Why You Should Care About “Staying Centered”

You’ve heard meditation teachers, yogis, energy healers talk about “staying centered” or “staying ON YOUR center”, but what does that actually mean and how do you do it? Oh…and why is it so important?

Your center is an actual place in your energetic body and you can get there (and stay there), by physically moving your energy with your mind. I’m not talking about meditating for 2+ hours, or using psychedelics…or saying affirmations, I mean a physical movement of energy that takes maybe 15-20 minutes 😮.

Why is it important?

I mean, you don’t HAVE to practice staying centered, but the benefits are huuuuge.

I find that staying centered helps to bring in manifestations more quickly and aligns me with my most authentic path. Also, free stuff 😉.

Life gets lighter, you feel more supported by the universe and you’re just having a better time. You feel more brave when facing scary situations, your emotions are more stable and you’ll even get clearer messages when channeling (if that’s something you do or want to learn how to do better.)

It’s different from being “high”

I have noticed that some people will artificially hold onto a high vibrational state that they experienced in the past by forcing themselves to act happy, saying affirmations, laughing when nothing is funny (lol). You are acting like you are in a high vibrational state but your energy is not really “there”. It just looks like it is.

Modalities like breathwork, sound healing and plant medicine can show you what a high vibrational state feels like for a certain period of time, but I don’t know, I’ve always felt it was important to learn how to get there on my own, without relying on an outer source so I always have access to it.

I know there are certain types of plant medicine that can create a permanent change in your energy and if you’re into that stuff go for it! I hope to do it the future, I just don’t feel quite ready yet 🙏..

So…how do you do it?

  1. Assess your energy

Are you on your center (content)? Is your energy more: anticipating…wanting…reaching…over-eager? Or…is it more: (hiding…fearful…closed-off)? Are you worried about something that may or may not happen in the future. Are you about to go to a party and feel kind of intimidated and closed off? Where is that energy physically within your field?

Here’s a diagram to illustrate this, brought to you by Microsoft Paint 😅.

What you now have (hopefully) realized is that your “fear energy” is leaking out into your auric field. You don’t want it flailing around like that. You want it to be tight and controlled.

2. Once you’ve set your attention on your leaky energy, it’s time to bring that distorted fear into your center. I explain in more detail how to do this here, but if you just take a look at the picture below, you can see that the squiggly black lines (erratic fear energy) have been brought into the person’s “center”. If you find this action hard to understand, I explain it in great detail in this blog post.

3. So now that it’s contained…keep it in there for as long as you can (minimum 10-15 minutes) and wait for it to dissolve (this will just happen naturally without any extra effort). Your body isn’t going to like it at first and the energy will try to leak out again, but just bring it back into your body and keep it under control.

I like to try to bring it into the center of my heart chakra and use that as a “center point”. Once you’ve found this center point for yourself, rest on it. I compare this sensation to a tightrope walker balancing on a tightrope or a sea lion balancing on one of those big balls. It does feel like a balancing act for maybe 5-10 minutes and then it gets easier to just “rest” there without having to try. Like a cat resting on a pillow, totally calm and at ease.

It might also help to feel your spirit body actually “leaning back” and then resting on this center point.

Clean and clear and under control.

For this final step, it’s a good idea to have sound playing to help you focus. I like to listen to binaural beats or a sound bath on Youtube because it has this smooth, never-ending flow to it. You will find this gets easier and easier the more you do it. You’re building your energetic muscles so to speak.

Also have been loving this Inner Lotus meditation music track on Youtube.

You could also just tune into the hum of your fan or look at a leaf, bobbing back and forth in the wind. After awhile, you start to BE the sound. It’s kinda trippy…

Could this be why master meditators use gongs and bells? It’s an outer timer to keep you focused and on track, because meditating isn’t about focusing on nothing. It’s about focusing on one thing (in the present moment) for a prolonged period of time.

For more in-depth instructions and how to use this technique to activate the energy of your heart chakra, check out my book “Heart-Based Meditation“.

How to maintain this in chaotic situations:

When you’re surrounded by other people, honking cars and general fast movements, it can be hard to stay “centered”. So…while you are out, keep your energy placement in mind: is your fear starting to creep out?

If it is, just bring it back in and make a promise that “no one around me gets to feel my fear”. Keep it to yourself bro, it’s better that way.

I find that letting my fear go haywire in my auric field can cause others to take advantage of me. Their field picks up on it whether they know it or not. Just keep a tab on it while you are in public and don’t give anyone the opportunity to sniff it out 😉.

Final thoughts:

I know this blog post is VERY simplistic, but sometimes simple is good! Now you know why people who meditate always have their hand on their heart 😛. It’s because they are connected to their energetic center and that’s a really good place to be.

You will find that the more you do this, the easier it gets and the more it becomes your automatic set point. You’ll be living from your center “most” of the time and that’s when you will start to see your reality shift in your favour.

If you aren’t sure you’re doing it right, check out my book for more detailed instructions.

Also…consider this…I know I’m aligned when I start getting crazy synchronicities…I will see repeat numbers like: 111, 222, 333, 444 and will also experience words syncing up. I will be typing a word on my laptop and will hear someone near me say it, just as I’m typing it! It’s truly wild, but I feel like it’s a sign I’m centered and on the right track 👍.

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