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You may have noticed that there are a million and 1 ways to remove energetic blockages and return to your whole authentic self. Over the last…six years or so, I’ve tried a very random assortment of spiritual healing modalities and they all played their part in my overall ” journey”.

I want to share the timeline of my healing journey, describe what modalities I used and what energy was released or moved around in my body AND THEN…I want to show you how you can build your own journey that’s completely unique to you.

You will notice that every spiritual person you meet has their own favorite healing method that kinda “did it” for them and to me, it makes sense seeing as we are all SO different. We all have our own special mix of past lives…ancestral trauma…blockages, so one method might work amazing for one person and for another it’s just…”meh”.

I personally have found that breathwork is too intense for me because of how open I am in the upper chakras. But someone who’s more closed in the upper chakras will maybe find it to be a really amazing, healing experience!

How it all started:

I’m going to preface this by giving a little rundown of what was going on BEFORE my whole healing journey started.

I was into spiritual things my whole life. I would read about lucid dreaming, astrology and ancient civilizations when I was little and yeah…I even had a psychic come over for one of my birthday parties i high school (she said she sensed a lot of sugar in us lol).

So I always had an interest in this spiritual stuff, but didn’t start experiencing actual psychic phenomena until I was 27 (as you may have read in my post on how I opened my psychic abilities).

When I was 27, I was actually going through a very scary time. I developed this neurological illness that caused the left side of my body to go numb and no doctor could figure out why.

I was basically dragging my left foot to the doctor’s everyday. Even chiropractors and naturopaths couldn’t figure out what was happening.

After the physical symptoms subsided, I was left with a bit of an eating disorder, not to lose weight, but I was afraid that I would eat something and then the symptoms would come back so I was eating a very simple diet (and not getting enough calories).

I know it sounds illogical but when you are afraid for your life, it’s hard to just snap out of it.

During this time, I was also playing around with crystals and they really opened up my upper chakras (a bit too much) and the unintentional fasting just added to it, so I was VERY ungrounded, and being this “open” caused me to “see and hear beyond the veil“.

There was one time I woke up and actually SAW waves of energy coming out of my wall. I’m pretty sure it was EMF waves or something…I would also sometimes see grid lines upon waking (proof of the matrix?). There were also a few times where I would have a very vivid astral travel with a certain person or “being” and then when I would wake up, their face would be floating in front of me and then disappear (it wasn’t scary though, it was actually a calming experienceπŸ™).

So…that stuff was happening for a few years and during those few years I was doing a lot of trauma healing work to get over the PTSD caused by my illness (and the memories of thinking I’m going to die because the doctors didn’t know how to help me).

The main things I did to release the traumatic memories from my body were EMDR and Somatic Experiencing (which I did at home).

Click here to read about my experience with EMDR….and here for my experience with somatic experiencing.

These two healing modalities allowed me to be “ok” with seeing friends again and moving on with my life (I know it sounds dramatic, but the PTSD really kept me frozen for so long).

In 2020, I turned 30 and moved into a new apartment to try to start fresh with my life. I felt actually really good at this time.

I was still doing my trauma release therapy at home, but only as I needed it, I was even back in school to finish my BA which I abandoned when I was 21 🀫.

When the pandemic happened (in March 2020, I guess it was?) I felt pressure because I was turning 30 soon and felt like I had spent the last 4 years kinda stuck from my illness and there were a lot of things I felt I “should” have had by then.

So…I bought a “manifestation” program called TBM or “To Be Magnetic” which guides you through Inner Child Work and Shadow Work practices.

And HERE is where I’m going to start my timeline, because this is where I feel the healing was going in an upward incline. The trauma healing work I did was to just get me out of a frozen state (due to PTSD).

So…here’s my timeline

April 2020 – Start TBM work

This manifestation course was basically like a one stop shop for “inner work”. You know how you sometimes come across people who will say “I just did a lot of inner work and here I am” πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. This is what they mean by it. They basically mean Inner Child Work and Shadow Work.

The TBM program is set up like a course with different modules. It was convenient to have everything kinda laid out for you BUT…you can get the same info and do it yourself through this book (for shadow work) and this workbook (for inner child work).

I found it to be worth it though because I had no idea about this stuff before and kinda needed clear directions on how to actually “do” inner work.

Out of all the workshops in the TBM course, the Inner Child and Shadow modules were the most valuable to me!

And as I did the Inner Child and Shadow work, I felt myself gaining a bit more power in my life, but then…I started to meditate 😳.

November 2020 – Meditate like crazy

I was stuck at home all day because of the pandemic so I would meditate as an actual activity (something I do all the time now!).

My favorite resource on meditation is Eckhart Tolle. He’s just IT, when it comes to connecting deeply to your “inner self”.

He talks about the pain body versus your soul and how your pain body is always trying to EF you up and…he’s right! Once you notice it you’re like DAMN, it’s constantly trying to pull you off your center?!

So I started to meditate with the purpose of connecting to my heart space and taking control of this “pain body” that’s constantly trying to get me to come off my center (it’s very good at it).

I began to see meditation in a very physical way. Where when you place your energy correctly in your body, your field kinda “activates” and then your 3D reality starts reacting to the change in your field. It’s a THING! And I believe a key to manifestation. So I really committed myself to daily meditation.

By connecting deeply to my heart, I started to see things around me change. I had built up a lot of social anxiety from being sick for 4 years and that was slowly going away. I also felt more brave to go out into the world and take up space.

I also found that my clairaudience would get clearer and louder when I meditated like this for long periods which was a cool side effect.

Gigi Young has actually said that meditation was the thing that really opened her up to seeing and hearing beyond the veil. It’s seriously SO powerful IMO.

And I really think that meditating like this led me to the next step in my journey…

May 2021 – Meet someone who triggers traumatic past life memories

So, I really think that keeping my energy centered through meditation caused me to align with this person who ended up causing a lot of strange psychic and spiritual phenomena in my life.

After our second date, I went back to my apartment and as I was falling asleep I would hear spirits talking to me SO clearly. My forehead would also twitch and I would feel pressure in my third eye area when he would come close to me, as if our fields coming together creates an activation or something.

This was also when I started seeing A LOT of angel numbers. I used to see just 11:11 every now and then, but ever since I met this person, I’m now seeing 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, all the numbers and I see them A LOT sometimes to the point where I really do feel like I’m in the Matrix…or that horror movie with Jim Carrey…I think it’s called “Number 23“?

Numbers are following me…

This connection also brought up a lot of traumatic past life memories which I am blessed I guess to be able to experience…

To read about the past life memories I experienced with him, click here.

The more time we spent together, the more memories would surface. I had felt like I lost him a million times.

There was one time I went into the kitchen and tried to make something to eat, I would try to cut an apple and then would just start balling my eyes out as if I was in mourning or something. Like someone really close to me had died πŸ™.

It didn’t seem right and I wondered why I was having to go through all of this and he wasn’t? Or maybe he was and just wasn’t expressing it?

But having to live with that pain, was honestly one of the most painful things I’ve ever gone through, but it forced me to keep meditating and clearing my heart, because my heart felt so heavy and full of pain every time I thought of him.

I know…dramatic!!

But…according to my human design, more things happen to me in a day than what happens to most people in a week. So…I guess I’m supposed to have constant crazy things happening to me. Oh well.

So…the role this person played in my healing journey was that he created this very convenient “pulling” energy where I feel I can’t “let go of him” and the whole challenge IS to let go of him.

This is what people who meet their twin flame always say. And, he could be a twin flame, or some other type of connection that’s meant to teach my to grow.

I heard the word “teacher” from my guides when I met him. And the whole point is to let go of the connection. It’s like this big lesson.

***I have two posts about twin flames/soulmates that I will be posting soon. If you want to make sure you don’t miss them, subscribe to my email list!

So with this new energy “on” me all the time, I’m forced to get even more serious and diligent about meditation. Cause when your mind is blank…you aren’t thinking about ANYTHING so you can’t get triggered. Clever!!

November 2021 – Meditate for my life in Mexico

I was invited to go to Mexico with my little sister who had enough of the strict lock downs in Toronto and just wanted to get away for the winter.

I had never even considered going to Mexico, but I was also annoyed at all the restrictions going on in Canada and it seemed like an amazing opportunity.

I went back and forth like crazy before I made my decision (because she said she was gonna stay for 6 months and it seemed like a big decision to make!).

I bought my plane ticket but literally kept going back and forth on it, up until the day I left! I knew that I would be living on my own there (my sister rented an apartment with her husband but there wasn’t really room for me there) and living on my own in a foreign country was the scariest thing to me. Something I’ve never done and never even thought of doing before!

And my landlord actually sent me a message a few weeks before I was “leaving” that she will be moving into the second floor (which is where my apartment was), so that was my excuse to give up my lease and just…go.

So, I arrived…and while I was there, I basically meditated…for my life (<– insert RuPaul’s voice here).

This was to ensure that I was protected and had a good experience while I was there because I knew that Mexico can be a dangerous place.

My time there was like a miracle. No bad things happened…everything worked out perfectly. I would constantly hear of people getting things stolen or random bad luck, but not me!! And I really feel it was because I was meditating like my life depended on it.

I was a very lucky girl ☺️…but I still had that nagging energy pulling at me…

January 2022 – Meet another person who triggered traumatic past life memories in me πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Weirdest thing…a couple months into my trip, I run into this guy who triggered past life memories in me AGAIN…kinda similar to the first guy except these memories specifically felt very ANCIENT.

Click here to read about my past life memories I experienced in this interaction here.

We met in a bar, and when he came up to hug me I instantly burst into tears (we barely even said a word to each other before that).

It took me a whole 40 minutes to stop sobbing uncontrollably and then the memories started to really surface through my clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance (and sentience πŸ˜›).

I felt I had lost him a million times (like the other guy!?), so I was like…what?! Really?! This is happening again!?

But the connection didn’t feel quite as heavy…I didn’t feel so much grief, like he was going to die at any moment (like the other one).

When we touched, I could feel a swirling type of energy in my heart. It felt like our hearts were almost swirling into each other?! I also felt he had permanently cleared some blockages from my heart and to this day, I still feel the after effects. So…kinda crazy?!

And leading up to meeting him, I was seeing the numbers 22 EVERYWHERE. Like in the most ridiculous ways. Someone would give me their phone to put my Instagram in and it would say 22:22 with 22% battery power. Like come on…

I would be in the bathroom, look up and see “22” spray painted on the ceiling. Weird stuff like that.

At this time I was also being very diligent with my energy field. Almost in a constant state of heart-centered connection within myself (as much as possible anyway).

To learn about the heart-focused meditation technique I do, click here!

I knew I had to keep up this placement in my energy in order to align with whatever these “22”s were warning me about and it eventually led me to him…

We were only together for a couple days, but after that, I felt less heavy in my heart permanently and all it took was our energy fields coming together. Very interesting…

February 2022 – Do a breathwork session

I had always wanted to try breathwork and found an open session in Playa Del Carmen (where I was living at the time).

The breathwork experience kicked up a lot of sadness in my heart area and I just felt like crying after it.

I also felt very ungrounded after the session which I think is due to my upper chakras already being very open. When I do things that blast them open it’s like WHOOOA 🀯.

I don’t “think” this healing modality did anything big for me. I didn’t feel very clear after it, just more ungrounded and sad. But other people swear by it! I think I would benefit from gentle breathwork that opens you up “just enough”.

Click here to read about my experience with breathwork (and the psychedelic visions I saw).

March 2022 – Do spiritual response therapy

I did a remote “SRT” session with this woman named Margo Dalinghaus who lives in Vancouver. The type of energy healing she does is basically “clearing” unhelpful soul contracts on all dimensions 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th etc…

I did two sessions with her and I WOULD recommend them! However…I found Theta Healing (which I will talk about in a bit) to be a bit more powerful because it’s more in YOUR control and you clear what YOU think is most important.

So, SRT, definitely works. I felt different towards certain people in my life afterwards. I even felt an actual energy shift during the session which was crazy. But…if I had to pick…Theta Healing was more powerful for me! Ideally you would do both!

April 2022 – Continue to meditate for my life in Mexico

During this time I was still living an amazing life, sorry πŸ˜›. It’s like things were being served to me on a silver platter, I swear!

Even when something bad would happen like me booking the wrong night on a remote island where there’s no other accommodation available, I was randomly offered to stay in someone’s airbnb for free (which was usually $1000 per night!?).

I was always protected wherever I went and it’s because I was meditating in my heart space a lot (not everyday because after a while it sticks, but at least every second day).

Again, to read on exactly how I do this, click here.

During this time, I did go through something that was technically “hard”. I got ghosted unexpectedly after dating someone for a few months and it sucked, BUT…it was just hard enough for me to handle.

Another thing that happens when you live through your heart space…you get challenged by things that you can actually handle, and you end up growing from it and take the lessons with you to the next phase.

So this was another bit of a downward dip in my healing journey, but we need these peaks and valleys to grow, right!? It’s the whole point.

And during this valley, I was still “ok”…I was still meditating regularly and keeping my nervous system calm, so I was able to kinda sail through it without losing all my chill.

June 2022 – Do a Theta Healing session

I came back from Mexico in May 2022 and then immediately booked another ticket outta Canada (lol) to UK and Ireland.

Before I left I did a Theta Healing session with IssyLiving. Her journey with soulmates and past lives really resonated with me and I just felt very drawn to her story.

Theta Healing is similar to SRT where you are tearing up soul contracts that no longer serve, except you are more in control and get to decide exactly who you cut cords with.

So…the traumatic energy from that first guy (from May 2021) was STILL on me! I KNOW…like WTH Jenn, are you ok?!

But…it was still there…and sometimes I would feel like he was right beside me and it was frustrating! Like, what do I need to do to get this energy away from me?!

So during the session, I actually chose to separate from my Dad…not this guy who I feel energetically stuck to. Because as much as I was annoyed by the energy, I didn’t feel ready to let him go, because I had that feeling of…what if he’s actually the one and I let him go and ruin the connection??!

I can feel you rolling your eyes right now. But this is why the energy was so frustrating to me. It’s like I felt I needed it, but also felt like it took over me and was holding me back.

And even though the Theta Healing was geared at my dad, I also felt like it helped release some energy with this guy too. It’s definitely connected in some way.

After the session, I decided to do another little session myself and have a conversation in my head with the guy to try to cut off the energy and separate us and it actually…kinda worked!?

It also helped me understand why I still feel so connected to his energy and gave me a clear path to move forward and away from the connection.

To check out Theta Healing with IssyLiving, click here. There are also lots of books on Theta Healing out there if you want to learn it yourself.

Early August 2022 – Get a little heart clearing in Ireland

Think about this…if a PERSON can clear energetic blocks just by touching you, can this also happen with locations?

In my opinion…yes.

I spent about 8 days in Ireland and the whole time I was there I felt more clear and open in my heart, more so than England.

I also felt more open in my third eye. Ghosts were like ALL over me. They were constantly talking to me, it was crazy.

I have always felt a strong pull to Ireland, ever since I was 7. I have wanted to go my whole life and once I was there, it felt like I was being united with a long lost friend.

I actually thought “if for some reason my hostel doesn’t work out tonight, it would be an honour to sleep on these streets” πŸ˜…. I would actually be excited to sleep on the street!?

I have a suspicion that I had many past lives there, and these lives were positive.

I’m not entirely sure if the clearing in my heart was permanent, but I think it was just a slight little clearing that happened there.

August 2022 – Meditate for my life on the plane back from UK

Besides Ireland, my time in the UK wasn’t as blessed as my time in Mexico and I honestly felt so overwhelmed by the city that it was hard for me to meditate. Actually, it was almost impossible.

I hadn’t meditated, really for that whole month and then on the long plane ride back to Toronto, I decided to sink into my heart and meditate for a couple hours.

During the plane ride I saw some symbols floating in front of me, and also felt some rushes of energy go through my body, you know…the usual stuff πŸ˜›.

And after I landed, life became blessed again lol.

I ended up manifesting like 5 freelance writing job offers that are well about my usual rate. I got a job writing scripts for this really cool Youtube channel that’s right up my alley and I swear it’s because I meditated for like 2 hours on the plane.

See how powerful meditation is!?

September 2022 – Start messing with flower essences

IssyLiving also recommended I take some flower essence blends from Alexis Smart. And, I never really took flower essences seriously until I read Issy’s blog post on them.

She reported feeling actual energy shifting and as I type this, I’m about 3/4 of the way through my bottle of “In Love“, which (surprise, surprise) is a heart-opening flower remedy. And I can confirm…yes. These flower remedies are legit!

I already ordered three more and will be reporting on how they affect me in another blog post (when I’m done them). But…so far with “In Love”, I do feel like blockages are being cleared.

You know that feeling you get when you think of certain people or memories, like that pit-in-the-stomach feeling? I feel like that heaviness in my stomach and chest have kinda been “cleared” away. There’s no “pit” anymore.

Also, one night I woke up and felt a blanket of energy sweep over me (?). Weird, right?

Apparently flower essences are known to be the “menstrual blood of the plant kingdom” and they can reconnect neurons in the brain!?

It’s a thing…

So, I’ll be experimenting with these remedies for the next few months.

October 2022 – Do Family Constellations

I literally just did a Family Constellations session yesterday. It was two hours and it was one of the most unique…interesting…powerful healing modalities I’ve ever done. I think there’s a reason why it’s near the end of my timeline.

In the session, I was basically guided through playing out different scenarios with family members with these wooden figurines.

You put your figurine in different positions on the “board” in relation to your family members and apparently you heal the quantum field and your family line by doing this!?

It’s like voodoo dolls, but for healing! And when the session was over I felt very “free” in my body and lighter in my spirit. It was definitely a noticeable change!?

The woman I did the session with, Daniela Storti, said that I might feel energy shifting in my life over the next few days or weeks, which reminds me of EMDR, which also usually takes a whole week to fully process after you do your session.

And I liked how Family Constellations not the kinda thing you have to do over and over. It’s a one-time healing method that you can take with you forever. Daniela even said that she doesn’t think I need another session but can do it if I wanted to.

Click here to check out Daniela’s website!

How to build your own healing journey

While I was going through this “healing journey” I would be guided to other “smaller” things like seeing something in a movie that tells me what I need to do next.

I will also be shown other people who have gone through what I’ve gone through and have come out the other side (like IssyLiving).

I will also automatically do certain things like pick up a specific crystal and carry it with me for a few days and this is all being guided by…me!

This whole journey started when I began to seriously practice meditation and the rest kinda automatically fell into place.

Things unfolded at the perfect time and yes…sometimes I was given something difficult to bump up against and push me and that eventually led me to release a block.

It was a constant “up and down” journey but not like a crazy…super high to rock bottom depths of despair kinda thing, which CAN happen if you are shifting your energy too fast without regulating your nervous system. Interesting how it works, right?!

Cause when you are living from your heart, you are living from your authentic life path. And once you connect to it, things are going to arrange around you to get you to your most authentic self, and certain healing modalities will show themselves to you and it will be EXACTLY what you need at exactly the right time (as you can see, this can even be in the form of an actual person who heals you just by touching you or coming near you).

So, the first step in a healing journey (IMO) should always be connecting to your center…your inner self…your heart.

It will build the perfect journey for you.

Click here to check out my instructions for heart-focused meditation (this will get your healing journey rolling).

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