Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Is A Must-Have If You’re Shy and Sensitive

So I’ve been playing around with crystals for about 4 years now. I remember the first crystal I ever got was a rose quartz, it was about the size of a golf ball and I carried it around in my pocket like a little Tamagotchi (except I didn’t have to feed it, thank god), remember those?

I have a whole collection of crystals now, but I always find myself coming back to rose quartz because it’s just so…niiiiice. It’s soft…and gentle and it doesn’t push you to solve any trauma or accomplish anything. Sometimes you just wanna sit back and watch the ducks float by, am I right?!


  • Forgiving
  • Patient
  • Loving
  • Open
  • Gentle
  • Soft
  • Understanding

Energy profile:

I feel the energy of rose quartz as an “opening” energy. Picture Superman ripping open his dress shirt to reveal the “S” on his chest and then maybe see him hovering a few inches off the ground.

This is how I would describe rose quartz energy. It “opens you up” and just seems to create more space to be playful with others and take in their “vibe”. It also makes you very patient 🙂

Thoughts you might have:

“Aw, I hope that person’s ok.”

I find that whenever I’m wearing rose quartz, I’m more likely to err on the side of forgiving someone, as opposed to getting annoyed or mad at them.

Sounds simple, and it is! One time I was sitting on the subway and a homeless person shuffled past me muttering some dark stuff and instead of rolling my eyes and judging them, I thought “oh man, I hope that person is ok”.

“Meh, I tried my best”

So rose quartz generally steers me in the direction of forgiveness and that includes forgiveness for myself. 2-for-1, whoop!

I will say though, that I spend more time focusing forgiveness outward (everyone is trying their best) than I do inward (I’m trying my best) with rose quartz, so if you’re looking for a crystal that pushes you to focus more love on yourself, Rhodonite would be a great choice!

Things you might do:

You might find yourself more interested in what other people have to say

If I know I’m going to be interacting with people I don’t know very well, I’ll make sure to bring my rose quartz along.

Whenever I have this crystal with me, I find myself sitting up a bit taller, my ears perked a bit higher and find myself able to sit and listen during conversations, oh and I genuinely care about what the speaker is saying.

This, I believe, is coming from that “forgiveness energy”, resulting in not freaking judging everyone you meet! Oof I love it.

You might find that you’re more open to social interaction

Whenever I wear rose quartz, I find that I’m not as intimidated by social interactions which is rare for an avoidant introvert like me 😉

The filter that rose quartz puts on my reality makes me less afraid to connect with people, I think because I’m not as judgemental with it on, so by default I’m less afraid of being judged by others. Makes sense, right?


Haha, not literally nothing, but you know what I mean. I once heard a crystal expert say that rose quartz is the perfect crystal for people who want to sit and do crosswords with their lover for the rest of their lives.

Rose quartz doesn’t really push you to do anything, or solve anything in your life, but it does make you more open to meaningful connection with others which might be exactly what you need, especially if you’re shy.

What type of person would benefit from rose quartz?

If someone came up to me and said “Jenn, what crystal should I get as a beginner?”. The first thing that would come out of my mouth is “Rose Quartz”.

I wouldn’t even think, and it’s not because it’s “boring” or “basic”. No! It’s because it’s the perfect crystal for HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person(s) <—?). You should be able to wear this all day without feeling too heavy or out-of-body. You could even wear it overnight without it influencing your dreams too much (am I the only one whose dreams are affected by crystals?).

Any crystal aficionado should have a rose quartz pendant or rose quartz statue on their bedside table (if they’re not too sensitive and can handle the energy during their dreams) just to keep that gentle, forgiving energy flowing.

Rose quartz is still my favorite crystal after all these years of experimenting and maybe it’s because it’s just what I need right now.

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