Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Will Help You Feel Safe In Your Body

Wow! I’ve had a pretty chill experience with smoky quartz over the past few weeks. I wanted to do an experiment, where I took smoky quartz with me everywhere to see how it affected my energy field and I’ll say this…I liked it.

It wasn’t too invasive, it didn’t totally turn my life upside down, but it kept me in sync with my body, made me feel cozy in my own “frame” and inspired a sense of “security” and trust in myself and my identity.


  • Centered
  • Pulling in
  • Confidence
  • Security
  • Sureness
  • Autonomy
  • Introverted

Energy profile:

A lot of people call it a “grounding” stone and I agree that it has a light grounding quality to it, but it’s NOTHING compared to some of the more “hard core” grounding stones like tourmaline and red jasper.

You can tell just by looking at it, it’s not going to be incredibly grounding, but I did find that it had a “pulling in” energy to it, in that it “centered” me in my body. If there was a line that ran through the middle of my body, I felt lined up with it.

Things that might happen while working with smoky quartz:

You’ll feel like you have “nothing to prove”

I felt like smoky quartz aligned me with my center, so I was much less likely to think things like: “what does this person think of me”, “did I offend this person?”, “what can I do to help this person” etc…

It gave me a sense of “I have nothing to prove”, I’m good as I am and inspired me to just mind my own business.

You’ll feel safe in big crowds of people

There’s a “protection” quality to this stone which could bring feelings of safety to people who feel overwhelmed in crowds.

To me, smoky quartz is always about aligning your spirit body with your physical one and encourages a “nestled” feeling within your own container or I guess “earth suit” 🤔.

You’ll accept being an introvert

Smoky quartz makes you feel secure within your own frame and not particularly inspired to interact with the outside world (like rose quartz might push you to do).

I found that smoky quartz allowed me to be more ok with just sitting and listening to others talk and eliminated pressure to be “outgoing”. Let’s just say that the shame of being an introvert wasn’t as strong as when I didn’t have smoky quartz on me.

You won’t have any big break throughs

I didn’t experience any big healings with smoky quartz, and it could be because I’m already introverted and therefore didn’t feel much of a shift when my attention was brought “inward”.

Smoky quartz isn’t necessarily “fun”, it’s not going to shake up your life like Larimar will and it’s not going to push you to overcome your fears, but it’s the perfect crystal for feeling safe in your body and accepting yourself as you are.

Who should try smoky quartz?

People pleasers! If you feel like a huge chunk of your day is spent worrying about what other people think, even strangers while you’re walking down the street, then smoky quartz can help quiet those thoughts down.

If you’re an introvert who feels pressure to “perform”, keeping a smoky quartz on you, especially when meeting a new group of people, can inspire you to accept being shy and make you okay with just sitting and listening.

No pressure, right?! Also, this crystal is great (I found) for people with highly sensitive nervous systems who might find the energy of crystals overwhelming. This one is right up there with rose quartz for my top crystals for the highly sensitive.

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