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Some Things I’ve Learned About Crystals

I’m just gonna say it…I’m a total crystal head. My first crystal ever was a rose quartz and I still, to this day, love it with all my heart.

I have since collected, re-gifted and threw out the window several crystals and stones and in the process, have learned some very interesting things about them. Some of this information comes from my own “experiments” and some from my spirit guides

What I’ve learned:

Just like food, not everyone will do well on the same crystal

I have quickly learned which crystals I do well with: rose quartz, moonstone, peridot and which ones can just get the EF outta here: malachite, blue calcite, amethyst.

When I see people with giant amethysts in their house, I just can’t believe it. I would be basically out of my body if I was around that all day!

When I first started experimenting with amethyst, I felt very ungrounded and “airy”, which…as a self-proclaimed space cadet, is not something that serves me well. I also had a similar experience with blue calcite where it gave me incredibly clear and realistic dreams, but caused me to feel ungrounded throughout the day.

It was actually very strange…you know how dreams have that wobbly quality? There was none of that. It was steady and still, like the motion quality of our regular reality. It was cool, because I could see everything so clearly, but I ended up feeling too “in my head” during the day, so..had to re-gift that one.

Oh, and when I first tried malachite I literally threw it out the window! It was basically serving all of my deepest fears on a silver platter, like “remember this traumatic experience? Well, here it is!”. I researched it later and found out that malachite is known as the “bully” stone. So…never using that again!!

These days, I stick to what my spirit guides recommend and if I feel good after trying it, I’ll keep it in my stash. I’m definitely NOT one of those people who owns every type of crystal. I think we all have a few that work best for our unique…energetic make-up and for certain important times in our lives.

Crystals have souls 😮

One thing that I’ve recently learned about crystals is that…”they have souls“. I heard this during a channeling session when I was doing a crystal reading for a friend and it actually makes so much sense.

According to Dolores Cannon, we can reincarnate as plants, animals, as well as rocks (yeesh, hard life…) so why not a crystal?

As someone who can physically feel the energy of crystals (when I hold them, I can feel almost a buzzing or light vibration), I can totally see how each crystal has it’s own energy signature and personality!

They will put a filter on your energy field, thus inspiring you to take certain actions, have certain thoughts etc…

When I try to explain to my friends what crystals do, this is what I usually say: carrying around a crystal will change the quality of your energy field which will then influence you to maybe act, feel or think differently which will THEN have an effect on your reality.

I don’t think people should be carrying around crystals all day for the rest of their lives, but sometimes it can help push you (either gently or more aggressively, like malachite) into the next phase of your life.

If you are sick, tired or depressed, don’t use them

There are certain crystals out there that will really open up your third-eye (I’m looking at your amethyst) and if you’re going to “open up” like that, you definitely want to make sure you are in a healthy, rested, more or less peaceful state (this is especially true if you are highly sensitive to crystals like me!).

As you know, opening up to receiving guidance from the “higher realms” will also make you available to a whole crew of spirits who may not have your best interest at heart. I know that if my health isn’t good or I’m not sleeping well, I’m putting my crystals away and waiting until my energy field is stronger so I can protect myself.

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Which crystals work best for you? And have you ever thrown one out the window?

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