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Neutralizing Your Energy Field = Magic (Meditation Technique)

This post is going to be a short one, but I just wanted to share a meditation technique I recently discovered that’s been helping me channel messages way more clearly and even speed up manifestations!

You all know that my favourite method of meditation is always “body-based“. I’m talking body scans…EMDR…somatic experiencing…it’s the only way I can TRULY calm down my nervous system (HSPs know the struggle) and consistently stay in a balanced, zen state throughout the day.

So…I discovered this cool concept in an ebook I bought recently. I’m not going to say the name because I don’t want to the author to get mad that I’m screenshoting her pages 😭, but I wanted to share this one exercise with you that really has made an impact on my own energy field.

(Email me for info on the book if you’re interested in it.)

Here’s the exercise:


In order to understand what “high vibration” or “zen” or…IN THE FLOW actually is, you first have to understand what it isn’t…and it isn’t the erratic “fear energy” constantly moving you off your center.

When I feel into my fear energy, it’s usually coming from my heart area (like the author said it might) and it’s either “closing myself off” (so…protecting myself from something or someone, even if the threat isn’t even present).

Or…it’s a “dog paddling” energy where I’m worried something won’t happen so I’m trying to control it, think ahead, and make sure I’m ticking every box so that everything will turn out well.

I’ve learned this energy is either pushing myself forward or pulling myself back (or closing myself off).

And it’s even there when I’m thinking excitedly about something in the future. It’s like an anticipation that is tied with a low level of worry and fear.

It’s crazy once you start monitoring it, you realize it’s there MOST OF THE TIME 😮.

How to use it:

This is how I picture erratic fear energy:

Photo by wiki via The Daily Bugle Fandom

Ok, sorry, is that scary?

By pulling the tentacles of the fear energy back into my body (you can envision it as black smoke or something like that), I start to naturally get in touch with my “center”, whether that’s my heart…solar plexus, wherever it may be. It’s just this place, deep in the very center of my body where…if I stay there long enough, I’ll start to feel the natural resonance of my SOUL ESSENCE and the fear will just…disappear.

I’m aiming for this feeilng of inner balance, not pulled back and not pushed forward, but right in the middle, like I’m a tightrope walker sort of bouncing on a string.

It’s hard at first, because your mind will naturally start to spin, but I just keep bringing myself back to my center and after awhile (maybe 15 minutes or so), I don’t have to think as hard about it and am able to stay in this balanced state for longer periods.

I’ve been doing this exercise whenever I remember to throughout the day and sometimes right before bed.

I will also do this while walking in the city because…it’s scary out there for a sensitive spirit like me 🙏 . I’m constantly getting my fear energy activated by random things. Even a low-flying pigeon will be enough 🙃.

Why is a clear, neutral energy field important?

I heard someone say once that there’s no point in being nosy in other people’s energy fields, just worry about your own, that’s what you’re here to do.

When in doubt, bring your attention to your center, whether that’s in the heart area…solar plexus, sacral etc…and reel your fear energy into that place. When you hold it their long enough it just naturally dissolves, and you’re left with a clear, neutral energy field.

To me, being “high vibration” doesn’t actually mean being happy and excited all the time (there could be a sprinkle of control/fear in there anyway), it’s more about being in your “center” and keeping your energy to yourself. You don’t need to let it get tangled up with the energy fields of others.

I find that when I clear my energy field in this way, messages come from my guides…manifestations start pouring in and I’ll even find it easier to stay locked into lucid dreams!

Click here to read about my full meditation routine.

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