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Talking To Your Guides Isn’t As Hard As You Think

I first started getting messages from my guides around 4 years ago. My friend told me how he would talk to his guides while in meditation, so I decided to try it.

He said to just ask a question and then wait patiently for the response. It sounded too easy to be true, but surprisingly, it worked! I asked something simple like “what is something important I should know right now” and I got a number…wasn’t sure what it meant, but the voice was undeniable.

It was different from the random garbage thoughts that would cycle through my head. I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but whenever I would drift off to sleep I would hear the most random words in my head like “Eggo waffle…plastic bag…telephone” (just a little preview of what’s in my room right now ;)).

The voice I heard was much louder than these “random thoughts” and sounded like it was coming from just above my head and to the back instead of inside it.

Some people have asked me what it actually sounds like when talking to your guides, and it’s so hard to describe, but if I had to put it into words, I would say the sound of the voice has a fuller, more “booming” quality to it versus the “garbage thoughts” which have a thinner, quieter quality to them (poor garbage thoughts, I don’t think you’re total trash, but you do distract me from hearing important messages! :P).

Also, when the voice comes through it will almost make me jump a little bit because it comes out of nowhere and doesn’t feel like I have control over it like I do my own thoughts. Hopefully that makes sense.

So, how do you actually do it?

I’ll break this down into a few steps:

1. Protect yo-self

Before you connect with your guides, make sure you put some sort of protective shield up. I go into detail on how to really protect yourself and get into a safe space before channelling here. Most people opt for a layer of gold light around their body, but you can also just bring your guides (or who you think your guides are) to mind.

I naturally see my guides as looking like Pleiadians from the 5th dimension:

Photo by Ashtar via pleiadianswords.wordpress.com

but picture them however you want to! It might even be a “higher” version of yourself, or a glowing ball of light.

Whatever image comes to mind, is the right one. The act of picturing your guides will get the connection going, and will make sure the information is coming from a higher source and not random spirits floating by looking for someone on Earth to talk to.

2. Ask your question

So by now you would have protected yourself with either a physical shield or the mental intention of connecting with your guides. Great! The next step is to ask your question! There isn’t really any method for this. Just ask it…in your mind…to your guides. Check!

3. Wait patiently for the answer

Ok, this is the hardest part, but you’ll get it, I believe in you! So after you’ve asked your question, it’s time to, duh…wait for the answer.

This is where you will enter a state of active listening. Now…what does that mean exactly? It’s the same state you’re in when you’re listening to a friend tell you a really interesting story.

You are at attention, listening intently, sincerely interested in what they have to say and are waiting on bended knee for what they’re going to say next. You’re excited to be talking to your guides, are fully engaged in the conversation and are not letting your mind drift or get caught up in those pesky “garbage thoughts”.

A common reason why people aren’t able to hear the voice of their guides is because they don’t “really” want to hear from them.

They might be scared of what they’re going to hear, or they’re simply getting distracted by their own thoughts, thinking “lollipop…elephant…DVD player” is the message (it’s not!). Don’t worry, once you’ve heard the voice a few times, you won’t be so scared. It might make you jump a little at first, but in a cool way, not a truly scary way.

Just remember, this active state of listening is key. Treat your guides nicely, give them the time of day, give them the same undivided attention you would give your best friend, and then wait patiently for their response! I cannot stress how key this is!

Watch an interview and notice how the interviewer is listening intently, or just monitor yourself as you’re listening to someone talk to you, what are you doing? <—DO THAT.

A very important note on talking to your guides:

One of the best questions you can ask your guides is: “What is important for me to know right now?”. It’s actually not “great” to go snooping around for information you’re not meant to have because it can mess up that intricately woven tree of life up there.

Asking for guidance is perfectly fine, but if it’s something you’re not meant to know yet, you might get very vague answers like “you already know“. Classic spirit guide talk ;).

You might get to a point where you don’t even ask questions anymore and just skip right to the “active listening state”, ready for any information your guides might have for you. This is the best way to get answers as they will align with what you need most RIGHT NOW.

Also, keep in mind that you might not hear anything, but instead see images flash in your mind…or smell something…or feel something. You also might receive a combination of these signals (I hear words as well as see images). Be open and ready for however the message comes through. Some people even get hit with a deep “knowingness” which doesn’t show up in words, but is like a sudden burst of knowledge that comes to their mind.

To get the full process on how I unlocked my clairaudience and started to communicate with my guides, check out my E-book: “How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides”.

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