story of Shaman Durek telling me I’m a passage guide. To listen to the full episode, click here.

I’m sure you’re thinking right now, Jenn! Where can I get one of these readings?! Well…I do offer readings on a limited basis (readings take a lot of energy so I have to offer them sparingly. If there is still an option to buy at this link, them I am still offering them!

To learn how to connect with and communicate with your own spirit guides. Check out my book on how I unlocked my psychic abilities at age 27.

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