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Seeing The Eye Of Ra During Meditation: is…this…normal…

Hey guys, just reporting on a strange happenstance that occurred while I was meditating the other day.

So…I’m not a big “meditator”. I know, I know, everyone should be practicing their “zen” skills these days, but I actually prefer to meditate while I’m doing things (Tony Robbins does this I’m pretty sure!) like walking, laundry, washing dishes, mostly when I’m doing chores because they’re so dull!

Meditating kinda makes them more exciting, right?

So, I was meditating recently with my eyes open. Not really doing anything just sort of locking into that grounded, open state. Similar to the kind of state I sink into when I’m communicating with the “higher ups”.

So after about 5-10 minutes of being in this meditative state…I literally see this Egyptian symbol floating right in front of me. I’m not lying, it was strange…the wall I was looking at was a beige colour, and then I see this image right against it:

I was like…k…the Eye of Ra is floating right in front of my face, what is the meaning of this?! And the way I would describe its look is: black static.

Like tiny black specks. Odd, right? And it was buzzing and sort of “vibrating”, like the static you would see on your TV.

Weird, right??

I should note that I was totally sober. I’ve never done any kind of psychedelics, only weed a few times. I know some people will see symbols while on mushrooms or DMT, but this wasn’t the case. This is just proof how powerful meditation is!

When I think back…I’ve seen parts of this symbol before. In fact; it happened a couple days ago when I woke up, the same black static right in front of my eyes, but it evaporated before I could actually see what it was (about a second after I open my eyes).

This time, it stayed for a good 5 seconds and I could see the full symbol.

So…ok…what is the Eye of Ra and what does it mean…and why did I see it floating in front of me?! Aaaggghh!

What I think the Eye of Ra means:

I did a bit of research on the meaning behind the “Eye of Ra” as an ancient Egyptian symbol and generally got the same answer everywhere I looked…it represents the sun (unlike “the Eye of Horus” which is the mirror image of the Eye of Ra and represents the moon).

The Eye of Ra was apparently used as a symbol of protection in Ancient Egyptian society and was painted on amulets and weapons. It symbolized “royal power” and was said to “see all” (all-seeing-eye on the American dollar anyone?!).

And have you heard of the myth about the cloaked figure (said to be an alien from Sirius!) who approached Thomas Jefferson in his garden? They say that the figure set down a piece of paper with a picture of a pyramid with an all-seeing eye on top and said “this will be the emblem of your nation”.

This story is written in Thomas Jefferson’s diary! Another layer to this strange happening.

Seeing this symbol also made me think…the ancient Egyptians painted on dark eye make up so their eyes would look like the Eye of Ra.

So, why was this symbol so popular, how did they know about it and why did everyone want to have this look? So interesting. It could be that it was introduced to them by another, more advanced species, but I’m not so sure…

Final thoughts:

So this symbol is obviously important, but I’m still wondering why I saw it while in meditation and also wondering if anyone else has seen it while not on psychedelics (lol).

To me, it represented “the universe” or whoever is watching us from “up there” and maybe it’s floating in front of all of us at this very moment! We just can’t see it 😮.

To unlock your own psychic powers (and see, hear and feel things beyond the veil…spooky), check out my book: “How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides, Earthbound Spirits, ETs and Other Inter-dimensionals“.

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    One thought on “Seeing The Eye Of Ra During Meditation: is…this…normal…

    1. No! I’m still not sure what it means, but I’m pretty sure that by meditating, I was able to match my energy to a higher dimension and see through the veil for a few seconds. In addition to Egyptian symbols I have also seen energetic imprints of faces of different beings, some human some not. I’ve also had people message me saying they’ve seen Egyptian symbols while on psychedelics so this seems to be a universal thing!

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