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My Guides Keep Telling Me To “Get Off My Phone”…This Is What I Think It Means

There are a few “themes” that always seem to come up for me when I ask for general guidance from my guides. When I ask: “hey guides…what should I do right now to help myself?”, I always get: “eat more vegetables“, also “eat more salad” LOL (I also asked this in a dream once and Neil Degrasse Tyson appeared in front of me and said to “eat more leafy greens” 😅 ).

So I’m always pushed to eat better and the other thing I always hear is: “get off your phone” (or sometimes computer). Seriously, I hear it constantly, recently I got: “cellphone…danger” and honestly, I’m going to start taking it seriously.

Intuitively, I know that using a smart phone is unhealthy in so many ways, not only for my physical health, but mental and spiritual as well. Here’s what I’ve kind of gathered (mostly intuitively) on why I think smartphones need to be stopped both for the sake of our safety and our spiritual wellness:

Smartphones give off a strange frequency

I haven’t done a ton of research on EMFs, but I can tell you that when I hold my phone up to my ear for too long, my brain feel like it’s been zapped in the microwave (LOL) and my ear feels kind of…buzzy and warm.

I am already very sensitive to energy (if I hold a crystal I can actually feel a light vibration coming off of it. Seriously!) and the subtle frequency I feel when I hold my phone for too long is almost like a warm, frying vibration.

It definitely doesn’t feel “good”. This is why I’ve gotten into the habit of putting my phone on airplane mode every night and keeping it in the front pocket of my backpack as opposed to in my pocket. So that’s definitely a thing…

It activates an addiction circuit and wastes time

We’ve all gone through phases where we’re spending way too much time scrolling around on our social media, looking at who knows what and start to feel that pesky addiction mechanism activate in our brains.

Some people are more easily activated than others, but according to some studies, the act of scrolling on a phone can have the same addictive quality as using a slot machine.

Scrolling into the abyss can be dangerous and the more I do it, the more depressed I get. I swear, it guzzles dopamine like no other. I agree guides, it needs to stop.

The brightness of the screen can mess with your sleep

I kind of put together this theory intuitively, but I’m sure there’s a lot of research out there on late night smartphone use and how it can affect your sleep.

Think about the concept of “jet lag” (where your normal sleep pattern is disrupted after a long flight). It always takes a couple days for your circadian rhythm to reset after arriving in a new time zone because the light pattern has changed.

If you are holding a glowing screen inches from your face until midnight, you’re telling your brain that it’s daytime. You’re basically simulating a jet lag experience for yourself. Why would you do dat? <—(insert Sebastian Maniscalco’s voice here)

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Watching TV (I think) is different because you are far away from it. But literally blinding yourself with a screen, inches away from your eyes is going to totally mess up your sleep and give you massive jet lag. Makes sense, right?

It forces the focus outward, as opposed to inward

I swear, if I spent a whole week with NO electronics, I would feel so grounded, I would be constantly connected to my heart center and would have (probably) zero anxiety.

I remember a friend told me he went on a silent retreat for just a couple days and came out of it being so sure of what he wanted to do with his life and way less concerned with what other people thought of him.

There’s a “turning inward” that naturally happens when you take away outside distraction. Monks are in this state all day, so I feel like I can definitely incorporate a bit of that into my life.

Final thoughts:

If I hear a message enough times, I start to really take it seriously. I KNOW that smartphones are like…the worst, and I bet if I just reduced my time on it, I will actually feel a lot better on the day-to-day and definitely more in-touch with my inner power 🙏.

Also, check out my book: “Heart-Based Meditation“. This type of meditation causes manifestations to flood in like crazy, angel numbers start appearing everywhere and channeling from your guides becomes clearer. It’s a must-know skill for any spirit surfer!

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