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What’s The Deal With The Womb Space? + The Psychedelic Effects Of Womb Energy

Ok…I have a confession…every time I see spiritual girls on Instagram talking about the womb space or dressing in these red robes and twirling their hands because they are being ignited by the “womb” energy, I’m like…🧐…really?

Surely this can’t be real…

My mind would almost put up a block when I see these things because honestly, it felt so abstract and even when they would explain it I was like…it’s still so abstract!

I’m always like…”what’s the deal with the womb space?!”

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This guy understands the frustration ^…😂

Well…I finally decided to give in and read up on the “womb space”. I bought the book “Womb Awakening” which I definitely recommend, it not only gives you step-by-step instructions on connecting to your womb space in different ways but goes very very deep into the history of the significance of the womb (which makes the ancient civilizations-obsessed part of me very happy).

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So…what is the womb space and where is it in the body?

What spiritual people call the womb space is exactly where it’s supposed to be! In your womb area! So where a baby would grow 🤭.

When you focus and meditate on this space for a prolonged period, you might feel certain effects…

The same way you focus on your heart center or third eye during meditation, you can also focus on your womb space.

When you focus on your heart center, you might feel a certain sensation after a while. For me, it’s warm and cozy and very grounded. On the other hand, when I focus on my womb space it feels like I’m falling down into a hole or like, going downward in a never-ending spiral.

For me, focusing on a particularly chakra or “meditating” on a chakra for an extended period will produce a unique sensation in my body.

The womb space is no different. To me it’s like a funnel, or…an exit point…into the “void” of the universe.

If you have ever done psychedelics or breathwork or something like that, you may have experienced “the void”.

I have experienced the void in a very intense way through a breathwork session. Click here to read about it!

And the void can be scary, dark, intense. It’s nothingness, really. It’s like never-ending nothingness. Picture yourself in a black space, with a hum that never ends. It’s the void ⚫.

So…to me…the womb space is like the meeting point between you and the nothingness of the universe. Sounds kinda intense, right?

When you connect to it, you really feel that void, like you’re teetering off the edge of a cliff, constantly inches away from falling into the abyss. It’s a thrilling, scary and powerful place to be.

My psychedelic experiences with the womb space

The first time I meditated in my womb space (and I literally only did it for like 5 minutes) I woke up in the middle of the night and saw these potato head-type rock spirits floating in front of me. The only thing I changed that day was focusing on my womb and I felt like that opened something up to allow me to see these spirits. It was so strange?! Click here to view my reel where I explain this experience in more detail.

Another time, after meditating in my womb, I had a lucid dream that I met “mother earth” incarnated in a dinosaur’s body. It was a huge brontosaurus and when I looked up at her I felt this very strong energy coming off of her. Like my womb space times ten.

The energy I was tapping into during my meditation was connecting to me again during my dreams.

When I saw the rock spirits, I actually said to them or whoever was sending the energy into me (because I felt tingling and heat in my hands when I woke up) to slow down because it was too much all at once.

They said “aw, come on“, kind of in a playful way. But I was like, “I’m serious guys, please take it easy!”

How does the womb space compare to the heart chakra?

I don’t get crazy psychedelic experiences when I connect to my heart center like I do the womb, but connecting to my heart does allow me to feel more grounded in “myself” and also I get clearer channeling coming in from my guides when I connect to my heart.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to connect to your heart chakra.

With the womb space, I feel like I’m falling down a bottomless hole. Falling into the void of the universe. It’s dark and black and…it honestly feels like I’m permanently going down a slide!

I also feel grounded in myself when I meditate in my womb, but it feels a lot more…again…very hard to describe in words. Slippery LOL.

Like I’m teetering on the edge of something, almost slipping off. Like I’m connecting to something way beyond myself.

After expressing my overwhelm with the womb space to a friend, she suggested that I connect to both my womb space and heart at the same time, to keep me grounded in myself and not go too much into the void.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I can see how that would help balance things out.

How to connect with the womb space

I am going to share a super simple exercise on connecting to the womb space from the book “Womb Awakening“.

When I tried this exercise for the first time I saw the rock spirits later on that night. It’s actually crazy how powerful it is!

Here is another if you want to try something different:

I simplify it and just place my hands on my womb…then, focus on the shape of it, realizing it’s boundaries and then imagine myself (like the exercise says) in the black, darkness of it. Just being in there…kind of…exploring the nothingness of it.

Final words

For me…the womb space is incredibly powerful. So powerful that I had to slow down with connecting to it. Even 5 minutes a day was too much for me. How crazy is that?

The void can be very “jarring” when you’re hit with it in large amounts. Just like breathwork and psychedelic drugs can also blast you out into the void too quickly. So…definitely pace yourself when connecting to your womb.

I found it easy to overdose. I have never felt like I have gone too far or overdosed with heart chakra meditation though.

Here’s my heart chakra meditation instructions once again. If you know you want to evolve spiritually and don’t know what sort of healing, tool or modality to try, this is the best first step to take!

Practicing heart-centered meditation everyday is (IMO) the foundation of living a spiritual life! So…get on it!

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