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My View On Manifestation (The Slow Road vs. The Fast Road + The Importance Of Staying Emotionally Balanced)

I have been interested in “manifestation” and the Law Of Attraction ever since “The Secret” came out in the 2000s.

I still remember parts of the movie so clearly. They said if you truly believe that something will happen, it will…

If you know it will come through with unwavering faith, it will! You’ll get the bike, the house, the relationship. You just need to BELIEVE it!

I have experimented with lots of different manifestation techniques…meditations where you visualize what you want…journaling techniques (I guess you could call this “scripting”?)…

There are a few things I’ve realized on my journey trying all of these different manifestation techniques and trying to step into my own manifesting power.

Here are my (maybe unpopular) opinions on manifestation…

1. You have two options…

I feel like there are two ways to manifest…hear me out…the fast road (which is more rocky and will require a SOLID meditation practice and resiliency) and…the slow road (which is more about organically aligning with your manifestations right when you are ready for them) 🙏.

The fast road:

This I guess could also be the more “active” approach to manifestation versus passive. It involves writing down what you want (or vision boarding) and reminding yourself of this everyday through “visualizing” it.

This changes your subconscious mind overtime and your outer reality really starts to reflect it. It’s freaky actually…

BUT…but…but, manifesting purposefully like this might cause some very…rude awakenings in your life, where the universe will REALLY start to test you, to see if you are indeed ready to match with what you are calling in.

For example…

I recently tried a manifestation journaling exercise I learned from a blogger named “Helena Roman”. She has shut down her blog, so I’m not able to link to the original exercise, but this was the gist of it:

She suggests to write a present tense statement, it could be something like “I am so grateful to have a career where I am making X dollars and am respected by the industry” etc…something like that. Could be “I am so grateful to be in a relationship where XYZ...” etc…

And you are supposed to write out the sentence 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the afternoon and 3 times before bed.

I did this for maybe a week and YES…it friggin’ works (I only did it in the morning and evening)…and it DOES rewire your subconscious very quickly and activates your manifesting power like…really fast, geez.

And because things were rewiring so quickly, my reality was changing, but too fast.

There were “tests” popping up left, right and center. Testing me in the area I was trying to manifest in and it was getting to be too much. I didn’t feel emotionally balanced enough at the time to handle it.

Basically…taking the fast road is like getting a crash course from the universe instead of slowly being put through a curriculum. Hopefully that makes sense?

The slow road:

The slow road simply requires you to rest on your heart space for most of the day and let your world start to change around you. That’s it 😛.

You’re like floating through life in such a calm way, and the right person, thing, opportunity comes to you at exactly when you’re ready for it.

When I sink into my heart space, things come to me that I would have never even thought to write down in a list. For me, the list is more about putting you in the right mindset. What you “want” will always be changing anyway.

Click here for full instructions on how to connect to your heart center in deep meditation. You will find that after doing this consistently, your manifestations will start popping up in a natural way.

You will still be tested on this road, but it will be by things that will not totally throw you off. It will be exactly the right test at the right time and something that your nervous system can handle because you’re in a (more or less) balanced state.

I think the fast road could go super smoothly if you really feel like you’re ready for what you’re calling in or are inches away from it.

So, in my experience, these are the two options for activating your manifesting power, and the one you choose depends on how strong you think you will be when the tests eventually do come, because…they WILL come 😉.

2. You will be tested, this is why you need to be diligent with staying centered

Here’s an example of a test that happened to me while I was taking “the slow road” 🙏.

When I was in Mexico, I got ghosted by someone after a couple really intense months of dating. It was a sudden ghosting, however; it didn’t TOTALLY throw me off where I entered a deep, dark negative state (if that makes sense).

It was “just” difficult enough for me to handle and I ended up standing up for myself in a really big way and I feel…I dunno…I’ve been permanently changed by it (in a good way). A moment of growth!

My nervous system was ready to handle it and something in me knew I was supposed to experience it. Yeah, I definitely cried about it, but it felt in perfect timing.

When I was taking the fast road and doing Helena’s journaling technique, the tests were coming at me like bullets. I was like…what is going on?! It seemed almost unbelievable. Some happening multiple times a day.

I wasn’t in the right state to experience those tests and to be able to sail through them like I did the ghosting (some of the tests I handled with total grace, others…not at all 😬). If I was keeping up with my meditation practices at the time, maybe I would have been able to handle them more seamlessly?

But I realized after doing these techniques that I wasn’t ready to step into that reality yet. If you’re calling something big in, but aren’t ready for it, your world can get pretty topsy turvy for awhile as the universe is pushing you to learn your lessons quickly to get you in the right state, energetically.

***Here’s something kind of cool and interesting to keep in mind (and maybe a reason why the tests felt so intense) that I found in a Dolores Cannon book. She received information about “elementals” (fairies, gnomes etc…) having a hand in changing our reality when we put the call out that we want to manifest something.

3. What you truly want is what you’re meant for

I used to get worried when deciding on what I want to manifest because, I would question…do I really want that? What if write down the wrong thing 😭.

When I was taking the “slow road”, I started with a list, but then would be constantly changing things, crossing things out, changing my mind on what I want.

I think…as I continued down the slow road, I would realize that I don’t need certain things or only wanted something for the “glory” or it or “the attention”.

If you’re taking the slow road, I actually don’t even feel a manifestation list or vision board is necessary…you don’t need to “know” what you want because these things will be revealed to you as you go through your days.

The things you really, truly want on a deep soul level will naturally just show up.

***I know that there is something in human design based on whether you prefer to be more passive vs. active in manifestation. I do prefer the “passive” method so maybe that’s in my chart somewhere??…

4. The big tip that REALLY changes things…

There’s a spiritual Youtuber named Gigi Young who talks about this and I think it’s super important.

She said that whatever feeling you wish to get from these manifestations (the house, the job, the relationship), you need to learn to give that to yourself.

Take the item, it could be your dream house or apartment and ask yourself…what do I hope to feel when in this house? What do my days look like?

And then…list out all the ways you can start to give yourself these feelings or this experience “now”.

If you are hoping to be more “free” in your space. Then how can you create that freedom where you are now?

If you want to live by nature…how can you give yourself nature now? Taking a trip to a forest or beach could give you the feeling you’re looking for or…buying a ton of plants and surrounding yourself with them 😛.

If you want to feel more protected and live in a safer neighborhood, maybe this means that you will ask your friend to be on the phone with you while you walk home at night.

There is a manifestation journal section in the rainbow journaling pack I created that gives you space to list out all of this stuff!

Should you choose the fast road or the slow road?

I personally prefer the slow road…and that basically just means meditating every day, doing your “self-love” practices and being “present” so you can receive what is meant for you in the moment.

(The self-love exercises in my Feminine Energy Keys Guidebook are especially good for this!).

Instead of visualizing and journaling what you want to happen, your world BECOMES the visualization and you learn your lessons in real time, getting you closer and closer to your manifestation at a natural pace that’s perfect for your nervous system and unique ability to “handle things”.

If you are someone who feels they can handle the “testing” that will come and you feel very grounded and centered in your sense of self-worth (like nothing can really shake you), try the 3X3 journaling technique I mentioned above!

You need to be strong and if you feel “stuck” in your manifestation journey, it could be exactly what you need to really push you forward.

You could also write the 3X3 statements on something silly, like…a free ice cream cone. I doubt that the belief of receiving a free ice cream cone will cause a lot of “tests”, so I feel like you’ll be good if you keep it small.

What do you prefer? The slow road or the fast road? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram!

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