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Why Being Light Hearted = Faster Manifestation (How To Heal and Lighten Your Heart)

I came across a post from one of my favorite mystics on Twitter, @DrIndyEinstein. She was talking about how you need your heart to be “light” (I think she said light as a feather) in order for your reality to change around you.

It REALLY resonated with me and when I look back to those times I manifested miraculous things, people and situations…I felt a lightness in my chest and within my whole body actually.

Like I was floating a bit…So I really think she is so right with that.

In this post I’m going to talk about the general importance of keeping a light heart and how that plays into manifestation and ALSO…how to ACTUALLY, literally shift into a lighthearted state (the step-by steps 🙂)

Keeping a light heart does not have to be some drawn out healing process (but I’m not going to say that everyone can shift into the “lightness” of their heart instantly, because it does take some practice!)

The part in which Jenn rants about the importance of lightheartedness

When you have a “light heart” you are open for your manifestations to arrive. If you think of all the times that you received something you were wishing for, or you stumbled across a soulmate…did you feel a lightness in your chest? (I think so!!).

So…what the heck, how do you lighten your heart?

Here is what I know…

You might have read my article on “How To Connect And Live Through Your Heart Space“. This is going to be a bit similar, but is going to focus more on how being lighthearted connects to manifestation and your outer reality ✨.

When my heart is “light” the most amazing things seem to happen. I get into this “aligned flow”. I meet exactly who I need to meet (+ soulmates from past lives)…people really go out of their way to help me.

They will come right up to me and offer me free items (someone came up to me the other day and gave me their unlimited day pass for the subway, because they didn’t need it anymore), cars will stop in the middle of the road to let me cross.

The other day I just walked into the grocery store and the boy who collects the carts motioned me in like he was a door man from Bridgerton 😅.

So…when you are in this lighthearted state, amazing things happen!

But it’s not about “healing your heart to get free stuff” lol. Because when this stuff happens, you actually don’t see it as big deal.

It’s just an obvious side affect to keeping a light heart so it starts to become normal and doesn’t really surprise you.

You will see! Seriously…it’s one of those things that is hard to describe in words. It’s something that once you experience it, it’s the most obvious thing 🙃.

Ok…so how do you “lighten” your heart??…

Lightening up your heart starts with deleting (lol, sign I’m a millennial?) the heavy energy around your heart.

There are many ways to do this. In this post I share all the ways that have worked for me. I will reiterate some of it here though and add a few new items:

What I do on a daily basis:

1. Heart-Focused Meditation

To lighten my heart on a daily basis I do my heart-focused meditation.

I like to do my meditation on public transit lol, or will find a random time during the day to do it, ideally while looking at a natural environment. I’m pretty passionate about meditation so I don’t slack on it.

I used to not be very diligent with it, but I finally found a style of meditation that I enjoy so I’m always motivated to do it 🙌.

2. Journaling

On a “daily basis” I really only meditate to keep my heart light. I will also journal and talk myself out of negative thoughts that are putting stress on my heart.

There’s a self-love journaling exercise in my Feminine Energy Keys guidebook that I do every night before bed that really helps me stay lighthearted on a regular basis.

3. Cry when you need to cry

Margo Dalinghaus, the lady who did my SRT sessions said to me that when I cry, I should imagine my tears entering the ocean and let the flow of the entire ocean take me away. Cry with reckless abandon!

I think it’s important to carve out time to really cry HARD and not feel ashamed for doing so. Get your whole body into it and you will find that some of the heaviness that’s been pressing on your heart is no longer there.

4. Use tools

This is not going to blast your heart chakra open permanently of course, but there are some daily tools you can use to lighten up your heart.

Rose quartz and rose petal tea are known to have “heart opening” effects and I can attest to it!

Wearing a rose quartz pendant around your neck (I also notice my heart is lighter with aquamarine crystals) or sipping rose petal tea will show you what it’s like to have an open heart (although it’s not going to be permanent).

So that’s what I do on the day-to-day to keep a light heart, but…

What about clearing the blocks and heavy energy around your heart?

Meditation and journaling are what will help you get ready to partake in some of these more “thorough” heart-healing modalities (but really, they’re not intense at all compared to something like plant medicine).

1. SRT

SRT stands for Spiritual Response Therapy and is one of the coolest, best things I’ve ever done for my spiritual health.

I only did 2 one-hour sessions with this woman who clears soul contracts, past life traumas and other things keeping your chakras blocked and heavy (including your heart).

I really recommend it. I was amazed at the changes that started happening in my life even after 1 session. I might do 1 more…but feel like 2 would be enough for most people! Click here to read more about my experience with SRT.

I also would recommend “Theta Healing”. I did a session with Issy Living and it had a similar effect as the SRT.


You guys already know I’m all for EMDR. Click here for my instructions on how to do EMDR on yourself and my experience with it. I did 2 sessions with a professional EMDR therapist that ended up clearing a very big trauma that had me stuck for 3 years.

3. Connect with soulmates

This is not directly in your power, but soulmates, twin flames etc…can help to heal your heart chakra (depending on how you two are connected).

I was recently talking to someone who said he experienced a healing in his heart when this monk he went to go visit in an ashram in Mississauga looked into his eyes. That’s pretty crazy 😮.

I have experienced heart healing when I hug soulmates, but I guess it can happen with just eye contact. That’s just amazing…

4. Speak your heart’s pain out loud

If you aren’t able to afford an SRT or Theta session or any other energy clearing session, speaking your hurt out loud will seriously help clear heaviness in your heart.

Speaking out loud to people who have hurt you is actually the main concept behind Theta Healing.

If there is a certain person who has hurt you (could even be a family member who has hurt you your whole life), close your eyes and bring them forward in your mind and tell them exactly what you think of them out loud.

Do not filter yourself (even if it’s mean or makes you seem sad or pathetic) and say everything out loud (could be in a whisper).

Keep talking until you’ve come to a natural conclusion. You will notice that this “conversation” has taken a heavy load off your heart and you will feel free from their wrath over you!

This is a very natural way to clear heavy energy…no spells needed. The Youtuber Laura Bird talks a lot about this. Check her out if you want to learn more about cutting energetic cords specifically.

4. Green crystals!

Jade (I use Lemurian Jade), peridot and other green crystals have this interesting effect on your heart. It will not instantly make your heart feel light and open (like rose quartz) but will lead you to people and situations who will help to open your heart further.

Simply meditating on your heart center will also do this, but adding in a green crystal will give you that extra push and lead you to the right healing modality.

As of right now, I recommend Lemurian Jade and Peridot for getting on the path to heart healing. I find them to be very…fair, not too intense but just the right amount of push.

Malachite is a green crystal I wouldn’t recommend because of how intense it can be with bringing up past trauma. If you want a personal crystal recommendation, click here!

My view on “healing the heart”

I really do see “spiritual healing” in an energetic way as in…I believe that when we start to center our spirit body on our heart…we begin to attract in people and situations that will help our heart open further and further.

And you can do this by actively meditating on your center.

Connecting to your heart center is like the first step to the heart healing journey and meditating on your heart can lighten it up all on its own!

But on those days where you don’t meditate, you might feel some murkiness still there or heaviness that you always feel you need to shift out of.

This is where SRT or other one-stop-shop healing modalities like EMDR can help permanently lighten it up.

What’s interesting, is there are certain places in the world where I find it easier to center on my heart than others (Dublin and Glastonbury were those places for me). If certain people can have an affect on your chakras, then why not a location?

I did have a soulmate who caused a permanent shift in my heart (when we hugged for a certain amount of time), so that’s something that can happen too, but I feel I was led to him BECAUSE I was meditating on my heart (get it??).

Why do we need to “heal” our hearts?

You don’t have to!! Really! If you are meditating everyday, honestly…I don’t think you need to DO anything!

You will always be in that centered place and I feel you will attract the people and situations you need to open and heal your heart further.

But…if you feel like you’re always meditating and still feel heavy in your heart on a regular basis…why not seek out some healing modalities to speed up the process?

In conclusion…

When you have a light heart, you feel kind of content towards everything and because of that…more things come to you that will continue this feeling of contentment.

I talk about the importance of energetically centering yourself and being in a state of contentment in this post.

But really, having a light heart is the opposite of having your fear pulling you this way and that (off of your heart center). This is why meditating and learning to rest on your heart center is SO key!

I’m giving energetic health readings now! In the reading you will be given self-care tips from spirit…things you can do for both your physical, mental and spiritual health in order to get your energy field in top shape…clear blocks, lighten your heart and align you with your manifestations!

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