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What It’s Like Meeting People From My Past Lives (What I See, Hear, Feel…)

Another exciting post. I don’t know guys, I feel like I’ve been on a roll lately. So many ideas for blogs are just coming to me and I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to write them, I’m actually excited to do it! That’s a good thing.

I want to tell you about what sometimes happens when I come across another person in the earth realm (what I mean by 3D) who is in my soul group or who was with me in a past life.

I will also sometimes come across someone where I just KNOW they’re not 100% human, or they have heavy connections to other ET races or angels or…you know, that kinda stuff 😉.

Wanna start by saying, past lives are kinda my “thing”. I LOVE doing past life readings for people and it seems to be the thing that comes in the most clear for me. When I do past life readings I am shown these short movie clips along with words or phrases that might shed light on who the person was, what happened, where they lived, what the weather was like etc…

I am able to see the life from a third party perspective most of the time, so I’m looking in like a fly on the wall. It’s very much like a movie and it’s my favourite type of reading to do!

Some of the lives I’ve seen have just been so interesting. I have seen ancient lives in ancient Egypt…Atlantis…Mayan villages…Native American villages…but have also seen modern lives, in the 1960s, 70s, 80s…so, anything can come up in these readings.

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I feel that…because I can see these clear pictures of other lifetimes for both myself and others SOMETIMES…I will meet someone and have this very intense knowing that we have been together before in a past life and I will know exactly who we were, where we were and how we lost each other.

What happens when I meet someone from a past life

Ok…these stories are pretty wild, but I’m 100% telling the truth here. Since I’m putting this post on my Gumroad, I’m going to talk freely about this, but I don’t want to post it on the internet for just anyone to see because I’m talking about specific people.

I don’t think I feel good about putting this intimate moment between souls out there for everyone in the world to see, know what I mean? But I do feel ok with other spiritually-minded people like you reading it 🙏. and storing it on your private hard drives.

So, I know a lot of people will get a “feeling” when they first meet someone that they were in past lives together. Usually it will be just this little inkling that you’ve met this person before, or maybe you just feel you were siblings because you’re so close. I have had that with people.

For example, I have a really good friend where I always felt we were imprisoned together in a war camp.

We are both super interested in wars, specifically world war two. We used to go to book signings…memorials etc…where survivors of internment camps would tell their stories. It was like a big night on the town for us, usually happened in retirement homes or community centers 😅 . So, with her, I just have this knowingness about it and that’s all fine.

I have another friend where I’m certain we were in a past life together and I felt like I was her teacher or parent in some way. We just always had that dynamic and it’s just a feeling I get from the relationship.

The stories I’m going to tell you are a lot more “intense” than just these little inklings. The information from these past lives will hit me like a ton of bricks and I will actually see images in my mind’s eye of who we were and mostly…the traumatic things that happened to us…

The Egyptian King

This interaction I’m going to tell you about is not just a light “feeling”, it was, well…you’ll see…

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